Round up of Express News : 09 June 2010.

What Does It Take to Write Tomorrow’s News?
Express Institute of Media Studies is canvassing for its journalism course through this advertisement. Todays’ Mainstream Media operates in a culture where story is fitted to the editorial stance that best serves the owner’s interests. Journalists, who are well versed with the craft of “What does it take to write Tomorrow’s News, Today?” would know what exactly is expected of them.
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‘Morals Credits’ and ‘Morals Exchange’.
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sanghathan (KVS) hit upon a brilliant idea in keeping with the zeitgeist to ‘outsource‘ value education to an outside agency probably finding paucity of suitable ethical resource persons within  and alarmed by the abysmal moral standards without. 
But its choice of agency, Prajapita Brahmakumaris, in turn alarmed Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Saibal so much that he had to issue an order immediately to annul the decision, and ask KVS to outsource it to his preeminent choice, Ramakrishna Mission. Not only that, he has already sanctioned Rs. One billion budget in principle for this task. The alacrity with which he reacted was probably to avoid the damage of a charge of religious bias of an avowedly secular state it would have invited. But would the alternative be acceptable to all, and even if acceptable will it succeed with ‘key deliverables – Values/ Morals/ Ethics‘?
A definitively workable proposal would be to set up “Ethics Exchange” to trade in “Ethic Credits“, much like the trades on Carbon Exchange in Carbon Credits. Markets which are the most effective and efficient arbitrators of human affairs would create a massive demand for that elusive commodity – Ethic Credits – by driving the rich & powerful to buy the rights to continue legally to be amoral & unethical in their enterprise of money making and power grabbing. Since in the present scenario of woeful shortage, ‘Ethic Credits’ will command a staggering premium thus driving more and more market agents to turn moral to earn credits for trading them at a handsome profit later. It would also boost economy by creating demand for ethics rating agencies, advisors to hold hands of individuals and companies to guide them towards ethics, auditors to certify ethics-compliance, merchant bankers to deepen the primary markets, and to create secondary, tertiary or quaternary markets with exotic instruments that nobody understands including them, and of course humongous regulatory bureaucracy to oversee all this gargantuan task. Can anyone suggest a more win-win solution?
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Moily Speak.
Refuting the claim of former joint director of CBI B R Lall that he had been pressured in 2003 by the Bajpayee led BJP government (which was then cozying up to the Bush administration for Nuclear deal & ‘strategic partnership‘) to give up efforts to extradite Anderson, Moily asserted “but Anderson fled and refused to come‘. Moily should know because Congress Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Arjun Singh and Congress Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi helped Anderson flee. Moily also spoke the truth that case against the former chief of Union Carbide is not closed, because it was never really properly opened & prosecuted. What is not opened cannot be closed. Congress, BJP were two sides of the same coin until the ‘shit’ of their joint creation hit the ceiling.
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India : the incredible land of Sorcerers.
India is a land of kleptomaniac politicians & businesses, but the feat of stealing 500,000 metric tonnes, that is right five zeros on five, of iron ore is simply astounding. The photo below and this news story have no known link save except Bellary that is infamous for Gali Janardan Reddy (Bellary is Mine).
The ore lot at government run Bellekeri Port was found to have been mined illegally & at least some of it transported on (forged) Andhra Pradesh mining permits issued to one G V Narayan Reddy. Office of the Karnataka Lok Ayukta and Forest Department had seized the material in February this year when their investigations revealed the scam. Now the iron ore has simply vanished (permitted to be exported by compounding earlier crime) and Deputy Conservator of Forests – Karwar has filed a case against the Port & Custom authorities for allowing exports of seized material. The Sorcerer who managed this amazing act must be as powerful as Karnataka Tourism Minister, Janardan Reddy, who is alleged to have redrawn the Andhra & Karnataka border in Bellary without a whimper, a feat even the Union government can’t perform in face of fragile State sensitivities. Reddy Republic has pocketed cool 2 Billion rupees of nation’s wealth.
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Civil Nuclear Liability Bill‘, the UPA-II government is desperate to see passed by hook or crook no matter at what price to lay its hands on secret payoffs that would come only when this last hurdle in operationalizing the Indo-US Nuclear Cooperation is breached. 
Changes highlighted in the box show whose interests the government has in mind, suppliers/ operators/ foreign governments and of course above all its own, although the bill is ushered in with a solemn promise of safeguarding ‘we the people’ of India. Periodic reviews of the bill (act once passed) it promises in the hope  that this deception of reasonableness and sensitivity to objections raised would pass the muster.
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Long innings is no guarantee when truth hurts those who matter. A 89 year old veteran scribe, Hellen Thomas, with over five decades of “distinguished tenure” as White House correspondent, who had the opportunity to grill all presidents since J F Kenendy, learnt this hard lesson recently. 
The fact that she endured so long in what is described as distinguished career shows that her first monumental indiscretion proved her last. Or the ethical or truth bug bit her at last in her advanced age when there is little to lose and an opportunity to blaze into the sunset of life. The woman who was the dean of the White House press corps spat out “get the hell out of Palestine“, while attending the Jewish Heritage Function on 27th May,  in reply to a request for her comments on Israel. “Remember these people are occupied and it’s their land, not German and not Poland. They (Jews) can go home, Poland, Germany, America and everywhere else“.
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