Hindu Nationalist: Birth Triumphs Deeds!

Narendra Modi, who shuns face to face interviews, where he could be subject to hostile questioning, gave a rare opportunity to a foreign news agency, Reuter, to interview him on the sidelines of a writeup they did on him, The Remaking of Narendra Modi. Typically, his interview invited scathing criticism for wrong reason: “Another thing, any person if we are driving a car, we are a driver, and someone else is driving a car and we’re sitting behind, even then if a puppy comes under the wheel, will it be painful or not? Of course it is. If I’m a chief minister or not, I’m a human being. If something bad happens anywhere, it is natural to be sad”. Why should he be faulted, if he says he would feel sad when even an animal dies let alone a human being? His puppy remark was converted into pejorative Hindi –कुत्तेका बच्चा (son of a dog)– and was then compared with Muslims who died in 2002 post Godhra riots. It is reported that Modi answered in Hindi the questions posed to him in English. No one has said if the words used by Modi were the insulting “कुत्तेका बच्चा”, and were rendered by Reuter into inoffensive “puppy”. In the absence of this information, it is unfair to allege that he called Muslims names. Yet, if the translation or reporting is faithful to what Modi actually said, then his words, “any person if we are driving a car, we are a driver, and someone else is driving a car and we’re sitting behind” are telltale. He begins by saying he is in the driver’s seat and then, when its import dawns on him, corrects himself to cede the driver’s seat to “someone else” and becomes a “backseat passenger”. Does this show a consciousness of guilt over 2002 riots? I think it does.
I’m nationalist. I’m patriotic. Nothing is wrong. I’m a born Hindu. Nothing is wrong. So, I’m a Hindu nationalist so yes, you can say I’m a Hindu nationalist because I’m a born Hindu. I’m patriotic so nothing is wrong in it. As far as progressive, development-oriented, workaholic, whatever they say, this is what they are saying. So there’s no contradiction between the two. It’s one and the same image.
Modi said he is a born Hindu, which was an accident of birth. Though, he is a born Hindu, he cannot and has not claimed to be a born Patriot or born Nationalist. He acquired his patriotism, his nationalism, through the choices he made in his life and the experiences as a result he acquired. Yet, he gave primacy to the accident of his birth over the product of his deeds. He defined himself as a result a “Hindu Nationalist”. A person, who wouldn’t disregard the accident of his birth but would give primacy to his deeds, would have naturally defined himself as a “Nationalist Hindu”. That is a person, who is a proud patriot or a nationalist without disowning his religion. That is what India of the Constitution wants: nationalist Hindus, nationalist Muslims, nationalist Christians, nationalist Buddhists, nationalist Sikhs, or nationalist atheists or agnostics. That is what the doctrine of liberal democracy and nationalism is all about, wherein Nationalism becomes the meta-religion. Hindu nationalist on the other hand lays lot in store by birth in which the past actions in previous birth as per the theory of Karma determine your station in current life through “directed birth”. This directed birth, argues the theory of Karma, is the genesis of the castes and outcastes. This belief is where the danger lurks to India’s Constitution.
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Dr. Gautam Sen’s insight into The Ishrat Conspiracy would have made a sensational scoop if it had unearthed some hitherto unknown material from the “insider source” he had tapped. “An insider with intimate knowledge of Anglo-American policy towards India suggested that a virtual resolution of the historic Kashmir issue has already been negotiated discreetly through the intercession of Washington”. The outline of what the insider source claims to be an Anglo-American plot to have a “negotiated deal” for “virtual resolution” of Kashmir issue has been in public domain for long. Sen says, “The so-called solution to the Kashmir dispute would almost certainly be based on the four-point formula suggested by the former Pakistan military president, Parvez Musharraf”. The Musharraf’s four point formula has seen debates over it for long, and has evoked diverse reactions including from Kashmiri separatists. Syed Ali Shah Geelani opposed staunchly the four point formula, though many other separatists had warmed up to it. Sen’s only contribution to the newness is that the UPA government at the center (and Pakistan) has been cajoled by Anglo-Americans to buy “almost certainly” in to it. Starting from this certainty that deal has been reached, he argues how Pakistan would use Pakistan Occupied Kashmir’s (POK) religious, familial, and cultural ties with Kashmir Valley to spread its irreversible influence to finally integrate it into Pakistan. This grand plan to which the contenders have “almost certainly” agreed to would come unstuck if Modi were to ascend to the Premiership of India; and therefore Sen’s thesis about the great conspiracy to scuttle his prospects through foisted criminal cases on IB and Gujarat Police in fake encounter cases.
This sinister conspiracy narrative runs into serious trouble with intrinsic and extrinsic facts. The author’s acceptance that “Pakistan will also restrain the Taliban and accept a half-way house in its expedition to control Afghanistan’s destiny though Hamid Karzai will apparently have to depart” is daft. Reagan and Zia worked in cahoots to militarize extreme Salafi Islam and assisted it in all ways imaginable and unimaginableto launch Jihad against the infidel Soviets. Since then weaponised, highly intolerant, strain of Islam has taken deep roots in Af-Pak region, and spread wide in Eurasia and Africa. When the mighty US has failed to control Jihadi attacks in the last 12 years in Afghanistan or Iraq, What silly hope can one harbor that Pakistan would succeed to control Taliban? The idea of “Jihad on Tap” that Zia or Reagan imagined is past its “use by date” long ago, and for last several years Pakistan has seen far more terrorists attacks than India. The “grim inference”, the author draws, that ISI and LeT are out to take down Modi, a prospect he says not entirely unpleasing to UPA with a little helping hand from Washington, is farfetched. If Modi comes to power nationally, it would needle separatist forces to be highly strident because of his narrow “Hindu Nationalism”. The “success” of the aftermath of implementing the four point formula that the author has imagined would take years to pass, whereas Modi’s elevation to premiership in 2014 would provide immediate fillip to fissiparous tendencies. Modi alive is far more valuable to separatists than Modi dead. Ask Akbaruddin Owaisi and Praveen Togadia how each one nourishes the other, and one won’t live if the other fails. A “significant rebellion” that later turned out to be a storm in the tea cup is also brought in to show how backstabbers are there right within Hindutva fold: “An interesting question is the extent of involvement of some senior BJP leaders and their advisers in this colossal conspiracy. Some have enjoyed close ties with United States’ agencies since the Cold War period when Nehruvian nonalignment was considered nothing short of support for the Soviet Union. Even closer ties have evolved between some leaders through the intervention of a prominent Indian business family in London who have always been US surrogates”. The ill-concealed reference is clearly to L K Advani and the Hinduja Group : “Kulkarni, who swung from the CPM to the BJP in his illustrious career, also wanted the RSS to introspect. Facilitated by his close relations with the business house of Hindujas that wanted Advani, a fellow Sindhi, as the prime minister,”.
The big hole in the conspiracy theory is of course the contention that CBI investigations into Ishrat Jahan encounter case is at the behest of UPA government. Investigations into the encounters in Gujarat were at the behest of Supreme Court and Gujarat High Court, who have not been made party by Sen to the grand conspiracy. “A Bench of Justices Aftab Alam and C.K. Prasad passed the order on two petitions filed by Javed Akthar, B.G. Varghese and others for a direction to order a CBI probe into the 22 fake encounters that had taken place during 2002 to 2006. However, the Bench made it clear that the Monitoring Authority would not probe cases being investigated by other agencies on orders of the Supreme Court or the Gujarat High Court”. Sen has overlooked that Ishrat Jahan encounter of 2004 falls bang in the middle of the period covered by court orders.
Sen ends with a tantalizing assertion that there is a “preferred candidate”, a common candidate of both Anglo-Americans and India (I am not sure, if reference is to UPA or NDA), on whom a dossier is being prepared presumably to arm-twist him into accepting the four point solution to Kashmir issue. “The successful campaign that stopped Narendra Modi from even addressing a mere student gathering in the United States is likely to have been officially instigated. The same officials responsible for intervening against Narendra Modi also hold compromising files on the alternative to him, pertaining to his corrupt financial dealings and personal peccadilloes… Anglo-American intelligence agencies who have been collecting evidence on the murky social life and financial dealings abroad of their preferred candidate for prime minister of India”. The Wharton address of Modi at its India Economic Forum, an event that was sponsored by Gautam Adani Group with vast business interests in Gujarat, was scuttled by the petition moved by Indian origin US professors Toorjo Ghosh, Ania Loomba and Suvir Kaul. I had argued then that this kind of civil society’s censorship is reprehensible too, and people shouldn’t be afraid of engaging Modi in a debate on ideas, ideology and on hype versus reality. Yet, it is difficult to decode the unnamed “officials” who hold those compromising files and the mysterious subject of those files- “the preferred candidate”. Man Mohan Singh rules himself out as he is the incumbent. The only possibilities from UPA side are Rahul Gandhi and P Chidambaram; latter is a darling of Global Capital. BJP provides Advani, Sushma Swaraj, and Arun Jetley as alternate candidates to Modi. I have a reasonable guess who is a likely candidate from these five, if Sen’s alleged candidate is on this list of five; but I leave it open to readers to pick their favourite. Except these tantalizing bits that appear in the end, there is little else to evoke interest in or recommend this conspiracy theory.
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One Response to “Hindu Nationalist: Birth Triumphs Deeds!”

  1. Ashok Sharma Says:

    Dear Mr Sadanad Patwardhan Ji: Please share my reply below with your groups with ref to your recent post on Modi which I quickly read but found missing before I could include that in my 'reply. However my brief view may please be reviewed and if appropriate please be shared on the groups:With ref to forwarded report below-that states Modi has given PR and image making contract to certain PR Agencies, why not think that PR Agencies can shift stand and can be bought or sold by a few power-Elites and opposing rival camps bent upon restricting Modi's March to top Slot as PM :I am personally no big fan of Modi but can say with much assurance that:-No one knows for sure as to what might have exactly been the the content and shades of Emotions in Modi's mind over his ' Kutte Ka Baccha' Remarks No one would know even if the speculations and or guess-work be continued on MSM or Social Media Forums further any number of days But one can not fail to notice that : Such an attitude of Smear Campaigns in favor or against Modi can only be likened to an ignorant vandalism and further, that it must not appear surprising, if over a course of time,a situation transpires to eventually invite a furious backlash from the Communities who such comments are being targeted to warm up and or to create Hot Chambers? Why not assume such a possibility that so called PR and 'Image-making companies were hired or twisted from behind the curtain to create conditions that polarize the civil society and slowly but surely prepare the communities for a Major Backlash ? Do we not see the pot brewing in that direction and would not such a situation erupting would benefit present set-up in power ?Undermining fictitious Arguments and in their haste to flourish a superior viewpoint some are even seen spreading facts and figures over Media Channels like a Peacock will do before Dancing, intellectually astute critics commentators and or some Learned Media Journalists totally overlook the extent to what even they themselves are prone to involuntary, illogical and even absurd facts for where they cannot provide any sound explanation to say with certainity what emotion and the Truth actually Occupied the circular bone skull of Mr. Narender Modi then ? Ashok Sharma

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