Pandemic Of Scams: Politicians, Police, Prefixed leagues!

When I wrote about IPL spot-fixing emerging scam 4 days ago I had a singular point to make that it was a red herring set on the media stage to distract from the bigger scams stumbling out of governments’ cupboards and to ease intense scrutiny from the odious performance of Delhi police. That time I also made an additional point that the three players by then arrested were not even the proverbial tip of the iceberg and the rot was really deep and wide, perhaps the whole IPL system was a Pre-fixed league. I had know idea that my words would prove so “prophetic”, so fast. However, it hardly required any skills at gazing into the crystal ball to divine what was going on. The IPL sixth edition theme song gave it up all when it says, “कोई नहीं बचेगा” (No one will be spared).
Though the scam has now come into the open, it must have been part and parcel of earlier five editions too. Police would have known about it all along as they are wont to do, since they have to keep intimate company of variety of criminals in the course of performing their duties. The very fact that within a day or two of Delhi police snatching the warm glow of media limelight, Mumbai police began making their own startling revelations is a straight give away of their prior knowledge. What were they waiting for? May be like police everywhere in the country waited out all the earlier editions, because nobody wants to be a party spoiler. Especially a party that is so high on testosterone of megabucks. The competitive pyrotechnics of “fantastic revelations” now in play have turned the IPL into what Indian Today  correctly called “Indian Police League“. Mumbai police seem to have taken the IPL theme song “कोई नहीं बचेगा” to heart by arresting Gurunath Meiyappan, the son in law of BCCI president and India cement, managing director, N Srinivasan. India cement is the owner of Chennai Super King, one of the IPL cricket teams. Minute the son in law was arrested, the father in law’s company issued a clarification: “India Cements clarifies that Mr Gurunath Meiyappan is neither the Owner, nor CEO/Team Principal of Chennai Super Kings, Mr Gurunath is only one of the Members (Honorary) of the Management Team of Chennai Super Kings. India Cements follows zero-tolerance policy and if anyone is proved guilty, strict action will be taken immediately. India Cements assures full cooperation with BCCI and the law enforcement authorities“. That is a real brave heart to wash hands of bosses son in law. Or is it really? Read that again, Gurunath Meiyappan, is neither the owner, nor CEO/ team principal. But that is not how the son in law saw things until 5 pm on Friday (that is yesterday) as this report in Indian Express shows.
His twitter handle on the left proudly proclaims him to be the “Team Principal of Chennai Super Kings” among other “lesser honours” until 5 pm -the deadline given by Mumbai police for him to surrender. That honorific disappears “miraculously” later on including its tail end, ““. Together with India cement clarification this does look like a rearguard action at damage control to save the “King” – the president of BCCI. But the other reigning worthies, who rule the stratospheric world of Indian cricket, have rushed to distance themselves from the mess by clamouring for “stricter laws”, -a standard practice to hoodwink the masses. Rajiv Shukla, IPL-Chairman and Congress MP, and Arun Jaitley, BCCI-Vice President and BJP MP/ leader of the opposition in Rajya Sabha, met law minister, Kapil Sibal to demand such a law in quickest possible time. Shukla later briefed newsmen, “Today Arun Jaitley, who is a BCCI vice-President and the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee and me met Law Minister Mr Kapil Sibal and requested that the strongest possible law should be made to crack down on match-fixing… We want a law to be enacted as quickly as possible because in the absence of a law, these people are taking advantage“. This is pure and simple bullshit. Because if it were true, how could the police arrest so many people and get their remand from the courts? Is Shukla suggesting that courts are acting in extra-judicial manner by remanding the accused to police custody illegally? The Enforcement Directorate have said they have evidence of cross border transfer of money through illegal channels -हवाला (trust), and have opened investigations into money-trails. Delhi police have sought help of Income Tax department to trace sources of money and to find where it has ended for “safe keeping”. Mumbai police have seemingly scored the mightiest “hit” of police league when they claimed in the court, “that proceeds from betting on Indian Premier League matches were being routed to fund militant organisationsIn written submissions to a Mumbai court this week, Mumbai Police’s Crime Branch has spoken about how the cash generated from the illegal betting activity gets routed to Dubai via the hawala route and then reaches Pakistan, where it is “probably being used” to fund terrorist organisations“.  This contention if proved would give an array of lethal laws like UAPA, MCOCA, or PMLA to police to ensnare the culprits. These very laws could also be very fruitfully applied to the political establishment for its own plethora of scams that have gone currently off the radar of the media (willfully?) and therefore the people. So the duo, Shulka and Jaitley, are just creating a smokescreen to hide their incompetence or worse. The “terror funding” claim of Mumbai police may be only an attempt to upstage their Delhi counterpart because of the cautious qualification added- “probably being used“. The side games between the police forces are so blatant that it is difficult to miss them: “A day after the crime branch of Mumbai Police said it may ask for cricketer Sreesanth’s custody, Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar retorted that he expected Mumbai Police to hand over to his sleuths goods seized“. Economic Times commented, “The Delhi Police is back to by-now-familiar game of working at cross-purposes with its counterparts, even as the IPL spot-fixing probe begs inter-state police coordination“.
The moot question that begs answer is “Would the investigations move on to the **Indian Political League**, or would simply be bogged down in the quagmire of Indian Prefixed League, while the Indian Police league turns in a tragi-comic spectacle?
PS: In all the hoopla and hullabaloo of IPL, the expose of Ashish Khetan on 22nd May on how the “terror investigations” in the country are not only shoddy but highly “motivated” and “prefixed” has received little notice. These “Prefixed cases” are turning out to be a real potent threat to national security and should have been upfront on media coverage than the tamasha of IPL. “His year-long investigation into three major cases of bomb blasts has exposed horrific truths about the way in which the ATS, the Maharashtra police and police from other states have functioned with impunity and virtually condemned and tortured 21 young men because they were Muslims… Mr Khetan also said he had sent a letter petition to the Bombay high court with nearly 400 pages of evidence in the form of official investigation and interrogation reports of the accused men and other documents which clearly indicate huge discrepancies. The petition said that his research into the July 11, 2006, train blasts, the Malegaon 2006 blasts and the Pune German Bakery blasts of February 2010 show that the ATS has deliberately created bogus evidence, extracted false confessions by the most inhuman torture, planted explosives in the houses of the young men and implicated innocent youth“.

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  1. kamal ghodawat Says:

    return G for U.The Gujarat government has started an internal inquiry against top IPS officers following allegations of a nexus with bookies involved in IPL spot-fixing. The inquiry was ordered days after the Delhi Police arrested four bookies with Gujarat links.Sources said at least three top officials serving in important posts are under the scanner.- See more at:

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