Not So Innocent, The Makers of Film.

The trailer of the film, or may be all that exists of the film, *Innocence of Muslims*, was first posted probably in June on the YouTube. It attracted little attention. Then it was dubbed into Arabic and re-uploaded twice just days prior to 911, which has been turned into a national rite in USA -an undying anchor for the *war on terror*. This time it found its mark. An Arabic channel picked up the trailer and aired parts of it. The film is puerile, but churlish and highly abusive to prophet Mohammed. Soon the intended targets, the fanatically religious bigots, were inflamed with passion and attacked the US embassies in Cairo, Tunis, Sana, Khartoum, and consulate in Benghazi. The attack at Benghazi, probably not linked to film-violence, claimed the lives of US ambassador to Libya and three others. J Christopher Stevens had earlier coordinated with the Islamist  Groups that battled the government of Muammar Gaddafi during *Libyan Revolution*. When Stevens was later introduced as the US envoy to *liberated Libya*, he said, ^^I had the honour to serve as the US envoy to the Libyan opposition during the revolution, was thrilled to watch the Libyan people demand their rights. Now I am excited to return to Libya to continue the great work we started^^.
The violent and frenzied protesters soon made to the front pages of the international media.
The purpose of the film-maker was served: ^^….Mr. Klein — an insurance salesman in Hemet, Calif., a small town two hours east of here — proclaimed the video a success at portraying what he has long argued was the infamy of the Muslim world, even as he chuckled at the film’s amateur production values. We have reached the people that we want to reach^^. It reconfirmed what the world audience, especially in the Western Countries and among the non-Muslims, already knew: *That the Muslims, mind you not a section or a fringe amongst the Muslims, are a bloodthirsty lot driven by a medieval bigoted religion, and are misfit in the modern world*. It also gave an opportunity to a *sane* and *scholarly* publication like Economist to engage in modern historiography of intolerant Islam:
These pictures, videos and analyses drown the sane voices, which hardly get noticed among all the din.
Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, head of the international union of Muslim scholars, told worshipers in Doha that Islam had endured a number of attacks from the West, and a better response is to explain the values of Islam. In a Friday sermon in the Qatari capital, the sheikh said that responding to those who attacked Islam must be in line with our culture and noble-mindedness. Loyalty to Islam and our prophet, may peace be upon him, is better done through explaining to humanity how tolerant Islam is, and not through surrounding embassies.
—-Qaradawi moved to Qatar from his native country of Egypt under former President Hosni Mubarak, a staunch ally of US successive administrations, after being jailed several times. He is considered a spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.
The top cleric in U.S. ally Saudi Arabia denounced the film but said it can’t really hurt Islam, a contrast to protesters’ frequently heard cries that the movie amounts to a humiliating attack that requires retaliation. He urged Muslims not to be “dragged by anger” into violence. The head of the Sunni Muslim world’s pre-eminent religious institution, Egypt’s Al-Azhar, backed peaceful protests but said Muslims should counter the movie by reviving Islam’s moderate ideas.
Egyptian President, Mohammed Morsi stated: ^^Expressing opinion, freedom to protest and announcing positions is guaranteed but without assaulting private or public property, diplomatic missions or embassies^^.

Global Research Canada talks of blasphemy as a political tool and Alex Jones’ InfoWar website (see below) calls it a CIA’s PsyOps (Psychological Operations) calculated to enrage Muslims and thereby justify wholesale entry into Syria and Iran.
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However, which of these images and messages are likely to remain in public memory? This is what the Muslims will have to seriously ponder over and act so as to not allow a bigoted minority to take hostage their religion and to speak on behalf of the disapproving but silent majority. The courage picked up by Hafiz Zubair, a muezzin in a Mosque in Pakistan, is indeed laudable. He made it bold to tell the police that the Imam of his mosque, Khalid Jadoon Chishti, was responsible for planting burnt pages of Quran on Rimsha Masih, a 14 year old mentally challenged Christian girl, who faced probable death sentence under Pakistan’s repressive blasphemy law. Chishti was among the original accusers. The courageous governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer, a Muslim, paid with his life for demanding repeal of the blasphemy law. So did, Shahabaz Bhatti, a Christian cabinet minister. Their sacrifice should not go waste. More and more Muslims globally need to come forward to retrieve the ground lost to those who want to discredit them. 
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One Response to “Not So Innocent, The Makers of Film.”

  1. A Narayanan Says:

    Dear Sadanand,In this case in Ghaziabad too, some body had played deliberate mischief by throwing torn pages of Holy Quran. But, as a reaction, 6 people have been killed including a child and 12 others including 2 constables are battling for life in the violence that followed. Buses and property have been burnt. There is a need to introspect if people should fall into the trap of mischief makers and react violently. As reported in the newspapers, there had been 6 incidents of communal violence in the last 6 months in UP alone. There is so much for our country to fight against, from corruption to malnutrition. But, so much of energy is lost in communal violence and intolerance. Should we continue to fall into the vicious trap of fanaticism, intolerance and violence again and again. Every religious leaders, Mullahs, Saadus and Priests say, religion preaches love and tolerance. People talk about Ram Rajya and dharma. But, in the name of Ram, indulge in violence and arson. Followers say Holy Quran preaches love and tolerance. But, take to violence and jihad in the name of God. History has examples of violence related to Christianity. I am not generalizing. Those who indulge in violence is, of course, a minuscule. Moderates say, those who react violently are misguided people. But, they cause so much of damage to their religious faith and humankind.We know opium gives high Ecstasy . As Karl Marx said, Is the opium of masses that he calls religion, makes the very few so energetic and ecstatic to take to killing and burning at the slightest provocation? Human history is replete with opium wars and religious wars. Unfortunately, both opium and religion are highly intoxicating to the few, who hold the humankind to ransom. Narayanan

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