It is official: Operation Green Hunt is on

War is Peace.
Freedom is Slavery.
Ignorance is Strength.
Newspeak, George Orwell, 1984.

Chidambaramspeak 2009 : “There is no operation Green Hunt. It is a figment of imagination. Creation of the media. Show me one government official saying this & I will take action”.
Activistsspeak : Naked aggression by government in Operation green hunt is leaving hapless tribals no choice but to die or fight back.

Who is speaking the truth? What is the truth? Do you care? Do you want to know? Read the following letter

It is a notice issued by Block Education Development Office signed by S Kaseemuddin, to Himanshukumar, Director Vanvasi Chetna Ashram(VCA), Dantewada (chhattisgarh), on 25/11/2009. It asks the volunteers of VCA to desist from going on field work due to abnormal situation obtained in the area (Sukama).
Three things stand out.
  1. Operation Green Hunt is a ground reality whatever spin Government may attempt to give it.
  2. Operation Green Hunt has created abnormal, that is dangerous, situation.
  3. VCA is carrying out education of tribals, a constitutional duty of the government which it has abdicated. (note the warning is from Education Development Office).

But what is the purpose of the notice. Simple! Those in charge of Operation Green Hunt do not want independent witnesses to the hunting they have planned of tribals for their lands, which government then wants to hand over to private corporates for profiteering through rape of those lands in the name of development.
The witnesses, such as teacher-volunteers of VCA, too could be killed in the field if they don’t listen to this (dire) warning is left unsaid. If they still go, they surely will be bumped off to avoid possible embarrassment, and then government can always say we had warned them beforehand not to go – “Stupid people these volunteers of VCA”. A COLLATERAL DAMAGE of Operation Green Hunt. One more voice silenced in the struggle of the poor against the tyranny of the system.May be a tiny footnote of History.

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