Tribute to a Loyal Reader!

A blog writer would feel a sense of eternal gratitude if s/he were to find a habitual reader of her posts. Any writer for that matter writes in the hope that someone will read with careful attention what the writer has to say. He would be happier still if such reader were to engage in a dialogue, where the constructs in the post were invigoratingly challenged. I was lucky to find such a loyal reader in Triveni, but I have to grudgingly admit that the dialogue turned out to be far from constructive. I have no idea who he or she is, but I know she (I chose the latter pronoun in deference to the name) is vehemently opposed to my views about Operation Green Hunt, Adivasi situation in central India, and so on. I also discovered that she, for reasons unknown to me, is highly antagonistic towards people like Medha Patkar, Aruna Roy, Sandeep Pandey, and especially Himanshu Kumar, all of whom she collectively, and probably contemptuously, labels zoliwalas. May be as their “sympathizer” I am condemned to same fate or worse.  She has a vitriolic manner of writing well suited to pamphleteering or rabble rousing. But she has a sharp mind that comes through notwithstanding the repetitious harangues she subjects my posts to.
She became a familiar figure from my post “The Curious Case of Missing Number Plates”, and her criticism reached zenith with “Eggs, Muck, Tomatoes, welcome NAPM activists at Dantewada” and “Orphans to the aid of BJP demonstration against NAPM at Raipur Press Club”. She has been unerringly following all my posts on Chhattisgarh and Operation Green Hunt. Latest comment she left was on, “Stilling the Voices of Dissent” : “Re. quote by Hoffman, what if these so called “dissenters”(like naxals) pick up weapons and kill innocent women, men and children? This is missing from the discussion. Coming to the “concerned citizens” and commie ideological fanatics masquerading as civil rights, human rights activists etc who have arrogated themselves as spokespersons for the common man incl farmers and tribals. I don’t think ‘concerned citizens’ have even thought why is the common man incl tribals pelting them with rotten eggs and tomatoes and branding them as naxal supporters. Govt might be right or wrong but surely the locals know better. It is only the fear of the bullet or jail which will cure the delusions of these people. List the names of the top ten naxalites and then see how many are farmers and tribals? Khobad Gandhi, a naxal thug, what was his motivation? Was he a displaced tribal or a ripped off farmer? No. He is an ideological fascist who used grievance of others for furthering his own stupid ideology. Talking about dissent, these thugs dont even allow non violent protests but want a democratic state to give them freedom to dissent. I say, use tit for tat for these bandits, in addition to immense firepower like napalm, cluster bombs and then see these wannabes tuck tails and flee. OF course, there will be parasites who support the naxal terrorists surreptitiously, ignore them and they’ll move to other greener pastures”.
The ‘Rotten eggs’ and ‘Tomatoes’ from Dantewada have become recurring motifs in all her comments. What happened at Dantewada she chooses to portray is a spontaneous uprising of ordinary Adivasis against the ‘Human Rights/ Civil Rights’ activists rather than the well orchestrated show that it was led by Salwa Judum (reconstituted as Ma Danteshwari Swabhimani Adivasi Manch) and its leaders; one of whom even has a non-bailable Court warrant against him after declaring him an absconder.

Today I learnt that the Orphans of ‘Maoist Violence’ that the BJP had got to Raipur Press Club on 8th January to protest the NAPM press conference were supplied by an orphanage in Raipur run by a well knownSocial Worker’ Narayan Rao (Exposed : Narayan Rao’s Orphanage of Horror in Raipur, by Sahara Samay). The Sahara Samay in its story telecast on 4th March clearly records the patronage received by Narayan Rao from the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, Shri Raman Singh. See the publicity trailer of the main program here.

I am curious to know how Triveni responds to this piece of evidence. Will Sahara Samay too get branded as ‘Zoliwala’ or ‘Naxal Supporter’? I have to wait and see. But it is my fond hope, she takes up fact based constructive criticism rather than resorting to the easier course of calling names. I had even offered her to publish here if she writes a post to put across her reasoned critique. The offer still stands. In the end I must write about her positive offer of help in generating an ePetition in response to : “Killing Local Innovation, Fattening Multinationals”. I accept her offer and have an email from A Muruganantham to share, but for which I would need an address where it can be delivered.

2 Responses to “Tribute to a Loyal Reader!”

  1. Shravan Modak Says:

    A typical case of virtual world. If Triveni is real, s/he will come out with the help she promises for the e-petition.

  2. triveni Says:

    I can sense excitement running rampant but please allow me to deflate the balloon before it self implodes. Lately, few people lately have been acting as judge, jury and the executioner, all rolled into one depending on whose side they are on. The correct place for these things are the courts not some blogs, internet, drawing rooms etc. Let the courts decide on this case rather than passing armchair judgments and guillotining people. Even Ms Patkar is accused of submitting fake medical certificate in court and PUCL, APDR etc are accused of spreading the base for naxal terrorism, remember! Do you have the courage to say the same about Patkar or anti tribal PUCL? This is point one.Two, how did you come to the conclusion that kids from Narayan Rao's orphanage were pelting tomatoes and eggs on Medha Patkar and AID's Pandey? A message on the internet. Hahaha ROFLOL! I would humbly suggest, as your well wisher, that with this kind of 'evidence' you should not come within a mile of the courts. Why? Mr Modak's misdirected but very wise words – A typical case of virtual world. Rao, depending on court judgement, may or may not be selling kids but how does it affect kids protesting bourgeois bohemians support of naxal terrorists, who have killed their parents? Last i checked, nazi-style guilt by association (favorite of commie thugs) is still a logical fallacy.Three, i can very well understand the angst that you may feel when i write about "tomatoes and rotten eggs" pelted on your ideological comrades, i would do the same if i was in your place with a minor difference. I would question the company i keep (especially countercurrent types) and the root cause of all this rather than bemoaning someone stating the truth. Coming to the issue of spontaneous vs planned demonstrations, i don't know what are you trying to convey – is one better than another? It is NOT about spontaneous tribal protests or planned NGO padyatras but local tribals taking their destiny in their own hands against naxal terrorism and showing the finger to those who the poor local tribals see as naxal supporters and outsiders. Only thing to be outraged about is the outrage of outsider activists and ngos against poor tribals who want to be left alone but activist-NGO parasites won't let them since their careers(and ideology) depend on this sort of thug behaviour. Of course, the outsider activists and NGOs are in a dilemma, if this cover of "self styled spokespersons" of tribals is gone, kis muh se or kis karaan se bolenge, stop operation green hunt, end salwa judum to the Central government since they will be seen as naxal supporters(which they are, btw). They have, for long, portrayed themselves as Gandhian, well wishers of tribals when the reality is the opposite and this is exactly the conclusion which tribals came to. They(outside activists and NGOs) are feudal lords who don't want to let go off the peasants and if they revolt they could ask their naxal friends. Only trouble is, tribals too are armed who are willing to fight these terrorists and seek eye for an eye. In light of this, it is of critical importance that these activist-ngo jholawallas discredit MDASM, salwa judum and any other local tribal orgs who speak independent of these activist-NGO bullies and doesn't toe the activist-NGO propaganda line. But isn't that what they are doing or trying to do? FWIW, free advice from my side – it is too late now to stem the tide.Lastly, constructive dialogue will come out automatically if you try to understand what i'm writing vs assuming what i'm saying and focus on the central issue – welfare of tribals rather than indulging in sideshow of mudslinging to cover for your comrades, posting propaganda etc.

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