Occupied Minds : Gaza – Israel -West Bank.

This is a story seen through the eyes of two US citizens, one of Palestinian & the other of Jewish origin, visiting their troubled homelands to meet the people on either side of the great divide, which is probably one of the longest & most bitter sagas of conflict. There are huge ideological, Economic, geo-political forces at play that won’t let the people live in peace. These have created well entrenched stereotypes to vilify the enemy on the other side & to glorify the victimhood on this side. Yet, the common men in the street shorn of their roles of ‘We versus They’ thrust upon them by the Israeli state & the reaction to its repression – Intifada – are still wanting to live in peace, & if not in harmony, at least with tolerance embodied by live and let live. A simple narrative told from a human angle that misses the big picture but tells compassionately how hope is still alive in the bosoms of the people. Hope – that most valuable possession of humankind without which people turn into suicide bombers or worse. 

See the documentary, Occupied Minds, by Jamal Dajani & David Michaelis.

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