Orphans to the aid of BJP demonstration against NAPM at Raipur Press Club.

One of the members of our ‘Satark Google Group’ and my long time friend got so mad at me for writing the post “Miseries of Orphans are now Weapons of War” that he announced he is immediately opting to unsubscribe from the group membership. When for some reasons he couldn’t do that, he asked me to remove his name from the mailing list, but he didn’t forget to civilly wish me a happy new year. He was angry because he felt I was spreading false information. I wish he was with me on 8 January 2010 at the Raipur Press club for the press conference held by National Alliance of People’s Movements after returning from Dantewada. What transpired inside was worth examining of course, but what happened outside was of greater significance. After the main conference was over comprising of print and visual media, Medha Patkar was surrounded by video channels in the main hall for a brief but more intense session. Knowledgeable sources told me that this is a common practice with channels. Since the commotion was too much to follow anything meaningfully, I strolled out of the club on to the outside premises. I saw that the entrance to the main gate of the compound was blocked by children and some 3/4 adults. The children, about 35/ 40 in numbers, were really too young to understand why they were there and were clearly restless or even bored. They carried placards in their hands that read, “Medha Patkar come to your senses, don’t even think of fighting with forest dwellers”, “Hang the murderers of our parents”, or “Killers should be hanged”. On enquiry I found out that these children were orphaned allegedly in Naxal violence and have been staying at various institutions run by BJP affiliated organizations in the city. Sachchidanand Upasane, Ghanshyam Chaudhari, Alok Srivastav, who were leading the protests clearly looked veterans and adept at their job. Mostly the motley group was listless, but at the slightest hint of media attention or someone emerging from the club, the leaders used to vigorously exhort the flock into slogan shouting.
When Medha Patkar eventually left the premises, the car carrying her was stopped ritually at the gate, some extra vigorous slogan shouting took place, minor scuffles were introduced for the desired effect and then the car was allowed to pass by. In that melee, I saw and heard one man on motorcycle telling Sandeep Pande in the car, “what you are doing is right, ignore this farce”. Luckily I was not alone in noting such incongruities. The reporter of Nav Bharat had to say this in the news that appeared on 9 January 2010.
Reporter of Haribhumi carried the following statement of Medha Patkar among other things that pretty accurately described what she had to say.
At the end I felt vindicated that I had not done anything misleading in writing the earlier post that so angered my friend. If CRPF was genuinely moved to take orphans on a educational or recreational trip to the national capital, I would have applauded too. But since the purpose could be seen was to use the orphans’ misfortunes to strengthen the government’s disinformation campaign on the operation green hunt; I found it reprehensible.  

13 Responses to “Orphans to the aid of BJP demonstration against NAPM at Raipur Press Club.”

  1. triveni Says:

    You are writing as if you are an impartial and unbiased reporter who is seeing things from the outside and telling it like it is. Reality cannot be farther from it, you are a naxal sympathizer who wants our security forces to pack up and not fight the naxal terrorism. If the pain of these orphaned kids cannot melt your heart, nothing can. Shame on you for belittling the cries of justice from the orphaned kids. I hope your kids don't have to see the day when their father/mother is killed and they are laughed at when asking for justice. They want justice and you want to save naxals which is a conflict of interest. Best part is you are trying hard to be a 'neutral' reporter but truth cannot remain hidden.

  2. Sadanand Says:

    "If the pain of these orphaned kids cannot melt your heart, nothing can".You should be asking this of BJP leaders who had so shamelessly staged the show. Those innocent kids should have been studying, playing, or just enjoying themselves rather than having been forced to stand in a political spectacle at the press club for more than an hour. Aren't Raman Singh and Chidambaram capable of extracting revenge on their behalf that they are being dragged into this in such an opportunistic and self self serving manner by BJP?NAPM is pleading with the State and Union governments not to commit atrocities on its' Adivasi citizens making them refugees through State sponsored violence in the name of fighting Naxals.Truth will eventually come out, but by then much innocent blood would have been spilled by the government in complete disregard of our constitution.Truth hurts. But I didn't know tiny truths hurt more. Your words brought home that lesson.Sadanand

  3. triveni Says:

    Sadanand ji, your cold hearted approach towards the children orphaned by naxal terrorists can be because you have not lost loved one to the naxal thugs, so you can call it drama, staged show and other heartless words. Just imagine, some terrorist kills your loved one, what will you do? Play, study and enjoy yourself or bay for the blood of the killers and ask for justice.In my opinion, stage show is an apt description of antics of Himanshu Kumars padyatra where local tribals do not want this evil person to represent them but by money and goonda power, Himanshu Kumar is hijacking the tribal grievances to further his own hidden agenda i.e. stop offensive action against naxal terrorists since he is close to them as per the intelligence sources and keep tribals in poverty.Nobody has monopoly on truth. I just write and it is upto the readers to decide.

  4. Sadanand Says:

    Trivenji,The BJP’s small time ‘Netas’ who got those hapless children to press club to use their miseries to build political capital for themselves are the ones you should be rightfully calling heartless. You want those children to bay for blood shows your total unconcern for children’s welfare. Those children should be helped to build their lives to get out of the morass of illiteracy, poverty and lack of opportunity. If a few children benefit this way even as a propaganda tool in State’s war ‘avowedly against Naxals’ (but actually for Adivasi lands and therefore against all adivasis), then I would still cheer it. But use them in such crass opportunistic manner is shameful. What to say of those who defend such actions in complete disregard to facts? You seem to want to create child soldiers like in Africa out of these innocent souls. You want to rob their childhood or at least applaud those who do. Till now except baseless slandering, you have not brought single substantive point to the table for discussion. Even in slandering you have showed no originality. You just repeat ad nauseam charges that someone else has invented. You seem to revel in such activity. I have no energy for such antics. It is pointless after a while. I would respond only if you have something meaningful to say.Sadanand.

  5. triveni Says:

    People who live is glass houses should not throw stones. Casting aspersions on motives of people is like acting as a mind reader and biggest self goal in an honest(i can't speak for you but from my side) discussion.You can photograph tribals and post it here to further your propaganda of 'standing by' the tribals but when tribals and others who have genuine grievances do it and want nothing to do with naxal sympathizers, you throw a fit. It is preposterous to even think that every grievance in the region should be routed through activists and NGO's only. You(as in activist and NGO's) are acting as if you are the only thekedaars of grievance redressal. Others who do so, 'use their {children} miseries to build political capital.' Why makes these activist and NGO's special and why cannot the same argument be used against you(as in activist and NGO's)?Sham concern for the kids you have shown is astounding and downright blinkered. How? Communism{and naxalism} is a philosophy of hate where violence and totalitarianism are the number one tenets, nowhere have you condemned it. Naxal use child soldiers (you don't have to go far esp. Africa to exemplify everything bad and White countries to show everything good), nowhere do you condemn those and are infact unaware that this is happening right under your nose, this omission can be excused for reasons of ideological affinity. Deepak taley andhera hai, Sadanand ji.Let me ask you a straight question, if a mindless fanatic who is raping and threatening to kill your wife and daughter, what would you do? Reading all your previous comments leads me to believe you will first read constitution and laws, after a brief scan of various articles and ignoring the crime, you'll go home and start to 'build your life again.' Prove me wrong and the most happiest person will be me if you do so that a man has acted like a man not a coward hiding under the blanket of 'tolerance'.Re substantive points, you may not have noticed but the facts of the matter are already on the table (cursory internet search will surely help) and they speak for themselves. If this baring in public itself is a problem, then i don't have solution for it. I am not repeating charges but asking questions for which I have yet to get straight forward answers. Maybe someone has asked those questions earlier but hey, all wise men(&women) think alike. This reply post has two questions, a real one and a hypothetical one.

  6. Sadanand Says:

    I have posted scans of news paper reports. These newspapers mindlessly go on and on like you about Naxal violence. I trust you should have no objection if I choose to post from what they print.The children chose to shake hands with smiling Medha patkar – I am not saying this – a like minded (to you) newspaper is writing that. Please go and fight with Nav Bharat. BTW, this paper is owned by a company with interests in making explosives for mining.In any case Children showed better sense than many adults, who can't see the obvious.Sadanand

  7. triveni Says:

    Sir, you again ignored my questions. Anyways, it is your choice.When I read your last comment, I nearly fell of laffing! No offense intended. Answer this and you'll know how illogical is your comment "Children showed better sense than many adults" – Why are adults allowed to vote not children?

  8. Sadanand Says:

    Because it is assumed that Adults have better sense, which it seems is always not true.Sadanand

  9. triveni Says:

    Sir, isn't your comment equally valid for these kids.(Orphans to the aid of BJP demonstration against NAPM at Raipur Press Club)?What you have written can be your 'feeling' but it is not scientifically proven.

  10. Sadanand Says:

    Madam,Don't equate yourself with those kids. They have better sense. Leave them alone.

  11. triveni Says:

    They might or might not have better sense than me but the million $$$ question is, can you prove it scientifically not based on your assertions, opinions and feelings? I know commies have strict aversion of numbers since it interferes with their sheikhchilli pipe dreams but try at least once!

  12. Sadanand Says:

    What science do you suggest for such an experiment? I had no idea "better sense" was a countable entity – that is quantifiable. Your proposition itself is a recursive pointer to senselessness.Sadanand

  13. Sadanand Says:

    Your obsession with $$$ too has slipped out inadvertently.

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