Success in Anti-Naxal operations stymied by Apex Court order.

Success stories about the progress made in the coordinated joint operations by the security forces of the union & state governments dotted the newspapers………………….
January 13, 2010.
“….Away from the media glare, the five Superintendents of Police in their early 30’s and guided by Inspector General of Police T J Long Kumer, an IPS officer of 1991 batch, have worked on a policy to drain the resources of Naxalites holed up in jungles of Bastar. The tribal-dominated area of Bastar was neglected for long helping Maoists to make it one of their strongholds”.
“….But now the situation seems to be different. The five young police officers — Avinash Mohanty (Bijapur), Amresh Kumar Mishra (Dantewada), Rahul Bhagat (Narayanpur), Ajay Yadav (Kanker) and Sundarraj P (Bastar) — are engaging more and more local people into the operations and reaping the rich dividends of either getting Naxal leaders killed or arrested”.
….The first thing these officers did was to choke the supply lines of Naxals holed up in the jungles of Bastar followed by engaging them in long encounters, a senior police official of Bastar range said here today. Assisted by para-military forces like CRPF, BSF and SSB, the police personnel have choked almost all the entry and exit points of Naxals in the jungle, a strategy that forces Maoists to come out in the open”.
This way either they are arrested or killed in an encounter, the official said, adding since last Saturday 12 extremists have been killed. The number of Naxals killed in the last three to four months stands at 107”.
January 23, 2010.
“….The coordinated efforts taking place on the inter-state borders of Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Orissa are nearly a success. In today’s review meeting, we have identified steps to be taken to further intensify the operation, Chidambaram said after meeting Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh, Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, Maharashtra Home Minister R R Patil and senior officials of the states, CRPF, BSF and ITBP“.
“….About steps being taken to coordinate anti-Naxalite operation with Andhra Pradesh which ends up as shelter for Naxalites from Chhattisgarh, Chidambaram said: Andhra has the best experience of fighting the Naxalites. Asked whether he felt the Salwa Judum model could be replicated elsewhere, he said chief ministers were entitled to decide their own model”.
January 31, 2010.

Centre to intensify offensive against Naxals

“…. Chhattisgarh DGP Vishwa Ranjan said that the government has given clear directions not to allow Maoists to sneak into Orissa. The Central and state police forces are focusing on the possible escape routes of Naxals between Chhattisgarh and Orissa, Orissa and Jharkhand, developing strategies and deploying forces in a manner to prevent Maoists from escaping into other areas, a security official said. The coordinated anti-Naxal offensive involves deployment of over 60,000 central security personnel. The CRPF special DG, meanwhile, claimed that many Naxalites, including senior leaders, have surrendered at various places especially in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra following the home ministry’s annou-ncement of the surrender-cum-rehabilitation package for Maoists”.
“….We are capable to win this challenge under the able leadership of Home Minister P Chidambaram, CRPF DG added. He also expressed confidence that things will improve very soon, but refused to share operational details”.
February 8, 2010.

Chidambaram renews offer for talks with Maoists if they halt violence

“….The home minister said the progress of the operation against guerrillas had been “slow but steady” and cited the arrest of some key leaders of the outlawed Communist Party of India-Maoist to back his claim. The progress is slow and steady. You cannot measure it like a cricket match score board. In fact considerable progress has been madeWe will continue to make progress. Many key leaders (of Maoists) have been apprehended in the past few months… We’ll reclaim the areas dominated by Naxalites,” he said”.
…………………………until Supreme Court issued orders to produce the petitioners in Writ petition (criminal) No. 103/2009.
February 10, 2010.

On way to implement SC order, policemen get ambushed by naxals

“….The SC had on Monday directed the Raman Singh government to produce in court the 12 tribals, who a PIL filed by Himanshu Sekhar had alleged, were abducted by the police during the anti-naxal operations”.
“A police force along with 300 SPOs on Tuesday was trapped in a landmine and then ambushed by naxals in a village (Gorkha) in Chhattisgarh’s Dantewada district where they were going in pursuant to the Supreme Court’s February 8 order to find the whereabouts of 12 missing tribals”.
“Vahanvati had expressed serious concern over the allegations but maintained that such petitions could be aimed at impeding the progress achieved on ground against the naxals. Things have to be balanced out. On ground there is progress made against naxalism and these kind of things slow the progress against them, he had warned”.
Ironically, Chhattisgarh government that has been systematically stone walling the petitions filed against it in the apex court all this while seems to have got into an overdrive to trace out the 12 plaintiffs, who are also witnesses in the Gompad shootings allegedly at the hands of CoBRA battalion of the CRPF. One of the plaintiffs, Sodi Sambho, was in AIIMS-Delhi until 22nd January when she was made to disapparate by the Chhattisgarh police. Advocate General Vahanvati seems to suggest that such petitions that bring out gross violations of Human Rights should be ignored by the apex court in the interests of progress in the operations against the naxals. Order for producing the 12 petitioners is issued by the court on 8th February 2010, same day/ night the SPO search party of 300 odd people is arranged, it runs into an ambush, DGP Vishwa Ranjan arranges to send a facsimile explaining what happened on the morning of 9th February 2010, and Vahanvati produces it promptly in the court the same day. Fast work indeed!


6 Responses to “Success in Anti-Naxal operations stymied by Apex Court order.”

  1. triveni Says:

    Sir, only 1 article(Jan 23) mentions 'nearly a success' for OP GreenHunt, rest 2 are about plans and strategies. There is a word that you have missed: impede as in "impeding the progress achieved on ground against the naxals" which was the purpose of the people behind the PIL.Also these are not success stories but factual day to day reporting. Look at the dates(Jan 13, Jan 23, Jan 31) which can hardly be considered as dotting the newspapers. Complete success will be when the naxal terrorism will be wiped off.Will there be marches and dharnas against naxal terrorism, cries of human rights violations (cops too are humans lest we forget), atrocities on mankind by naxal terrorists documented by the 'gandhian' for the 3 people injured with one losing both his legs? And in here lies the double standard, nobody is stopping you (except the tribals themselves, to be fair) from seeking justice for tribals but atleast be fair and balanced when atrocities like this happen and condemn them. Is it wrong if people recognize this hypocrisy and brand activists and NGOs as Naxal sympathizer?

  2. Sadanand Says:

    Does anybody asks poor cops what they want? Ordinary beat constables and soldiers too come from the poor sections of society. They are used as cannon fodder in the great games that are played by the money power and political power.Since you are so fond of Naxalites or Maoists, I give you two links to peruse.(

  3. triveni Says:

    Sir, re constables and soldiers, what makes you so confident that I don't know about their needs? Feeling a little charitable and humbly suggesting that you desist from this off topic sloganeering varna lene ke dene padh jayenge and simply answer the question I asked.

  4. triveni Says:

    There is blood on the hands of Himanshu Kumar and the petitioners. They should be tried for conspiring to murder since 3 police people were injured in this farcical and time wasting petition including one policeman who lost both his legs and for what, to satisfy the egos of naxal sympathizers who sent them on a wild goose chase. Whenever his (Himanshu or VCA) name pops up, i swear this information will be glued to his 'gandhian' achievements. Fevicol ka jod rehega, sadanand ji.Chhattisgarh produces 6 of 12 tribals asked for by court"Producing six of the 12 ‘missing’ tribals, the State Government represented by Solicitor General Gopal Subramanium informed the court that while some were in their village others were toiling on farms in Andhra Pradesh.""Appearing on behalf of the Centre, Attorney General GE Vahanvati made a scathing attack against the petitioner and said they faced serious charges of bungling to the tune of Rs 1 crore. “Rs 1 cr of foreign contribution to the NGO run by Himanshu has not been accounted for,” he said."

  5. Sadanand Says:

    By your logic (?) supreme court judges who had asked for the production of witnesses before them have blood on their hand too.In the Pioneer news you cite there is following statement: "….Subramanium said that more than the concern for its security personnel, the State was concerned for the tribals who cannot be seen siding with either the State or the Naxal forces. “Both ways they are killed,” he said".What does "Both ways they are killed" mean? It is a clear but unintended admission of how even security forces kill innocent tribals caught in between. This is an admission by the counsel for CG state. Also it says that CG state is less concerned about its own security forces. That clearly shows that street soldiers are mere pawns for them in the big money game being played out. On both sides of the fighting forces only poor people are dying,and the highest price is of course paid by those in the middle – again poor adivasis.If Himanshu Kumar is accused of FCRA violations, then why not prosecute him? Let government do that. But the government is indulging in insinuation, vilification campaign like you.BTW, Chandan Mitra (BJP) is Pioneer editor.

  6. triveni Says:

    sir, sorry but my logic doesn't work in vacuum. To prove that supreme court judges too have blood on their hands, first evidence should be laid on the table that they (judges) have accepted bribes in cash/kind/future benefits(a la Rajinder Sachar) from the petitioners. Do you have it? In absence of this critical proof, it will be mere speculation.Re. Mr Subramaniam's words, what you have written is mere posturing. Want proof? What will a tribal do when sees he is being exploited, his sisters raped and his children brutally murdered by naxals and there are no cops to prevent it or naxal do not punish their own for such heinous crimes? Tribals will pick up a gun to defend against these naxal thugs and rightly so.Your solution: tribals should adhere to constitution, drop the gun and mark a X on their heads. One just has to look at anti SJ posts in here to see your anti tribal stance. I say kudos and more power to Salwa Judum for defending their own peoples and territory from these naxal goondas.Himanshu(VCA)'s FCRA stands revoked. Cut the source of the money and see them crawl on their knees. It will be easier to prosecute him and send him to jail. I'd rather see people like him have their utopian hoary dreams crushed right in front of their eyes and his naxal comrades done in with a bullet to their heads.Btw, shoot the message not the messenger. 🙂

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