The End of Poverty?, by Philippe Diaz

Just like Colonialism, Casteism, Regionalism, Racism, Apartheid, and so on, there is nothing ‘natural’ or ‘given’ or ‘inevitable’ about poverty. When 1 billion people are undernourished or hungry, while 1 billion people are over weight and another half billion obese, or there is enough food in storage to feed the whole world one & half times; then it can’t even be called accident, or chance or simply fate. These explanations are wholly inadequate and simply not true. Poverty is a direct consequence of how the economy operates and what its real goals are. It is designed to concentrate more and more resources in the hands of fewer and fewer. One who grows food is not spared too. The suicide rate for farmers is significantly higher than for non-farming population throughout the world including the developed countries. In India one farmer committed suicide every 32 minutes between 1997-2005. Again, farmer is not ‘naturally’ averse to life.  While industrial approach to boosting crop productivity, not the only or best alternative available, lines the pockets of the corporates, it has stripped many communities of small farmers of their self sufficiency and dignity. Prices of farm produce are pushed down but the costs of inputs keep rising, thus driving the farmer into a descending spiral of debt. Does this mean that many of our fellow beings simply have to lump poverty for ever? The answer is NO.
Philippe Diaz, a French film maker, seeks answers in his “The End of Poverty?” It was his intent to cover the impact of Financial Crisis of 2008 that drove him to become an economist during the course of his filming project. Unlike the others Diaz doesn’t believe that globalization began 20 years ago, but takes it back 500 years when the brutal wave of colonizations of the new and the old world by few European countries began. Take a look at the trailer (here) and his interview (here).

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