Land Bill: Anti Farmer, Anti Industry!

News has it that Cabinet cleared yesterday the Land Acquisition Bill that has actually a more grandiose name, The Right to Fair Compensation, Resettlement, Rehabilitation and Transparency in Land Acquisition BillThe Bill stipulates that the consent of 70% of landowners would be required for “public-private-partnership” projects, while the approval of 80% of landowners would be needed for private projects, a person familiar with the matter said, asking not to be identified. The law will apply retrospectively to all cases where “no award” has been made under the existing Land Acquisition Act, 1894, according to the new draft of the Bill. It also says the new prescribed compensation package will apply even in cases where payments have been announced but possession of the land has not been taken or compensation has not been paid to the owner. It has and would provoke many reactions in coming days: ^^“We have always maintained that there should not be retrospective application of this law. It is desirable that it is done with prospective effect. It would be very difficult for industry if the application is made with retrospective effect,” said Chandrajit Banerjee, director general, Confederation of Indian Industry, an industry lobby. “We have also said that the 80% consent for private projects is too high. Our recommendation is that it should be 60%.”^^.
N C Saxena, who was closely involved when the bill was drafted initially and was also part of National Advisory Council [NAC], was interviewed on CNBC TV 18/ Money Control  for his views. He called the bill in its present avatar as Anti Farmer, Anti Industry, but Pro Bureaucracy, Pro Civil Society. His contention was:
  • It is anti farmer because compensation is not fixed through a consultation process with landholders right from the beginning, a ceiling on compensation fixed at twice the market price of land, and no mechanism for farmers to benefit from future gains in transfer of ownership of the lands they have sold.
  • It is anti industry because it won’t hasten the process of land acquisition. He has calculated that even to acquire one acre of land three years would be required if the process outlined in the bill is followed and some 200 signatures would have to be obtained.
  • It is pro civil society because it would get a chance to participate in many committees that would have to be formed, and would get to travel all over India to oversee land acquisition  process.
  • It is pro bureaucracy because so many consultations with so many people would have to be held that would dilute any responsibility.

This is only part of the clip, and for full 8 minute interview visit here and for transcript visit here.
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