Sodi Sambho : Chhattisgarh Police in a state of denial.

It was on the morning of 4th January that I overheard Himanshu Kumar say in Hindi on mobile to someone “Main phas gayan hoon, mujhe samay pe jabaab nahee milaa” (I have got into trouble because I didn’t receive the advice on time). That comment suddenly brought to my mind another exchange he had had on 1st January morning that I had again overheard. “Mujhe SP Dantewada statement ke liye bula raha hai. Main ne vakilse se salah mangi hai, ki kya main statement doon ya na doon, aur doon to kahan doo?  (SP Dantewada has called me for recording a statement. I have asked the lawyer, whether I should record the statement or not, and if yes, where?)” I wasn’t eavesdropping on him on either occasion. He was on fast (Satyaagrah) and after morning ablutions he used to sit in the open under a tree surrounded by those who had come to express solidarity for the cause he was fighting for and by some of the 6/7 police guards that SP-Dantewada had provided on his own accord ostensibly for Himanshu Kumar’s safety. Between these two statements uttered in the course of 3 days is packed the whole drama surrounding Sodi Sambho as we shall presently see.
Unknown to me at that moment, many of us assembled there were to meet Amresh Mishra, Superintendent of Police- Dantewada district, that very afternoon. During the course of the question and answer session we had with him on camera, Mishra probably utters only one truth. He said that he had asked Himanshu Kumar to give a statement regarding Sodi Sambho’s whereabouts. He claims he had asked this 3 times. Main point to note here is that he claims he was totally ignorant of Sodi Sambho’s whereabouts until a day earlier (3rd January) when he was informed by his sources that she is at Kanker and his deputy informed the Kanker police that she is needed for recording her statement. The video footage below shot by Satyen Bordoloi is extremely revealing if one cares to listen carefully and remembers how exactly Mishra has responded to same queries earlier. Questions are principally fired by another young journalist – Priyanka Borpujari. Satya Rai Nagpal has shot another set of footage for Nishtha Jain – an independent documentary maker; both are alumni of FTII – Pune.

Towards the end, Mishra says he has to go for a meeting with DIG. It is only next day from newspapers that we learn he was to join S R P Kalluri, Deputy Inspector General – Anti Naxal operations, for a press conference with local scribes. Kalluri obviously enjoys issuing press statements that are dutifully reproduced next day in newspapers.
In the English clipping Kalluri is reported to have said, “Himanshu’s ‘internet satyagrah’ is farce”. He further adds,”In fact police have been in search of the woman for past two months to record her statement”.
Now with this evidence in hand, we begin our earnest quest to ferret out the truth in the case of Sodi Sambho. Is police honest when two top officials claim on record that they didn’t know the whereabouts of Sodi Sambho? Before we move forward, we take note that Kalluri uses internet to follow whatever is happening in cyber space. Mishra told NAPM volunteers who were in Dantewada on 6th & 7th January, that he is a member of Chhattisgarh Net (a yahoo group open for anyone to follow messages posted) and gets his news also from there. From the systematic way in which Chhattisgarh Police is using all available platforms to discredit any group or individuals as Maoists or Naxal sympathizers, whose only concern is to bring out the truth into the open, it is obvious that they are tapping into all possible information flows in cyber space and even by tapping phones.
The brief facts regarding Sodi Sambho’s (petitioner no. 13) complaint as stated in a criminal writ petition (posted by Himanshu kumar on Chhattisgarh Net message no. 13602 ) filed before the Supreme Court under article 32 of the Constitution in November 2009 by Adv. Jyoti Mendiratta on behalf of Himanshu Kumar and others is as follows :
Petitioner No. 13, Sodhi Shambo:
“On Thursday, 01.10.2009, at about 6-7 am in the morning, S.P.O.s, police and other security forces who had come from the Injaram, Konta Camp – among whom I recognize Madvi Buccha s/o Madvi Subba, S.P.O, presently residing in Konta – surrounded my house and took me, along with my two children 1. Sodi Raju, aged about 3 years 2. Kumari Sodi Nago, aged about 5 years to my neighbour Soyam Sensa’s house, where Soyam Sensa’s wife Soyam Bali was there with her infant baby. The security forces had trained their rifles against her to shoot her, but they did not kill her because some other security forces, seeing the small children, stopped them from firing. I had also been made to stand nearby with both my children. I was shot in the foot, after which I fell to the ground. Immediately both my children threw themselves on me and began to cry, after which, on being stopped by the other security forces, they left me.”
This and complaints of 12 others were collected and submitted by Himanshu Kumar on 13 October 2009 and received on 15th October 2009 by the Superintendent of Police Dantewada with a request that an FIR be registered in all cases, yet no action was taken by the police. No one was arrested even though the petitioners and other eyewitnesses could identify some of the accused. No investigation was done.  Not a single eyewitness has been called to record their statement”.
The writ petition calls for the transfer of all the above complaints to CBI for investigation and for directions to Chhattisgarh government to pay compensation to the victims or their relatives.

What follows is an eyewitness account of events as I saw and heard them. When I landed on 1st January 2010 at the house that Himanshu Kumar had hired after his Vanvasi Chetna Ashram (VCA) was demolished in May 2009 by Chhattisgarh Government; I went inside sometime later for freshening up after the overnight journey from Raipur by bus. At the back of the house in the courtyard I found a woman sitting in a chair sunning herself. I smiled and said ‘Namaste’. She acknowledged my presence but didn’t respond. Then I noticed that her right leg was injured and an orthopedic contraption that looked like a cage was fitted around it. I learnt from others her name is Sodi Sambho.

© Javed Iqbal
Then I recalled seeing on Chhattisgarh Net (message no. 13603) the email Himanshu had sent on 26th November 2009 carrying the pictures of her arrival to the very house where I was. 

When I finished my morning chores I went outside the front courtyard and sat beside Himanshu Kumar reading a book, “India after Gandhi”. We were perched on a parapet constructed around a tree. I saw some young men with rifles sitting around in chairs within listening distance. An unpaved road passed in the front and by the side of the house. Across the road were tents and more security men stood or sat there. All these security men were in civvies, but in my later talks with them they confirmed they belonged to Dantewada police. Most of these young men had college education and many were graduates and even post graduates.
I heard Himanshu calling out loudly so that his nephew, Abhay, who was inside the house could hear, “are koi Sodi ko hospital le jao (will someone take Sodi to the hospital)”. Duly Sodi came out of the house by herself but slowly and with the aid of a walker. The police as well as the rest of us not only heard Himanshu’s loud urgings clearly but also saw her coming out, sitting in the jeep and then leaving for a local hospital. I asked Himanshu what was wrong and he told she was suffering from malaria. She had to go for a daily drip lasting few hours of medicines at the Civil hospital.
Security was provided by Dantewada police following the Salwa Judum protest against the padyatra on 14th December 2009 though Himanshu said he had not asked for it, but in fact demanded its withdrawal. This was not done he felt because he could be kept under surveillance 24 hours. The tents opposite were pitched by VCA to accommodate people coming from all over India for the padayatra, but now some were used by police for their stay. During the day police vehicles came and went bringing new faces, taking away existing ones. This went on for all the 5 days I was there. Next day, 2nd January, in repeat of yesterday’s performance, Sodi left for and came back from civil hospital after treatment in broad daylight and in full view of everyone including the police. On these 2 days, I saw Sodi on at least on 3 occasions to come out of the house all by herself (of course with her walker), get on to the unpaved road, and stroll across where the tents were or to move along the road towards the back of the house. She looked every bit a free bird.
In the afternoon a team from the Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board arrived. They went around the house counting connected load and even taking stock of appliances that were present but not in use. They said they would check the actual consumption against the sanctioned load to determine if power has been drawn beyond the sanctioned load. It was obvious they were looking for a pretext to either cut off the power connection or to slap an exorbitant fine. I must mention here that Chhattisgarh is power surplus state and in Dantewada we hadn’t experienced a single power cut. But instead of this being the sign of excess power production, it was a sign of low demand.
That evening a gentleman arrived and began conversing with Himanshu’ father. Himanshu had left earlier in the day for some work outside. Sometime before leaving, he told the police to arrange their transport, because the security detail tailed him whenever he moved around. He did not want them to get into last minute tizzy because of his unannounced departure. The gentleman was narrating how this house had become famous with the local government from collector downward. I was introduced and learnt his name was, if I recollect correctly, Pramod Jodh. He was the landlord of the place. Jodh was under tremendous pressure to have his house vacated of Himanshu Kumar though he had signed a 1 year lease with VCA. He appeared to be a decent man and worked with local District Panchayat. He was pleading for VCA to leave because otherwise he would be in trouble. It appeared to me that the state had started tightening all the screws that it could lay its hands on.
Towards 2000 hours at night, I learnt that Sodi would be leaving for Delhi to continue her treatment at St. Stephen’s hospital, where she had earlier been operated upon and had been asked to return for further surgeries. Two young activists were to accompany her. They left with Sodi in a jeep, but returned back. They said there were security men in fatigues and civvies with arms who prevented Sodi from boarding the bus to Raipur. Himanshu then himself left with them. Now the security turned the heat on the driver of the bus. Finally, they all decided to return home as she would be intercepted at any point along the long route. Police for some reason didn’t want her to leave. Himanshu then decided to leave with Sodi for Raipur the next day in the morning by private vehicle.
I was up early in the morning of 3rd January 2010 as was my habit and sat in the front courtyard reading a book while also waiting eagerly for the Sun to rise. Yes, it was pretty chilly in Dantewada, especially in the open. Sometimes towards 0700 hours Himanshu came out and stepped out of the courtyard towards the road across which the tents were pitched. I followed out of curiosity. He told one of the senior policemen who were sitting around the fire to ward of cold to arrange for their vehicle as he would be leaving for Raipur in half an hour. While he left to go inside the house, I stood out watching the scene transfixed. There was a great flurry of activity. Some went for their mobiles and began chattering animatedly. Others scurried to the tents and started getting ready hurriedly. Only I and a lone cat, Madhusudan, observed silently. A while later a vehicle arrived. It was not the usual ragtag government jeep that held out the promise of breaking down any moment, but a Tavera that showed the stamina to go the distance. Later on while talking to some policemen they confirmed that they told the higher-ups if they were to follow in a usual jeep they won’t be responsible.
Duly everybody came outside including Sodi Sambho. I vividly remember Satya shooting with his camera and Nishtha accompanying with the audio recording equipment. This time they were to travel in a Maruti Esteem. I helped in loading the luggage in the dickey. Satya was filming Sodi getting into the car in the backdrop of the tents and police security detail. Some of the cops went onto their mobiles to chatter away information to their superiors. The morning was tranquil and a spontaneous sendoff party, right in the open, was warmly seeing off Sodi, Himanshu, Abhay & Suresh, and of course the police security detail. Little was anyone aware then how the day was to end. Sometime in the afternoon Priyanka Borpujari got a phone call from Abhay saying that Sodi Sambho and Himanshu have been detained at Kanker (some  200 kilometers away) by local police (not by the police accompanying ostensibly to provide security), when everyone had stopped at a Dhaba to eat. They were taken to the Kanker police station where they were told they have been detained on the instructions from SP-Dantewada. A cryptic narration of events detailing what all happened that day (as well as before and after) as known to Priyanka can be found here for those so inclined. That is the last time anyone else apart from the police of Dantewada/ Chhattisgarh have seen her. Himanshu and others were to return back and we were waiting for them, when a message came that their car had broken down at Jagdalpur (some 90 kilometers away) and now they were looking for a taxi to reach home. Since it was getting late I decided to call it a day.
Early next morning when I stepped out, I found the security detail back in place. I surmised that Himanshu must have returned back. Later in the day I heard Himanshu saying something on the phone that caught my attention. That is the statement I began my account with. Sometime later a stranger came and claimed that the land in front of the house where the tree stood and we all were sitting belongs to him. He wanted Himanshu and everybody else to vacate it. Soon he admitted that police had been coercing him too to apply pressure on Himanshu. Somebody also noticed that we were without power while nearby houses had it. That was worrisome news in a hostile environment. It was an attack on the only means we had to defend ourselvescommunication with the outside world. Cell phones, computers, scanners, internet, cameras, etc. everything would soon stop functioning without it. A hue and cry was made about it by calling whomever we could. May be because of it or were we simply paranoid – but wasn’t the state providing every opportunity to distrust it? – , the power returned after some 3 hours.
As the day passed everyone started thinking about the fate of Sodi Sambho. She was a witness to extra-judicial murders that took place in her village and herself was a victim of police firing. Police should have recorded her statement – a witness and not an accused – according to the law of the land, in a place where she feels secure & comfortable.  Instead she was intercepted by the police when she was on her way to Delhi for treatment in the most melodramatic fashion, was separated from the person who was looking after her welfare and she had begun to trust and taken into custody, although this is repeatedly denied, where all access to her is barred. What statements were the police looking forward to extract from an illiterate, isolated and vulnerable woman? Mental agitation soon turned into a resolve with the enthusiasm of the young brigade to go and accost the SP-Dantewada. What that “encounter with cameras and words” produced was proffered at the beginning.
The police squad posted outside the house was briefing their superiors in real time of each and every event happening – new guests coming, people stepping out of the house, vehicles coming & going, and so on. Can we still believe when both DIG and SP kept on repeating that they had no knowledge of whereabouts of Sodi Sambho until she reached Kanker on 3rd January afternoon? Searching for her they claim they went to her village 4 times. They wanted to record her statement since she had made a complaint against some security men to NHRC and Supreme Court. In all sincerity and innocence they enquired of Himanshu 3 times if he knew where she was. And all this while Sodi Sambho was moving around like any free person openly, in full view of their chosen security detail, right there in Dantewada. She went twice to the local civil hospital in my presence. Yet, Kalluri & Mishra want us to believe they didn’t know. What is behind this absurd denial of the obvious? Is there a method in this obstinacy that flies in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary?
Both these gentlemen plotted their basic moves very well.  Why was Sodi stopped from going the day earlier? Why was she allowed to leave with Himanshu the next day morning? Why were they not stopped at Dantewada, Jagdalpur, or Kondagaon enroute, while their own security squad was shadowing them like second skin and would have done the needful with just a single command on cell phone?  Obviously Sodi is their short term target – to extricate themselves from a serious charge of murders and injury to which she is a witness. Their catch prize was Himanshu. They wanted him out of the way, out of Dantewada, out of Chhattisgarh or in jail. They wanted the lone voice of conscience to fall permanently silent. So no news about Dantewada could come out and nobody from outside would dare to go in. They wanted to make Himanshu’s case into a deterrent for any other nosey person who had lofty notions of human rights on his mind. They wanted to remain undisturbed in pursuing their agenda of vacating the forests of Adivasis in complete disregard of their oath to uphold the constitution that grants specific protection to tribal land in its fifth schedule! They set their trap and Himanshu unwittingly walked into it. This is my reading of the situation. I don’t know if the charges have been pressed against him. But if they are in the present case, the story would run like this.

A case had to be made against Himanshu that had at least a fig leaf of credibility. Police want to record Sodi Sambho’s statement because NHRC has directed them. They visit her village four times to record her statement though they know very well she is not there but in Dantewada (this they know through their security detail, internet monitoring, phone-taps, Chhattisgarh-net etc). In all innocence they enquire of Himanshu (in whose house Sodi is staying and from where she goes for malaria treatment to the civil hospital) if he would come to record his statement. Himanshu waits for his lawyer’s advice. Meantime, Sodi has to go for treatment to Delhi. When she leaves without Himanshu, she is not allowed to go. When Himanshu decides to accompany her, they are allowed to leave. Police here get news from their sources that Sodi is at Kanker. SP-Dantewada completely forgets that his own men are tailing Sodi and Himanshu; and asks his deputy to request SP-Kanker to stop Sodi and Himanshu from proceeding further. Sodi Sambho is isolated so that she can be made to sing a suitable tune. Himanshu is allowed to return home. Meanwhile, Sodi Sambho’s parents or mausa-mausi (uncle-aunt) or relatives or guardians or somebody, anybody, are readied to lodge a complaint with Konta police station under whose jurisdiction Sodi’s village falls. They are made to charge that Sodi Sambho has been abducted and kept in wrongful confinement by Himanshu. He is not letting them see her. It does not matter that Sodi Sambho is a 28 year old married woman who doesn’t need a guardian. Appropriate charges are pressed against Himanshu and he is taken into custody. What will or can he do now from the lockup or jail? Aren’t his able colleagues, Kopa Kunjam and Suknath silenced similarly? Great script!, isn’t it? But Himanshu vanishes on the night of 4th – 5th January. But that is still ok. He is out of Dantewada. Sodi Sambho continues to be in the illegal custody of Chhattisgarh Police, members of which are accused in a case where she is a key witness. Police are in a state of denial.

PS : Below is Supreme Court order to Chhattisgarh Government to not hinder in any way Sodi Sambho from travelling to Delhi for medical treatment dated 07 January 2010. Yet she is in police custody. A fit case for contempt of court?



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  1. Rajesh Says:

    Very Nice Sadanandji,As reltives of Sodi are telling she was in captivity,She was asked by Himanshuji to make false statements and was staying in VCA premises.Her relatives are satisfied with the police and dissatisfied with Himanshuji & allies. Sodi is under treatment in the "Apex Medical Institution of the Country", then what's the trouble. If you are really a well – wisher of her than let her undergo treatment.You blame police from all the possible corners,but S.P.Dantewda who is always on your target,himself has taken her for treatment.I do not think if any reputed NGO leader could have done this. I am in this sector since 12years and I know well hypocracy of NGO leaders, they can frame issues;spread rumors but can never become a solution.CGNET is accessible to all,it belongs to every cyber – buzz of Chhattisgarh, and we are proud of it. What's wrong if Amresh Mishra sees it? Can't he? He is a young engineer who accepted I.P.S as challange. He should be encouraged as his life is always on risk, he should not be discouraged by raising issues like number – plates and sometimes Sodi Sambhoo.We Chhattisgarhiyas are proud of our government,its policies and more of our officers.Outsiders,with the help of persons like Himanshuji are making unsuccessful efforts to defame our Chhattisgarh Mahtari. Such efforts would end in fiasco.Regards;Rajesh

  2. Sadanand Says:

    Esteemed Rajesh ji,My target is falsehoods. I am glad to know that Amresh Mishra too sees Chhattisgarh Net. But then why does he feign ignorance about Sodi Sambho's whereabouts, when Himanshu Kumar had posted details of her arrival at Dantewada on Chhattisgarh Net (message no. 13603) on 26 November 2009? Please ask him and let everyone know.I too wish well Mr. Mishra, whole of Chhattisgarh police, every other Indian, and foremost of course the Adivasis. But that does not mean one should condone the patently illegal acts committed by anyone in total disregard of our laws and constitution. Especially by those who have taken oath to uphold it.Yousay you have been in that "sector" for 12 years, but I have not read you discussing your own field work any time. No one else also talks about your work. What is it that you do exactly in that "sector"?Sadanand

  3. triveni Says:

    "I too wish well Mr. Mishra, whole of Chhattisgarh police, every other Indian, and foremost of course the Adivasis. But that does not mean one should condone the patently illegal acts committed by anyone in total disregard of our laws and constitution."Sadanand ji, then why do few people get angry when govt arms tribals to protect their land and their children from naxal thugs since you wish tribals well? It is all legal and contitutional. Since you are a constitution person, naxals dont give a damn for Indian Constitution but no word from your side on these terrorists who daily shred the same constitution. Surprisingly, you want people fighting them (police and tribals) to observe all laws and constitution which akin to tieing the hands of our security forces behind their back and then asking them to win this war against naxal terrorists. This is actual proof of which side you are on. On the side of naxal fascism and you wish the tribals well. I can only say with 'friends' like you, tribals dont need enemies.Very disappointing to see a mature and articulate person like you descend to such levels and divert the attention of our security forces from anti-naxal ops, all for what, money, ideology. Sad!There was another case where an "activist NGO" Communalism Combat had kidnapped an eyewitness and gave her money (afaik, RS 10 lakhs) to repeat their propaganda in court. When the eyewitness refused, they threatened her with physical violence. Sadanand ji, your articles now have to be taken with a spoonful of salt.

  4. Satyen K. Bordoloi Says:

    Dear Triveni, Your logic is akin to saying that if someone is wearing a legally allowed police or army uniform, he has the right to rape or murder you and me, all in the name of upholding police morality? No one is debating about the illegality of Naxals. It is accepted and understood and widely reported in the media every single day. When Naxals blow up a bridge it's reported. When they kill someone they are reported. When they blow up a school it is reported (not reported is the fact that the school had been closed for months and was now being occupied by the military forces i.e. the school was no longer a school but a police barrack so it is not blowing up a school, but blowing up a well armed and defended police barrack unlike the propaganda about blowing up schools of innocent kids as is made out to be). That Naxals use kids are widely reported. That they rape and burn villages is widely reported. We are all aware of that. What we are not aware of, and what no mainstream media reports, is that our armed forces, our constitutionally selected armed forces, given the responsibility to uphold the rights of citizens, not only do the same, they often do worse than the Naxals. But not a word of it is reported anywhere in the name of keeping the police morale high. Police morale cannot be an excuse not to expose them. And since our responsibility is towards the democratically elected representatives and their responsibility is towards us, it is not only important, but also our duty to report their violations. Because the forces who represent a democracy we live under and love so much not only violate those tribals whose woman they rape and whose villages they burn, whose 15 year old kids they hire as SPOs and pay salary from the money you and i pay as tax, they violate our trust in them. And they deserve to pay for their illegal acts as much as the naxals do if all they do is replicate the actions of the naxals. I would hence urge you Triveni, and everyone else to expose everyone who violates the constitution, be they naxals or our own beloved security forces. A criminal is a criminal whether he wears a naxal outfit or a police uniform. And just because my rapist or murder is dressed in a military outfit, does not mean i will not condemn him. Will you Triveni?

  5. Sadanand Says:

    Triveniji,Part – IAnother commentator has adequately answered your charge about alleged non-condemnation by activists of Naxal violence. In case it was not clear to you already, any violence that stems out of an ideology, where violence is the first & only choice for resisting repression, then it is highly reprehensible. Some activists of the NAPM told me in Chhattisgarh that umpteen times they have condemned Naxal violence. But the media never prints it with same prominence as they give to their condemnation of illegal State violence. Mainstream media dutifully prints police handouts or statements regarding Naxal violence unfailingly. But hardly ever tries to ascertain the veracity of Police claims. Rarely, you will find a journalist taking the risk of going to the combat zone to find out for herself what is really going on and then report it. Mercifully, such journalists do exist in mainstream media as well but often their efforts come to a naught because of proprietors/ editors. Minute somebody is called a Naxalite or a terrorist, we seem to just shut our eyes and ears and don’t demand proof. Time and again even mainstream media has documented how innocents have been branded thus on mere suspicion, languished in jail, had their reputations tarnished permanently, and later released as innocent. That has happened even in the case of highly infamous Guantanamo Bay prison created by USA to keep high value prisoners Arming of villagers or tribals to fight an insurgency is a bad policy. State is abdicating its constitutional responsibility to protect its citizens. Arms when distributed are not given to each and everyone in the locality. Usually they go to favoured and trusted people of the local politicians or their henchmen. This creates another armed militia that starts its own depredation of people in the general atmosphere of lawlessness prevailing in the region. Miseries of people become unbounded. So instead of solving the problem it compounds it. This is what has happened throughout Africa where this solution was applied to fight insurgency. But then Africa is largely a continent of dictatorships or tin pot democracies. Same thing happening in the largest democracy on earth is surely a worrying sign. This trend of abdicating responsibility by the State is now seen even in the cities. Faced with flak over rising crimes, the police are on record asking the citizens to arrange their own security. This advice is given to housing societies (In USA they are called ‘Gated Communities’), companies that ferry their employees for 24×7 work, and so on. Slowly only the moneyed will have private protection at home & work, everywhere else it will be anarchy. continued Part-II.

  6. Sadanand Says:

    Triveni ji,Continued from part-I.Behind the façade of fighting Naxalites; the hidden agenda of politicians is to have the tribal-lands vacated through terror unleashed by Salwa Judum and security forces by driving Adivasis into the ‘Safe Heavens of Camps’. Such ‘freed lands’ then can be handed over to mining interests. ‘Development’ will occur, but it won’t benefit the Adivasis and poor. It never has benefited those people who were made to sacrifice for that development. These lands are in 5th schedule, untouchable by anybody else except by Adivasis. If mining is the only way forward after transparent consultations with Adivasis and with their consensus, then make Adivasis perpetual co-owners of the mines with say minimum 51% stake in it. So that they would continue to benefit from it into the future. If Adivasis are made knowledgeable and willing stakeholders in the development, then except corrupt politicians & bureaucracy, and greedy capitalists no one would have any objections. Not even the Adivasis, I suppose. I don’t hold a brief for any NGO including Vanvasi Chetna Ashram. I write based on what I find is true. Just because one or some NGOs are bad, you are ready to paint every NGO black. That is highly regrettable. If you do that with politicians, many among whom have been proved to be corrupt, you will find your mark. You seem to be fond of airing same allegations on every post irrespective of posts’ contents and never comment on the veracity of facts sighted or arguments contained in them. If you have some cogent and well supported facts and arguments to put forward through an article, then I would be happy to publish on my blog. Sadanand.

  7. Rajesh Says:

    Esteemed Sadanandji,I don't say that your tatrget is falsehood.I am mailing you separately about what our NGO does.We fight for Human Rights and against Corruption.If you want to know more you could consult various directories of NGO networks.Since the main decision of CPI (Maoist)politbureau in 2006 was to isloate the Anti – Naxal movement & its allies and I also find under that category, radical NGOs are trying to isolate me also.If you want to know what NANGE PAON SATYAGRAHA does you visit or should I mail it to you.I do not know whether Amresh Mishra reads CGNET or not,nor do I care for his reading it or not,but I am more concerned with the contradictory statements of TRIBAL GANDHI HIMANSHU KUMAR. His interests are well sagegurded by Amresh Mishra and Dantewada Police.When this Gandhi was facing retaliation of Adivasis,then Amresh gave him police protection,when this fellow abducted Sodi Sambhoo,Amresh halped Himanshuji to escape and get FARAR. When Medha Patkar and Sandeep Pandey were surrownded by Tribals of Dantewada,Amresh was seeking their permission to fire on innocent tribals, as if Medha was his boss.Amresh Mishra and Himanshu Kumar are hand in gloves. Both of them are real opponents of Nange Paon (poor tribal) people of Dantewada and Nange Paon Satyagrah will oppose both of them.But some acts of Amresh Mishra like taking Sambhoo to AIIMS are applaudable and strong words of appriciation must go to him.Now you tell me where do you come from and why you are interested in demoralizing the Chhattisgarh Police?

  8. Rajesh Says:

    Well Done Triveniji,Congratulations for raising the real concerns of Chhattisgarhiya people.Keep it up.

  9. triveni Says:

    Satyen, I am sorry but there is no equivalence here. People are more interested in drawing a dubious moral equivalence between the damage chemotherapy(collateral damage by SJ and security forces) causes and the cancer(naxal terrorists) it treats. Only the State (as in the Indian government) has the constitutional legitimacy to use force (which I don't agree with but that is for another day) but activists and others make no distinction between the State’s legitimate right to the use of violence and the naxal 'armed struggle'. Extreme theories are peddled and are preoccupied with State’s violation of human rights to the extent almost of ignoring the far larger violations by those waging a war against the state. Liked your comment but the premise on which it is based is flawed which makes the whole argument an emotional outpouring rather than one based on clarity and facts.Sadanand ji, generally agree with what you have written. Except,"Behind the façade of fighting Naxalites; the hidden agenda of politicians is to have the tribal-lands vacated through terror unleashed by Salwa Judum and security forces by driving Adivasis into the ‘Safe Heavens of Camps’. Such ‘freed lands’ then can be handed over to mining interests."Sir ji, yahin toh aap maar khaa gaye. Politicians are playing both sides. The corporate side and the Naxal terrorist side. In Jharkhand, money(over Rs. 1000 crore per Koda's aide) from illegal mining was paid to naxals by Madhu Koda, ex CM Jharkhand, in return, naxals tried to help influence electorates when elections came calling or looked the other way while Koda plundered Jharkhand. Same thing happened in Chattisgarh, Jogi asked naxals for help in elections and their telephonic chat was made public on TV channels. Same thing repats in Andhra when late YSR Reddy was at the helm with "hands off naxals" attitude. As a reult of late YSR Reddy's decision, Chattisgarh was the one which bore the brunt. Naxals, irrespective of their 'class warfare' skullduggery, too are a party to the loot."Just because one or some NGOs are bad, you are ready to paint every NGO black. That is highly regrettable." Very strange that you are not showing the same restrained and well reasoned argument towards our Police or our Security Forces when one bad cop does illegal things.

  10. Sadanand Says:

    Esteemed Rajesh ji,What are you saying sir? "Amresh Mishra and Himanshu Kumar are hand in gloves. Both of them are real opponents of Nange Paon (poor tribal) people of Dantewada and Nange Paon Satyagrah will oppose both of them."Is this true? Or I am dreaming!You are confirming that Amresh Mishra is a Naxal or Naxal Sympathizer clothed in Police uniform. Have you informed this to SRP Kalluri, whom you so admire.Sadanand.

  11. Sadanand Says:

    Small mercy Triveni ji that you have found something to agree upon. You have shown some understanding of the real situation this time. If you look deeper you will find that even Capital (Corporates )plays politicians and other players including Naxals. Corporates fund elections and malpractices in electioneering. Their deep pockets permit that. It is seen as an investment by them. Corporates then want handsome return on investment. At other times even politicians play Corporates and Naxals as you say. While you are indicting Congress and Koda, why are you forgetting BJP, the other main national party. Is it a matter of forgetfulness or deliberate ploy? BJP on the money and support of Bellari Brothers (see Outlook report ‘Rape of Bellary”) won in Karnataka. Recently BB brought Yediyurappa to tears on the TV channels where you only see Jogi. Rape of Bellari will continue under BJP patronage.As regards Police, if you take a opinion poll in the country, you will know what people think of our police force. There are undoubtedly good people in police force, but as an institution it has been corrupted into a savage instrument for doing the bidding of the politicians.Sadanand

  12. Rajesh Says:

    Kalluri and even DGP Vishwaranjan are no exceptions because they have helped Himanshu Kumar to escape of police protection. When these police officers came to know that Himanshu has abducted Sodi Sambhoo, they got Himanshu escaped from Dantewada in the darkness of midnight. Moral responsibilty for this falls upon Kalluri also as he is DIG.I don't say whether Amresh Mishra is naxal supporter or not,but it is before every one that he has shown his enimosity to Nange Paon people of Dantewada by providing police protection to Himanshu, Medha Patkar and Sandeep Pandey who came here to defame pious land of MAA DANTESHWARI.I am wandering Nange Paon since 11 years for protection of human rights of the poor, poor people of Dantewada are with me. I never fear in spelling out truth,irrespective of cost I may have to bear. I am the real Gandhi, who believes in bearing pains for the sake of others pains;who after seeing the callousness of the governments and other stakeholders; and at last I have more supporters in Dantewada than Himanshu.No body knows weight of other's burden in hindi this goes as "jaa ke paon na fate bewai, wo kya jane peer parai". But I know the weight of others burden. My other NGO friends stepped in to this sector for sake of career and bread – winning but I accept this as challange always.I donot believe in projects, I believe in values.I stand with Sodi Sambhoo, who was in captivity of Himanshu for a period of two months, for this heinous crime,Himanshu must be arrested.We are planning to surrownd S.P.Office Dantewada and Amresh Mishra will be compelled to arrest Himanshu, irrespective of where that fake – Gandhian is?Remember my esteemed friend,no body can be a Gandhian rather one has to become Gandhi, and, that Gandhi is me.Unless one has courage to speak out and stand with truth; unless one has courage to oppose violence,one can't become Gandhi.I do have and adhere to both.

  13. Sadanand Says:

    "When these police officers came to know that Himanshu has abducted Sodi Sambhoo, they got Himanshu escaped from Dantewada in the darkness of midnight. Moral responsibilty for this falls upon Kalluri also as he is DIG"What do you want to say sir? First you say 'they got Himanshu escaped' that means Vishwa Ranjan, Kalluri were physically responsible as they collaborated with Amresh Mishra in this escape. Then you talk of moral responsibility of Kalluri. This is very confusing.So you are unhappy that someone called Himanshu Kumar tribal-Gandhi, when that honour you claim actually belonged to you. Fine, Why cause so much bad blood over it? I will call you "Nange Paon Gandhi".Sadanand.

  14. Rajesh Says:

    Himanshu Kumar is neither Gandhian nor Gandhi. Name of Gandhi should be collated or linked with Gandhi.He is abductor of Sodi Sambhoo and should be arrested.Kalluri is not separate for me in getting Himanshu escaped. We will retaliate against whole police department as they are in close nexus with Himanshu. Police has always given a deaf ear to voice of tribal leaders of the area. Mr. Sukhdeo Thati, Chaitram Attami, Soya Mukka and Soya Murra are the real voice of tribals.But the police has always helped out Himanshu. We'll oppose it, it won't matter for me as who is on our way whether it is Kalluri or DGP Vishwaranjan or Amresh Mishra.I in my life always stood with two things; 1 – the poor 2 – the truth.If you want really justice to Sodi Sambhoo then join us and demand immediate arrest of her abductor Himanshu Kumar. I f you donot have a courage to do this then stop this dialogue.

  15. Sadanand Says:

    So men like Soyam Mukka, who have grave charges for harming tribals & women and have arrest warrants by court against them, are your 'real voices'.I do lack the courage to join this criminal gang.Sadanand

  16. Rajesh Says:

    Soyam Mukka is not "my real voice" but of tribal people of Dantewada. You can't level anyone as criminal unless verdict of Honorable Court is given.You JOIN US, BY JOINING US ONLY, YOU CAN CATER JUSTICE TO POOR TRIBAL LADY SODI SAMBHOO.

  17. triveni Says:

    Sadanand ji, it is convenient for you to place people into Congress, Bjp camp etc(communist thugs not included, they are traitors, period) and skirt this issue, i see only traitors, without hair splitting distinctions, irrespective of party affiliations.Keep in mind, I too can point a finger at you for being a communist or a congressi who supports naxals and proof, there are no blog articles condemning the commie babboons and a few congressi's 'outside' support to naxals. It can be safely assumed and reinforced by your posts which go after Bjp because of your party ideology and their (bjp) offensive action against naxal thugs. I don't because I like our talk to remain civil and not degenerate into a tu-tu main-main gutter debate. This sidetracks our discussion and does not answer the inconvenient questions raised by me.You say "Capital (Corporates )plays politicians and other players including Naxals." An obvious question comes to mind, when you know so much, why is the blog devoid of this "politician-naxal-corporate alliance" posts? And why no posts condemning self styled 'Gandhian' Himanshu Kumar of sharing space with known naxal supporting politician, Ajit Jogi? Au contraire, you are acting as a cheerleader for Hinanshu's nefarious activities, sham padyatra etc.Show me reports and action taken by self appointed activists and NGO's on this politician-naxal alliance in case of Chattisgarh especially Jogi case? There are none, afaik, because activists and NGO's themselves are in bed with Jogi like politicians and are corrupt to the core why will they expose their corrupt brethren and in other cases which came to light in Bihar, naxals are operating NGO's and moving around posing as activists providing money, moral, legal and material support to these terrorists.Re police, first take an opinion poll and then we can discuss the data rather than arguing on the basis of one's feelings and 60+ years the same police is there, why howl now? Real reason is, had the cops left naxals alone none of these activists and NGO's wouldn't have raised a whimper. That said I agree with you that cops have become a tool in the hands of the politicians.

  18. Sadanand Says:

    You & Police should allow the trial to stand in court, then alone Honourable court can give its verdict.Sadanand

  19. Sadanand Says:

    Triven ji,When you and many others are doing such an admirable and strident job of condemning parliamentary Communists (in Singur and Nandigram they did behave like thugs and courageous Medha Patkar was there to condemn it in person unlike you and I) and Naxalites, where is the need for everyone to join in. The less talked about or totally embargoed topic is the war waged by State and Ruling parties against the Adivasi citizens in the name fighting Naxals. That is why I want to highlight it.You and Rajesh ji seem to have visceral hatred for Himanshu Kumar. You hate him because you have branded him Naxal sympathizer. You hate him because he talks to Ajit Jogi, who you say is closet Naxal. I would imagine Raman Singh too talks to Ajit Jogi ro vice versa. Does that make Raman Singh too Naxal sympathizer? These are the critical flaws in your thinking that you need to examine. Do you have any proof about any wrong doings done by anybody?, then provide me with proofs, not insinuations, and I would certainly write about it. There are many proofs about Corporate-Politicians nexus in India since the times of infamous Mundhra case in the fifties. Naxals have been responsible I have read for getting much better terms of trade for the forest produce that Adivasis gather. Naxals also tax (or extort) the Traders who buy these forest products I have read. Most rebel movements use these methods like the governments they fight to raise funds. Beyond this if you have any further evidence of Naxal-Corporate nexus, especially which compromises the welfare of Adivasis in whose name they (Naxals) fight; then I would be most interested in knowing of it. But please avoid this kite flying in the name of patriotism, which is really Partyotism in disguise.Would you trust yourself or any other woman to the custody of the police at night and alone? If the answer is honest and unequivocal yes, then the poll is necessary for you. Let me know what you find. Police are ordinary people in uniform who by circumstances of their use and abuse by the system have turned into predators from their supposed role of protectors of law. They too are victims in that sense.Sadanand

  20. Rajesh Says:

    An Open letter to DGP Vishwaranjan : Restore tribal rights in Dantewada (36 Garh)Venerable Vishwaranjan Sahab,Warm Regards;It is being brought under your vigilant notice that screams of tribals go unheard & their problems go un starred by the officers of your department. DIG Sri S.R.P. Kalluri and S.P. Sri Amresh Mishra have sided with the elite and powerful journalists and social activists in the past two months. They in spite of listening the tribal leaders of Dantewada district, ordered for their arrests en – masse. Where as So –posed Gandhian Sri Himanshu Kumar was given police protection. The tribal leaders who were demonstrating against that Gandhian were even not listened by these officers.Nandini Sundar given police protection & Nange Paon neglectedNandini Sundar is also a human rights activist and Nange Paon also falls under that category. Basic distinction between these two are:• Nandini Sundar is fortunate daughter of an I.A.S. officer whereas Nange Paon is unfortunate enough for not having such an elite background. Nange Paon has an indigenous background.• Nandini Sundar comes from Delhi (metropolis) and Nange Paon comes from a backward district of Chhattisgarh called Surguja.• Nandini Sundar comes from Delhi to defame the pious land of Maa Danteshwari and Nange Paon puts all his efforts to counter her “discredit ions to Chhattisgarh mahtari”.• Nandini Sundar figures out “killings, rape, loot & arson” by S.P.Os, the policemen and innocent villagers who have sought refuge in “relief camps” due to fear &fury of naxals; whereas the Nange Paon figures out “killings and devastation by the naxals”. But it is ironical, that Nandini Sundar was given police protection during her visit to Dantewada in the month of December, 2009. Nange Paon also visited the place to extricate the realities of “Fake – Satyagrah” by Himanshu Kumar but he was not given such an honor by these police officers.Medha Patkar was consulted for firing on innocent tribalsThe tribals of Dantewada were not even in a mood to see the unsolicited faces of Medha Patkar, Sandeep Pandey and others. To them, these activists were naxal supporters. But S.P. Sri Amresh Mishra in spite of giving an ear to the “victims of naxal – terror tribals” was asking from Medha Patkar to fire on these tribals. Whether Medha Patkar was Collector, Dantewada or Mrs. Reena Babasahb was?Himanshu escaped amid police – protection in the darkness of nightWhat kind of guards were provided to Himanshu Kumar, who even were not able to watch his nefarious activities? When Sri Kalluri & Amresh Mishra came to know “that Sodi Sambhoo was in captivity of Himanshu Kumar since two months” then they secretly made Himanshu to escape.Why abductor of Sodi Sambhoo wanders free?From the agitation of tribal – leaders of Dantewada, it appears that “they were in know of captivity of Sodi Sambhoo” and that’s why they were agitating against Himanshu Kumar. But it is also a fact that tribal leaders were not even heard by any of the officers at that point of time, they were arrested.It is now evidently clear that abductor of Sodi Sambhoo is none other than Himanshu Kumar, who wanders free in the streets of metropolis.At this critical juncture, your attention is called upon to:Effectively check anti – nange paon (poor), anti – tribal and anti – rural attitude of D.I.G Sri S.R.P. Kalluri and S.P. Sri Amresh Mishra. Furthermore, they should be activated to ensure that Sri Himanshu Kumar should be brought to book as early as they can. Sri Himanshu has infringed upon the laws of land under, and he is an accused under SC/ST atrocities prevention act.Pledged to remain bare – foot until human rights are totally exercised; Sincerely Your's(Rajesh Singh Sisodia)Organizer Nange Paon Satyagraha, Vivekanand Nagar, M.G.Road – Ambikapur (C.G.)Mob: 09826921897 & 09229240638

  21. Sadanand Says:

    Respected Nange Paon Gandhi,I am pained to learn you are affected so badly by by the neglect, apathy, and discrimination showed by Dantewada Police. You shouldn't have depended upon DGP Vishwa Ranjan to act fairly, because he is after all a police and will protect his own type. You should appeal to Raman Singh or P Chidambaram.After all you are the Messiah of the tribals of Chhattisgarh, and of may be India or the whole world. If you are not protected, then who would be. I would strongly urge you to seek Z+++ security, above even what is given to the other Gandhi (Sonia). Then alone people will know your true value.regards,

  22. triveni Says:

    Rajesh ji, namaste and thanks for your kind words.Sadanand ji, just by dissenting one doesn't automatically become Chomsky, one needs to have positive IQ, tremendous track record and condemn the naxal fascists killing innocent people, to back it up. What you need to do is get a grip of reality not simply live off the muddle headed literature and repeat ad nauseum the catch phrases provided by naxal supporters. It is the naxal terrorists war against the state and its citizens (tribals in this case) that GoI is fighting. Now you are entitled to be loyal to whomsoever you please or is paying you but in this case it is the naxal terrorism that you are rooting for. Is it the correct thing to do? Now you can easily turn around and say I condemn naxal violence etc which is all fine and dandy but let me highlight 2 paras by Shri VishwaRanjan, Director-General of Chhattisgarh Police who is quoting maoist/naxal documents,"I quoted in detail from Maoist documents to show their intention to penetrate civil liberty bodies in such a manner that they are not exposed as Maoist cadre. Such cadre have been instructed to gain position in such organisations so that they are able to direct the activities of the organisation, at least to some extent…As for Salwa Judum , I quoted from a Maoist Polit Bureau document to show its intention of isolating the movement. The directions include inviting national and international fact-finding teams to Bastar. After the Polit Bureau decision, there was a spate of visits to Dantewada and Bijapur by study teams."Now for those who do NOT want to understand the issue or are naxal supporters will, naturally, ask for the ultimate proof. One just has to connect the dots to see the treason industry in India (Human Rights jholawala scam) even these traitors are not that stupid to move around with a plaque hanging by their necks saying "I am a naxal terrorist" which will be a certain career death knell. They have to cover their tracks for their roji-roti's sake and keep the plausible deniability ploy, where the activist and NGOs give de-facto total support to naxals while aserting some imaginary opposition, which is exactly what you did when you wrote"war waged by State and Ruling parties against the Adivasi citizens in the name fighting Naxals," in order to maintain deniability, insulate one from the criticism by others and keep the charade of being fair and balanced. Btw, Hegel was a pappu philosopher.So in the end, for a change, start thinking on your own. This would benefit us all.

  23. Sadanand Says:

    Please follow your own advice, a moment of sanity in the midsts of….., and for a change start thinking on your own rather than quoting DGP Vishwa Ranjan.Sadanand

  24. Rajesh Says:

    Nange Paon Satyagrah (Social battle for human rights)An appeal to post relevant in formations about SODI SAMBHOO: do not make a mockery of her poverty and innocence.Esteemed All,Warm Regards;We Chhattisgarhiyas are innocent not ignorant. In state of innocence we are usually not in know of what is being portrayed about us on various platforms. Sodi Sambhoo of our state is definitely a matter of discussion for all those engaged in promotion and protection of human rights, and she should be.But prior to making any posting about this lady who hails from Nange Paon (poor) category, it is my request that kindly verify the facts pertaining to her background, prior to posting any thing about her.A posting by Sri Javed Iqbal revealed that he parents are no more, whereas, I take this opportunity to unveil the same Sri Pusam Hunga S/O Sri Tumaiya is father & Mrs. Pusam Dule W/O Sri Pusam Hunga is mother of Sodi Sambhoo. Her parents are based in Maita village, whereas her husband’s village is Gompad.I invite every one concerned with Sodi Sambhoo to Dantewada for verification of facts about her. Please do not mislead esteemed readers of this pious forum.Nange Paon pledges to cater justice to Sodi Sambhoo, in this endeavor we seek to distance equally from the police as well as such believers of human rights who post false in formations about her. To us “Police is a visible snake, whereas the later one are like hidden snakes in the grass, which can bite us any time”. Sodi and parents too damn care for both, that’s why they refused to meet everyone in the hospital. They do not like to meet any one. They are more concerned about the treatment and prestige of her daughter. They are most worried about the arrest of the “abductor of Sodi, who wanders freely in the streets of Delhi”.We are deeply vexed to see the ties of police with the abductor of Sodi Sambhoo.Pledged to remain bare – foot until human rights are totally exercised; Sincerely Your's(Rajesh Singh Sisodia)Organizer Nange Paon Satyagraha, Vivekanand Nagar, M.G.Road – Ambikapur (C.G.)Mob: 09826921897 & 09229240638

  25. Sadanand Says:

    Esteemed Rajeshji,I am very happy to learn that you have succeeded in inventing the parents of Sodi Sambho, "Sri Pusam Hunga S/O Sri Tumaiya – father & Mrs. Pusam Dule W/O Sri Pusam Hunga – mother". I suggest you a foolproof strategy to snare the enemies of Nange Paon : Visible snakes, hidden snakes and the abductor of Sodi Sambho.Please produce Sodi Sambho, her husband, her children and her parents before the Supreme Court and demand exemplary punishment from the highest court of the land to all three enemies of Nange Paon. I will meet you in court to assist you if you inform me of the wishes,Yours truly,Sadanand

  26. Rajesh Says:

    Esteemed Sadanandji,Thanks a lot for your suggestions.It is not my duty to produce her before the Honbl'e Court.Let the hidden enemies of Nange Paon do it.They abducted her earlier too and they seem to have repeated it now also.Abductor and Police are in close ties.Nange Paon will break this dirty coalition.S.P.Dantewada Sri Amresh Mishra is going to resign from his post and he seeks a job with Medha Patkar. That's why he was asking from Medha Patkar to fire on Nange Paon people of Dantewada for whom the faces of "Five – Star Activists" were unsoilicted.These activists are real enemies of Nange Paon(poor).They want Chhattisgarh government to stop relief activities for them.They mischievously call relief camps as "Salwa – Judum Camps".Nange Paon people of Dantewada will unveil their mischieves and compell Sri Amresh Mishra to resign from his post if "Abductor of Sodi Sambhoo alias tribal Gandhi of Dantewada"is not arrested.NANGE PAON SE JO TAKARYEGA – WO KHUD NANGA HO JAYEGA.

  27. Sadanand Says:

    Esteemed Rajesh ji,I thought you wanted to clothe Nange paon, i.e. see that they get education, livelihoods that fetch better roti-kapadaa-makaan -, healthcare etc.But you are talking of ruining others.Yeh baat, Nange Paon Gandhi ko Shobhaa nahee detee!

  28. Rajesh Says:

    Esteemed Sadanandji,I do not need police protection as the poor people of Dantewada will defend me in case of any casuality.Like Himanshuji and fortunate daughter of an I.A.S.Officer popularly known as Nandini Sundar, Nange Paon is not going to demand police protection from Amresh Mishra.I come from a poor family & I always prefer to stand with the poor irrespective of consequebces. I am not as calculative as Himanshuji to pose myself as Gandhi and garner security for me.In the darkness of night they are with Amresh Mishra, where as in light of the day they oppose police.Inmy life I hated one thing always, that is double – speak. I am naive as I come from a small village of Surguja. I am totally unaware of the "tricks of the trade".Now abductor of Sodi Sambhoo is going to work on youth, I think he might had done it earlier from his home – town, somewhere in U.P. He came to CG to exploit us.Abduction of Sodi Sambhoo proved to be a waterloo for that fellow,as Nange Paon(poor)people of Chhattisgarh can not be befooled any longer.

  29. Rajesh Says:

    Esteemed Triveniji,Where are you, kindly come and confront the misleaders.Your response is eagerly awaited.These people have lost the battle as Saddam Hussain did loose in Iraq. Esteemed Sadanandji's courage is appludable as he is representing the loosers as spokesperson of Saddam Hussain did.He knew that Iraq had lost the battle, even though he kept making claims of Iraq's victory.Triveniji, kindly come and participate in Dharm – Yuddha (war for righteousness)

  30. Sadanand Says:

    Esteemed Rajesh Ji,You claim to be the true representative of 'Nange Paon people' (whatever that means) of Dantewada. You had also said that Nange Paon people are organized as Ma Danteshwari Swabhimani Adivasi Manch (MDSAM). MDSAM leaders are Chhbindra Karma, Chaitram Atami, Sukhdev Tati & Soyam Mukka. Therefore, according to you these people are going to protect you.Sir, please see the news item in Navbharat times of 16 December 2009 regarding press conference in Raipur press Club by Salwa Judum/ MDSAM leaders. You will find a man in plain clothes carrying a gun behind Karma. This SPO/ police personnel is there to protect Karma & others. If these Nange Paon people can't protect themselves, how do you expect them to protect you.Please stop making baseless statements and start talking some fact based arguments.

  31. Sadanand Says:

    Esteemed Rajesh Ji,Triveni Ji aur aapakee jugal bandi bahut jamegee, chunki satya se aap donokobhee koi lenaa denaa nahee hai.Kaash, main lekin aapakaa ye jhoot ka raag sunkar tang huan hoo.Mujhe maaf kijiyegaa

  32. Rajesh Says:

    Esteemed Sadanandji,I always stand with truth & righteousness, so Triveniji seems to be.Tribal leaders of Dantewada have got police security, it's a matter of pride for the poor tribals. Dreams of Nange Paon Satygraha are coming true.When I got bare – foot 11 years ago, my dream was that "the poor also should enjoy dignity which is restricted to wealthy". This is now happening in Dantewada.The constable securing Chabindra also hails from poor family.This way the poor secures the poor.

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