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Lawlessness in Chhattisgarh? : Here is the evidence.

29 March 2011
Himanshu Kumar was probably the first one to inform of the tragic atrocities committed by Indian security forces between 11th to 16th March in 3 villages – Morapalli, Timmapur, & Tadmetla – near Chintalnar in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh state. At any rate it was from him that members of Chhattisgarh-Net, a yahoo group, learnt about it. The brief sequence of events with dateline is as follows.
1.    On 18th March Himanshu Kumar wrote an open letter to Raman Singh, Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, on Chhattisgarh-Net informing of what had happened.
2.    On 23rd March The reporter of The Hindu, Aman Sethi, visited these villages despite efforts of the police to prevent him from doing so and corroborated the sequence of events. Times of India to confirmed the story.
3.    On 24th March Sethi reported that Collector has formed a committee to probe the news reports and has organized supplies of essential relief materials to be reached to affected villages.
4.    On 26th March Sethi again reported how the truck owner entrusted by the Collector to reach relief materials was attacked by Special Police Officers (SPOs – tribal youths given arms by the state and an honorarium to fight alongside regular police force and to assist them).
5.    Himanshu Kumar informs that Kadtam Surya, who was mentioned as leader of the SPOs who intercepted the truck carrying relief materials, was declared by the session’s court at Dantewada as proclaimed absconder. This order was passed after the police submitted to the court that they could not locate Surya, who was an accused in a rape case.
6.    Next day, Himanshu Kumar backs his case with documentary proof and asks for Surya’s immediate arrest, and action against concerned police officials, who had made a false statement in the court that whereabouts of Surya are not known when all along he had been working for them.
7.    Thanks to the work done by Himanshu Kumar, another identical case of Soyam Mukka with documentary proof is linked into the thread.
All the above-mentioned references can be accessed below albeit in reverse order, i.e. latest at the top. What this shows is a complete breakdown in the rule of law in Chhattisgarh. Government machinery that is supposed to uphold law and act in the interests of people has instead turned predator.
Re : Absconding policeman with rape charges beats driver taking aid…
Dear All,
The case Himanshu Kumar has cited is not an isolated incidence. There is a pattern to all that is happening in Bastar. The “criminal justice system” seems to be working furiously to imprison the victims and abet the accused. I can cite the case of Soyam Mukka, who too has been declared by session’s court in 2009 an absconder when Police submitted to court that he and other accused could not be found. Yet, this man was openly leading in the presence of police the “protests” against NAPM delegation that visited Dantewada on 6 January 2010. Later, he was photographed in a press conference in Raipur. To see the whole story with all documentary proofs visit :
Rajesh Singhji of Nange Paon and someone called Triveni took lot of interest and posted their comments on these reports. There trenchant diatribe told me that I had discovered truth, but nothing else happened. May be Collector Prasanna takes note of what Himanshu Kumar has said and directs the police to act according to law. Unfortunately, all these accused are mere pawns in the great game that is being played.
Re : Absconding policeman with rape charges beats driver taking aid…
Dear all,
Please find the copy of FIR with rape charges against Kadtam Soorya by Sodi Aite of Samsetti village and the order by the court saying though there is a warrant against him but he is absconding.
As you remember Kadtam Soorya led the team of SPOs who beat up the truck driver with aid sent by Collector Dantewada to Tarmetla (this was also reported in Hindu newspaper). This proves what we have been saying from long that police has lied to court and Kartam Soorya is working with the police and is not absconding.
Criminal case should be registered against the police officials who misguided the court and Soorya should be immediately arrested.


Himanshu Kumar
Absconding policeman with rape charges beats driver taking aid…
Dear friends,
Himanshu Kumar says after his report of burning of 3 villages when Collector Dantewada tried to send ration to affected villages, the vehicle was stopped by Special Police officers ( SPOs) led by Surya yesterday. He reminds us that Surya is an accused in rape case on adivasi girls from Samsetti village and police has given a statement in the court saying Surya is absconding. Beating of the driver sent by collector by Surya (also published in Hindu newspaper) proves that he is still on duty and police officials should be punished for lying to the court.

You can also listen to these reports after leaving a missed call on 080-4113 7280. You can also record your own messages the same way using your phone as Himanshu Ji has done.

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SPOs assault truck owner for delivering rations to burnt village

“This morning, the Collector [Dantewada] and Commissioner [Bastar] requisitioned my truck to deliver rice and blankets to some interior villages. As soon as the trucks left Dornapal, an SPO leader called Surya accused me of sending food to the Maoists, threatened me and beat me with the butt of his rifle, said transporter and Congressman Kapoorchand Rajput. ‘Surya said, The collector is a Maoist, the commissioner is a Maoist. How dare you send your truck’, Mr. Rajput said, adding that Mr. Surya pointed his assault rifle
assault rifle at Mr. Rajput and threatened to kill him”.
Police ‘attack’ on Chhattisgarh villages to be probed.We have set up a five-member panel comprising Suresh Mahapatra, editor of local newspaper Bastar Impact, Ratnabala Mohanty, a lecturer at Dantewada Post Graduate College, and Head of a local NGO Pragati Prayas Narendra, along with the Tehsildar and Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Konta block to inquire into the incident,” said Mr. Prasanna over the telephone. Mr. Prasanna said the panel was asked to report its findings in the next fortnight and compensation to violence-affected families would be paid by this month-end. The administration was sending rice, pulses, edible oil, clothes and fuel to Tarmetla village”.
TARMETLA: The operation began in the early hours of March 11 when about 350 heavily armed troopers marched into the forests of Dantewada. They returned to their barracks five days later, with three villages aflame, about 300 homes and granaries incinerated, three villagers and three security personnel dead, and three women sexually assaulted, the victims and several eyewitnesses told The Hindu.
Last week, the Chhattisgarh police said three Koya commandos were killed in a Maoist ambush during a routine search, yet journalists attempting to reach the site were turned away by gun-toting special police officers. On visiting the area through a forest route, this correspondent was confronted by the aftermath of what appeared to be an attack by security forces on three tribal settlements in a 15-km radius of the police camp at Chintalnar, which has left hundreds homeless and brutalised.
The following account is based on interviews with villagers who spoke on record and senior police sources who sought anonymity to speak freely. The names of victims of sexual assault have been changed to protect their identities. In the first week of March, the police and the Central Reserve Police Force planned an operation to be conducted by the CRPF’s elite CoBRA battalion and the police’s Koya commandos, a tribal corps of surrendered Maoists and local youth. A surrendered Maoist claimed that the guerrillas were running an arms factory at Morpalli, a two-hour march from the police camp at Chintalnar, a police official told The Hindu. Intelligence inputs indicated that about 100 Maoists, including Jai Kishen, a high-ranking Andhra cadre leader, were present nearby. “On March 11, about 200 Koyas and 150 CoBRA left Chintalnar about 4 a.m. to destroy the arms factory,” said a police source. “The force arrived at 8 in the morning and surrounded the village,” said Nupo Mutta, a former sarpanch of Morpalli. “They fired a few shots in the air and we ran into the forests.” Madavi Sulla, 30, did not act fast enough. “My husband was sitting in a tree picking tamarind,” said his wife Madavi Hunge. “The force saw him and opened fire. I pleaded with them to stop, but they tore at my clothes and threatened me.” Hunge escaped. The police moved further into the village, leaving Sulla’s corpse hanging from a tree. “I was picking ‘tendu patta’ on the fields when the force came and said I was spying for the Maoists,” said Aimla Gangi, 45. “They threw me to the ground, pulled off my clothes and molested me in front of my two daughters. They also stole Rs.10,000 from a bag I kept tied around my waist.” Villagers say the force left by noon, having torched 37 houses. They also picked up Madavi Ganga, 45, his son Bima and his daughter Hurre, 20. “They took us to the Chintalnar police station and put me in a separate cell and stripped me,” said Hurre. Hurre said she was kept all night in the station and sexually assaulted. Ganga and Bima said the police repeatedly asked them whether Maoists visited their village, and beat them through the night. The Madavi family was released when the women of Morpalli demanded their release at the Chintalnar station. Police sources say they found neither arms factories nor Maoists at Morpalli that day, though they did find a 15-foot memorial commemorating the death of eight Maoists in the April 2010 encounter, in which 76 CRPF troopers were killed near Tarmetla village. The operation resumed at Timapuram on March 13. “There was a disagreement because the CoBRAs prefer night operations, and the Koyas wanted to operate in the day,” said a source familiar with the operation, “so the Koyas set out on their own.” En route, the Koyas stopped at Phulanpad where they picked up Barse Bima and Manu Yadav and took them along to Timapuram. As word spread of the Koyas’ imminent arrival, Timapuram’s residents fled to the forests. “The Koyas came to Timapuram about 2 in the afternoon. They set up a camp, killed our chickens and goats and ate them,” said Timapuram resident Madkam Budra. Budra said the commandos spent the night at Timapuram, a fact confirmed by the police, and installed sentries to ward off a possible Maoist attack.
The Maoists attacked the next morning, March 14. “We knew the Koyas had spent the night at Timapuram and laid our ambush early morning,” said a Maoist fighter who had participated in the attack and met this correspondent on the outskirts of Timapuram late on Sunday night. “About 70 Maoists participated in the attack, including Area Commander Ramanna.” The ambush lasted two hours. Three Koyas were killed and nine injured. After the Koyas called for reinforcements, a helicopter flew in to evacuate the injured; the Maoists finally retreated by noon. The police and local newspapers say 37 Maoists were killed in the ambush, but a handwritten note sent to this correspondent by the Maoists claims that only Section Commander Muchaki Ganga was killed. The Koyas spent the night in the village and left the next morning, March 15, for Chintalnar. Before they left, villagers say, the Koyas burnt about 50 buildings, including homes and granaries. They also executed one of their captives, Barse Bima, with an axe. “My husband’s hands were tied behind his back; he was hit with an axe on the base of his neck and twice on his chest,” said Barse Lakhme, who cremated the body. The other captive, Manu Yadav, was taken to Chintalnar where, villagers allege, the police shot him and claimed he was a Maoist fighter killed in the ambush. “The body claimed by the police was not a Maoist,” said a senior officer. He said he was tipped off by a Koya. “They killed him because they needed to show something.” On March 16, villagers say, the same company of Koyas surrounded Tarmetla and burnt about 200 structures, including homes, granaries and woodsheds. Tarmetla’s former sarpanch, Gondse Deva, said the Koyas swept through the village, setting fire to straw roofs, stuffing burning hay into the granaries, burning food, clothes, valuables, money and keepsakes. “The force has also taken away two men, Madavi Handa and Madavi Aita,” said Deva. “We don’t know where they are, we think they are dead.” When she heard the commotion, Madavi Hidme threw all her jewellery and money into a bag before rushing towards the forests. “I was stopped by four SPOs and beaten with sticks until I lost consciousness,” she said. “When I awoke, I was naked. My bag was gone.” Hidme has been assaulted so violently that a cut has opened up on the left side of her face; she can’t see with her left eye.
Dantewada Collector R. Prasanna is setting up a committee to look into the incidents. “The committee shall be headed by the tehsildar of Konta, along with a representative from the press, civil society and people,” he told The Hindu. “We will provide Rs. 50,000 in compensation for each house burnt, and will reimburse villagers for their grain, utensils and other possessions. The committee shall submit its report in one month.” Director-General of Police Vishwa Ranjan did not return phone calls to his office.
Open letter to Shri Raman Singhji,Chief Minister,Chhattisgarh.
Respected Raman Singhji,
Some people may have already brought to your notice three different incidents in Konta block of Dantewada district that have taken place between 11th and 16th March 2011.The information that we have received from our sources is as under:
1.      On 11th March in Morpalli village, near Chintalnar: Police and SPOs burnt 35 houses and killed a tribal named Shri Sulla s/o Soma.
2.       On 12th March in Timmapur village: Police and SPOs burnt 50 houses.
3.       On 16th March in Tadmetla village: Police and SPOs burnt 207 houses, raped 5 tribal women, one of whom Madvi Jogi was gang-raped and stabbed to death. In addition, 2 tribal men have gone missing, namely Madvi Handa and Madvi Aiyta. The condition of the affected tribals in these villages is pathetic—they are forced to live under trees with their children, without food as all their food has been burnt in their homes.
We humbly request you to :
1.Allow humanitarian relief by way of food, medicines, clothes and shelter to reach these distressed tribals through independent relief agencies.
2 Allow an independent group of peace workers, journalists and civil society representatives to go the above-mentioned villages without police to meet the tribals and get a first-hand account of the reality.
Just as the team headed by respected Swami Agniveshji was successful with your support in getting the 5 policemen released, we request your support this time too to ensure the well-being of the affected tribals. Expecting a positive response from you at the earliest,
I remain,
Himanshu Kumar
Vanvasi Chetna Ashram, Dantewada. Mob:09425260031.
Alleged killing, rape and burning of houses in Dantewada.
Police and SPOs have attacked villages near Chintalnar in Dantewada district and have burnt many houses says Himanshu Kumar quoting his colleagues on ground. He alleges that police have also killed two people and raped 5 women during these attacks in last one week. He appeals to media to go to these villages and find out the truth.
Moderators note : We have heard these reports from more than one sources in last few days. We are yet to find an eyewitness. Chief Minister Raman Singh was also informed about these unconfirmed reports in presence of MLA, Konta Mr Kawasi Lakhma and CM had promised to look
into the cases