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Ugly face of the Nation seen by the Tribals.

30 November 2009
Himanshu Kumar & Vanvasi Chetna Ashram have been assisting the tribals of Dantewada, Chhattisgrah since 1992. They have been working for education & healthcare of tribals. They live amongst tribals, feel their pain, get angry at their suffering due to actions & inaction of the government at all levels.  They have been valiantly fighting to redress through whatever remedies Indian Constitution has on offer the patent injustice & atrocities committed on them. Situation has become alarming now for the hapless tribals. Since 2005 the Chhattisgarh State Government has tried its best to drive tribals away from their ancient lands so that vacant possession may be given to private mining companies for massive profiteering. It created an armed vigilante squad, Salwa Judum – misleadingly called ‘Peace movement‘, to do its desired dirty job of ‘tribal cleansing‘. Salwa Judum, backed by state police achieved some initial success through clever propaganda & brutal force, but was soon exposed for its cruelty, avarice, rapes of tribal women & the burning of tribal homes & food. Soon resistance developed. State’s secret agenda stalled. Now the Union Government is joining the Sate government to finish the unfinished business. Tens of thousands of central security forces are being deployed in tribal areas across several states in a concerted action . It is causing untold misery. Thousands are fleeing their homes. Tribals are condemned to live as refugees in their own country. Himanshu Kumar speaks here of their predicament & the structural violence heaped upon them.