Hate Sites: The 20% – 80% TOI Claims

The news on gag orders issued by the Government of India has become another talking point in the media. The government has accused Pakistan for the lion’s share in the *misinformation* campaign. Times of India has come with claim that 20% banned hate sites put up by Hindu Groups. As usual there is more cacophony than informed discourse. News is picked according to one’s tastes and then regurgitated through cyber space several times. The only careful analysis that I have come across has been done by The Centre for Internet & Society: Analysing Latest List of Blocked Sites (Communalism & Rioting Edition). If one takes a look at the following tabulation done by Pranesh Prakash, then it is clear that TOI report is clearly wrong. First, if by *hate Sites* TOI implied Domain level (full Website, and not just pages from there) blocking, then the report is factually wrong. In the tabulation only 4 sites are in BOLD and that I believe implied domain level blocking. But when I checked those 4 domains, I found, that only HinduJagruti.org & JafriaNews.com are blocked, something is wrong with TheUnity.org domain name, and  AtjehCyber.net opens (24 August, 19:06) without any problem. Second, if one peruses the domain names, then one finds that the honour of 20% bans going to Hindu Groups is wrong too.

The relevant portion of the Mugshot of the Hindu Jagruti website that I still managed to obtain is below.

There is a need for discretion to be used by everyone before making any unsubstantiated claims and also for others to verify before propagating them.  

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