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Young Shoots of Hope at TED.

5 December 2009
I heard an astounding statement from young Pranav Mistry at the end of his presentation at TED conference when he was queried by TED-curator as to what he intends to do with his fabulous invention – sixth sense. He was probing Mistry as to his plans for patenting and commercializing the technology. Sixth sense has received rave reviews. What Mistry has done in essence is to bring down the wall between the digital & real worlds. Humans – the biological machines that we are – learn to interact with the world around them in certain ways since childhood. When they have to make transition to interacting with the digital reality they have to learn artificial ways of using gadgets likes keyboards & mice. Mistry has made it possible to transcend this barrier seamlessly. See how he has made it possible for anyone to do it below or go to the site of Technology-Entertainment-Design (TED) for high resolution experience.
Mistry is a native Gujarathy and the way he speaks English makes that amply clear, though I believe his creative juices have been flowing at MIT –Media Lab in the USA for past several years. He is unselfconscious & totally at ease; I think another hallmark of his prolific inventiveness. TED curator described him as one of the two or three best inventors of our time. Regarding commercialization of his technology he said that mobile companies have already expressed keen interest as only they would because mobiles go wherever people go and wherever people go they want to carry their digital worldat least some people. What about the rest? – Who don’t know, can’t afford or simply have no access. Can they benefit from it? If yes, then how? This is where Mistry’s answer makes him not only a great inventor, but a sterling human being. More so, because he is functioning in that Mecca of – no holds barred, winner takes it all – capitalism, the USA. He wants to firmly place his invention in public domain so that ‘masses’ in India, and presumably all over the world may benefit from its use. Young he is, but it is not the glint of millions & millions of dollars shining in his eyes, but the happiness on the faces of many who may be able to transform their lives through the opportunity to enable themselves to cross the digital divide. Or what I would choose to describe as ‘an opportunity to breach the digital discrimination’.