Green Left from Australia searches Operation Green Hunt.

The plains of peninsular India are ringed by two rows of hill ranges with their bases in the south, spreading up the coastlines in two great arcs west and east. The eastern ranges, “eastern ghats”, start in the state of Tamil Nadu and cross the states of Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and trail off into Bengal” – thus begins the search by Narendra Mohan Kommalapati in Green Left Online – Australia. The Author continues, “History shows us that the tribes are no strangers to displacement and desperate resistance. The Koya and Reddys along the Godavari hills and the Santhal of Bengal fought British colonial oppression with a valour that won the grudging admiration of the enemy. A British officer said of the Santhal resistance: “The one piece of equipment they did not have among their meagre possessions was a white flag”. He adds, “A Harvard-trained corporate lawyer cum company director, Chidambaram presides over or funds a virtual zoo of paramilitaries. There are the “Black Cats” providing VIP security, “Cobras” (Command Battalion for Resolute Action) in Central India and “Grey Hounds” in Andhra Pradesh. There are some “Scorpions” and even an “Octopus”. There are also semi-state militia parading as “Tigers” of various hues from green to black, and the Salwa Judum in Chhattisgarh state“.
Read on this absorbing comment on ‘Operation Green Hunt’ to understand the story underneath here.


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