Home : A moving film on planet Earth.

Home. Planet Earth is the only home Homo sapiens – that is we – have known so far. Evolution created a complex web of interconnected dependence called ‘Life’. The miracle called life began on earth some 4 billion years ago. Humans appeared only 200,000 years ago. Each specie on earth plays a role. It depends upon other species and in turn others depend upon it. Humans have started altering the earth in fundamental ways in pursuit of mastery over nature. Past 60 years have unleashed an age of consumerism that has profoundly affected the tempo of change. Velocity of change has been so dramatic that transformations wrought in six decades overwhelm the cumulative contribution of previous generations. That has palpably disturbed the delicate balance of nature. Since time immemorial water, air, land & forms of life have been intimately linked. Humans have severed those links. We have unleashed a phenomenon that we cannot control. Nature’s capacity to heal, to regenerate is severely crippled by the demands made on her by modern lifestyles. Signs of global warming or climate change are unmistakable. Its catastrophic effects are unimaginable. Time to act is now. Pessimism is a luxury we can’t indulge.
·         20% world’s population consumes 80% of its resources.
·         World spends 12 times more on military expenditure than on helping poor.
·         One billion people have no access to safe drinking water, 5000 people die every day because of it.
·         One billion people go hungry to bed while one billion are overweight and half a billion are obese.
·         Over 50% of grain traded in the world is used as animal feed or biofuels.
·         Over 40% arable land has suffered permanent damage.
·         Some 13 million hectares of forests disappear every year.
·         Species are dying 1000 times faster than natural rhythm.
·         Three quarters of fishing grounds are exhausted, depleted or in dangerous decline.
·         Polar ice caps are thinner 40%than 40 years ago.
·         By 2050 there would be at least 200 million climate refugees.
Visuals in the film are achingly beautiful. But message in it is dire for our earth.  Stark contrast between the two is not a coincidence. It is to show what a beautiful heritage of ours is threatened with extinction. We did not create it. We have used it the most. What legacy, if any, are we going to leave to the future generations? We have already borrowed too heavily from the future. What is gone is gone. Are we going to preserve what remains?
See the trailer below or click <Home>to watch the full movie.

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