1000 Years of Muslim Rule?, Welcome Hassan Nisar.

Muslims have ruled the Indian Sub Continent for over 1000 years [prior to East India Company setting foot in India and later British Empire claiming it as jewel in her crown]. No one really loses breadth to mention what lies between []; but both fundamentalist Muslims [FM] and fundamentalist Hindus [FH] are fond brothers in quoting it for shared reasons but opposite effect. FM would like to plant a vision of past glory and a great longing for it, which he hopes would turn every Muslim into a fundamentalist like him. By arousing passions over slavery of a millennium, FH too seeks to turn every Hindu into a fundamentalist like him. A dear friend introduced Hassan Nisar, a Pakistani who is described as a journalist-political analyst-thinker, by sharing a video link of his talk: Hasan Nisar Exposes The Elite Class of His Country. Though the caption says *his country*, what he says holds true for any country at a subtle level, and most countries directly at gross level. What he says of rulers of Pakistan, who invoke 1000 years of *glorious* Muslim rule, ironically rings true, even for Hindutva pundits, who invoke glorious Ram-Rajya. I won’t second guess what he said, but just let you see him talk and make up your mind. But like he said, it is a मुहतोड़ जबाब, that would silence even the worst extremist, if he can think.
I fell in love with his inimitable style of conveying things and had a look at two more videos. But, alas they lack the English subtitles of first one. Urdu was tough to follow, but some knowledge of Hindustani helped along. Give it a try.
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