What is *Good* for Page & Holmes, not Good for Uncle Sam.

The Profiles Of Mass Murderers.
A] Place: Wisconsin, USA.
  1. Act: Fired at a Religious Congregation, killing six, and wounding others.
  2. Pen Sketch: Racist Musician, frontman of white supremacists hard core bands like *End Apathy* & *Definite Hate*. A prominent neo-Nazi. Surly Neighbour. An Army Veteran, who had specialised as  Psychological Warfare specialists, was given less than honourable discharge for *pattern of misconduct*.
  3. Name:  Name: Wade Michael Page.
  4. Photo
B] Place: Colorado.
  1. Act: Fired at a Leisure Congregation, killing 12, wounding 58.
  2. Pen Sketch: Told Police he was *The Joker*- ^^the iconic villain who encourages anarchists to take over Gotham City^^. His hair were coloured Red. At the time of attack, he was dressed head-to-toe in protective tactical gear. Witness said, He was just literally shooting everyone, like *hunting season*. During court appearance his behavior was said to have been as bizarre… According to ABC, throughout the hearing, Holmes’ *eyes sporadically grew wider* as he raised his eyebrows, stared blankly around the room, and then stared down into his lap. 
  3. Name: James E Holmes.
  4. Photo:
These were just two recent cases in the hall of horrors. But, narratives after narratives of such mass murderers throw up common features. Maladjusted Individuals. Social Recluse. Harbour Megalomania or Subscribe to Supremacist ideology. Paranoid about security. Fear of Aliens. Participants in Hate Groups. Suffering from *Psychological Disorders*. Sad, Depressed, blame others for their *misfortune* and perceived *sufferings*. The *Experts* who were asked to mull over it come up with this: ^^What is it that makes individual members of a usually empathetic species turn rogue? How does one of our most primal faculties — the ability to understand that things that cause me pain or fear would do the same to you and that I therefore ought not do them-…..says Stanton Samenow, a forensic psychologist and author of the 2004 book Inside the Criminal Mind, *They seem to have an unfathomable ability to shut off knowledge of the consequences, of the difference between right and wrong. It’s critical for us to try to understand that worldview and mental makeup^^. Armed with this, let us turn to one more case. 
C] Place: Around the world.
  1. Act: Invading homes, killing strangers by tens of thousands, displacing people by millions, cutting of supplies of food & medicines, crippling economic life, & devastating infrastructure.
  2. Pen Sketch: He has the most lethal weapons in the world, yet (pretends to be) is paranoid about own security. Lies through the teeth even to his own people and turns on them too sometimes. Brags of spreading liberty, democracy, and rule of law. Narcissist & Supremacist. Arrogant, a big bully and a hypocrite. Highly intolerant of any opposition. Dangerously suspicious, and takes pleasure in torture.  
  3. Name: Uncle Sam (Read U.S. Administration).
  4. Photo:
Yet nobody has ever held Uncle Sam to be a Psychopath though he shares a lot in common with Wade & Holmes. The acts that draw encomiums when executed by a State, invite horror when individuals imitate them. The laws of Human Society that hold in Micro World simply disintegrate in Macro World. Don’t these words, *They seem to have an unfathomable ability to shut off knowledge of the consequences, of the difference between right and wrong*, ring true in case of Uncle Sam’s many acts of wars.
What I have dramatised above has been dwelt upon with lucidity by Frank Scott in his article, Mass Murders: Domestic & Foreign, for Dissident Voice. I quote from his article some paras.
…..We are the most sincerely well armed population in the world and while that hardly threatens our authoritarian democracy with armed insurrection or protects us from being robbed in the marketplace, it does menace us all. We’re in danger of being offed by well armed amateur criminals, family members , neighbors or lunatics whose only freedom seems to be the purchase and lethal use of a gun. The latest crimes have offered more opportunities for placing blame on individuals or minority groups for these outbursts of free market insanity, rarely looking to their root causes as being social rather than simply personal.
….This nation has never experienced racial animosity among its people, nor has it ever murdered tens of thousands of darker skinned foreign people, all in pursuit of democracy and social justice. Americans unanimously love and trust their government and we are such devoted patriots that we never cheat on our taxes and whether liberal, fascist, conservative or socialist rarely take deductions to lower our tax bills in denial of our duties as citizens.

Now let’s wipe the drool from our chins and attempt a look at material reality.

What role might the Wisconsin man’s economic and social background have played in turning him into the white supremacist he became? Did his military experience have anything to do with it? Some hustlers who profit from these tragedies have charged the services with breeding such belief systems. Really? Long before but especially since 911, political, military and religious leaders have preached racial animosity, disrespect and hatred of “the other”, especially Muslims, so that our armed forces could invade foreign countries and murder the people we teach them are an evil menace to this society. You mean they might bring that kind of thinking home with them?
Is it time to reflect?

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