Raja’s Kingdom propped on Wheelchair.

M Karunanidhi wheeled chair all the way to Delhi recently to meet PM Manmohan Singh, and of course the real power behind the throne, Sonia Gandhi. He undertook this onerous journey not for getting approved major initiatives of the TN government stuck in the power corridors of Delhi, but to make sure that A Raja, the Telecom Minister, is not jettisoned from the ministry amid allegations of serious corruption.
The current auction of 3G spectrum by the Telecom ministry is fetching revenues far beyond what the expectations of the ministry were. But that has raised a can of worm as to why the 2G spectrum allotted (not auctioned) on first cum first serve basis in the earlier edition of UPA-I in 2007 did so poorly. Even then Raja was the telecom minister after Dayanidhi Maran was shown his place by the DMK patriarch after his media battle with his cousins. Apparently, PM Manmohan Singh was aware about the allegations of the 2G spectrum scam running into billions of rupees and was therefore reluctant to allot Telecom Ministry to A Raja in the second edition of UPA-II. But big corporate houses apparently found in Raja a willing ally and were unwilling to see him in any other ministerial  post that as a nominee of DMK, a major UPA partner, was his by right. Apparently corporate houses have a major say in the allocation of ministerial portfolios, which in parliamentary democracy is supposed to be the prerogative of the PM. Enter the now infamous lobbyist, Niira Radia, who jockeyed successfully to put A Raja back as telecom minister, and announces this happy news in a taped telecom conversation that was held on 24th May 2009.
But that is not all. Some popular & trusted icons from the media, such as Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghavi, too have been reported to have become willing participants in the lobbying game.
For more on this nexus between Business, Media & Politics; and how this unholy alliance shapes the policies & executive actions in total disregard of election manifestos & commitments made to people; follow these links below.

·  2010-05-13 – राडिया दुनिया की सबसे कुख्यात दलाल


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