World Economic Forum: India in The Crosshairs.

Everyone remembers fondly Man Mohan Singh as the finance minister in Narasinh Rao’s cabinet in 1991. He is remembered fondly as a great reformer, who unshackled India from the ideological yesteryears of Hindu rate of growth. The economist in him was credited with the vision of reform. Though detractors gleefully point out how IMF and World Bank dictated the agenda for reform to India, which was on its knees for external payment default. Story it seems runs much deeper than that and India’s entry into neo-globalisation wave was plotted meticulously much earlier. It began in the August of 1984, when a young, greenhorn member of parliament, who belonged to the leading political family of India, was invited to Davos. It is now a celebrated place, which hosts the annual gathering of world who’s who brought together by World Economic Forum [WEF]. That young MP inaugurated the first India Economic Summit held at Delhi by WEF jointly with CII in 1985 as India’s Prime Minister. Rajiv Gandhi, to give the MP his name, was hampered by both inexperience and later by corruption charges in the Bofors Artillery Guns procurement contract. It took WEF  founder and executive chairman, Klaus Schwab, another patient 6 years until 1991 to finally start shaping his dream of delivering India to the world. WEF worked long for opening up India, which is seen as something that happened as an accident of circumstance in 1991. How myopic? No wonder Prime Minister M M singh wrote for the book, The WEF, A Partner in Shaping History: ^^if a book were written describing India’s globalisation and liberalisation process, the Forum would figure in the most prominent way in this history book^^. Singh was only acknowledging his debt for making him out to be a great reformer. In the 28th edition of India Economic Summit though, which opened today -6 November- in Delhi, Schwab is worried by the dark clouds spoiling the potential pretty picture India present to global capital. As he must have done in private every year since 1984 to goad Indian establishment to move in the desired direction, of late he has started doing even openly albeit in the language of a sophisticate. That shows the confidence global capital now has of its presence in India, but more importantly it emphasises that its acceptance has gone mainstream far from the days of Bombay Club. Schwab wrote an Op_Ed piece for Indian Express: ^^A World Forum For India Story^^. His message to the audience is remarkable for what it hides behind the lofty language of what he says. So is it a World Forum For India Sotry, or India On Platter to Global Capital? Decoding his real message is what the table below attempts. 

Rather innocuously, it also answers the question that vexed Deepak Parikh a few days earlier: ^^I would like to blame you, the media. You have nothing else to report other than Kejriwal. Why do you give so much of importance to all this? Give us some news, don’t tell us what Kejriwal said^^. There are obviously much stronger voices than Parikh’s that are concerned over large scale corruption in India. That is why Indian media has to take notice of it though Parikh thinks its a waste of time. Schwab mentions Corruption at least thrice in his article. Wonder if Parikh would dare say the same thing – corruption is not going to go away- in the presence Schwab if he has an invite to attend India Economic Summit. WEF and Schwab obviously want another credible option in hand were the Congress to be drowned in the deluge of its own corruption -not unlike somebody gagging on its own vomit. This could be a distinct possibility notwithstanding the slew of reforms announced by UPA at regular intervals in past 6 weeks. The high visibility move made by United Kingdom to mend relations with Narendra Modi and the conciliatory sounds made by US ambassador about chances of Modi getting US visa assume special significance in this context. Modi, if he wins Gujarat assembly elections, would be most likely BJP’s PM-candidate. WEF would like to do business with Modi if alliance led by BJP were to come to power. Modi in any case is more than willing. Then why not have this irritant of a 2002 riots stigma buried forever?  Yet, another proof of how powerful WEF and Bilderberg Group are that even powerful nations like USA and UK have to move on their cues. Schwab is an organising member of Bilderberg Conferences. WEF is a powerful public face of the secretive Bilderberg group, which derives its name from a hotel by that name at Oosterbeek in Netherlands where the first meeting was held under the tutelage of Prince Bernhard. Since then persons from royalty, military, politics, intelligentsia and media, apart from global business leaders attend the annual *by invitation only* conferences held at some luxury hotels or resorts. The conferences are informal, held under strictest security, and media is barred. There are no press statements. The agenda is circulated in advance but is changed at the last moment if required. Secrecy ensures frank and absolutely no holds barred discussions- all possibilities are on the table. The 2012 conference was held in Chantilly, Virginia, USA; and the agenda circulated was:

31 May-3 June 2012 Chantilly, Virginia, USA

  • The State of Trans-Atlantic Relations
  • Is Vigorous Economic Growth Attainable?
  • The Future of Democracy in the Developed World
  • The US Political Landscape
  • The European Political Landscape
  • A Conversation on US Foreign Policy
  • The Politics and Geo-Politics of Energy
  • Stability and Instability in the Middle East
  • Imbalances, Austerity and Growth
  • Sustainability of the Euro and its Consequences
  • What Does Putin 2.0 Mean?
  • What Can the West Do about Iran?
  • How Do Sovereign States Collaborate in Cyber Space?
  • China’s Economic and Political Outlook
Though topics of discussions appear legitimate and innocuous, it is suspected that solutions discussed and debated and formulated are not. The Journal from Ireland reported of last conference: ^^They also provide previously unconfirmed details about the protocol and nature of the invite-only event – the secrecy of which often prompts accusations that the group’s ultimate task is either the advance of capitalism worldwide, or the formation of a unified global government^^. Daniel Estulin wrote a book in 2005, republished in 2009, The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, which is considered a good resource on what happens behind the scene. In it he claims to have exposed [with help from insider leak] a plot to partition Canada [help Quebec break away], which was hosting that years [1996] Bilderberg Conference. The public outcry over his expose thwarted the design he writes. Apart from WEF, Trilateral Commission [TC], Council on Foreign Relations [CFR], Committee For Economic Development [CED], American Enterprise Institute [AEI], The Project for New American Century [PNAC], are all considered Bilderberg group’s Protegé. PNAC had planned the blueprint for the invasion of Iraq much before it happened, and had said it expected an event like Pearl Harbour to take place so that US citizens line up behind invasion. 9/11 provided that Pearl harbour.
What do these guys are planning for India this time around? 
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