RAW Officer R S N Singh’s Manthan: Shape In Or Ship Out.

The commencement of the court proceedings in Ishrat Jahan encounter case was preceded by acrimonious slugfest between various security agencies of the country, more notably Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI). Retired officers from these outfits were drawn by media into debates that were intensely coloured by politically motivated exchange of fire between “Pseudo Secularists” and “Hindutva Communalists”. In my earlier posts I have taken account of what are the real issues at stake and how they are in danger of replacement by fake issues, which have the potency to raise temperature of discourse and thereby obfuscate what is vital and in risk of getting destroyed -namely, the rule of law must apply evenly to everyone in complete disregard of person’s position or status or station in life.
A website, IBTL, had held a symposium –Manthan- on “IB on the Brink?” : Politicizing Terror A Disaster in Making, that had a talk by former Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) officer, R S N Singh. The talk runs into less than 28 minutes and can be see here. Please see it for yourself before you decide what to make of it.
The person who referred this talk on a forum introduced it very promisingly that it has removed the veil of secrecy (परदाफाश कर दिया है) from the collaboration of politicians, bureaucrats, police officers, etc., with anti-national forces. This was real explosive stuff, and I could not resist a dekko. R S N Singh came out not as an adept intelligence sleuth, but definitely as a consummate politician. He is a retired RAW officer, and has every right to engage in public or private life as he wishes including the freedom to join any political outfit of his choice. But when he uses his “former RAW officer” position to advance patently partisan agenda, then his political persuasion automatically comes under scrutiny. He says he speaks from facts (तथ्य), only facts. Yet, offers without proof that Lt. Col. Purohit was an able Military Intelligence (MI) officer, who had admirably managed to penetrate Indian Mujaheddin (IM) and Lashkar E Toiba (LET) modules, but was targeted and arrested by Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) led by Hemant Karkare just in nick of time when Purohit was about to bust those terror modules. When he paints Purohit snow white, he simultaneously paints Karkare sinister dark, both without proof. Then he adds in an offhand manner the “reported conversation” of Karkare with a senior Congress politician, who riles BJP no end with his joker like barbs, and who in turn, BJP describes as pro-Muslim, pro-Terrorist person. He goes on to ask rhetorically, “Is Karkare Anti-National?”, or “Is the politician Anti-National?”, or “are both anti-national?” The innocuous looking introduction of “reported conversation”, which did take place, is only to give respectability to his “other claims” about Karkare and Purohit. But before that see below BJP, Shivsena, and Sangh Pariwar’s duplicity in the matter, the very section Sing is out to project as “true nationalist”.
The fact is that the politician, Digvijay Singh, had called Hemant Karkare, and not the other way round as suggested by Singh. “According to the documents, Singh called Maharashtra ATS number 022-23087336 from his BSNL mobile number 09425015461. Karkare and he talked for about six minutes. Coming to the larger political issue of a ‘malicious’ campaign against Karkare by the hardline Hindutva brigade, Singh told a media conference that the upright senior cop had earned the ire of the right-wing forces for cracking the Malegaon terror case exposing a number of prominent activists of the RSS-affiliated outfits”.
On another website, Indian Exponent, an obvious proponent of R S N Singh’s declamation, Ex RAW Officer RN Singh Exposes the truth behind Indian Politics [Must Read], had transcribed some points made in it. I thank D K Asthana for making my job easier.
“1) उनका कहना है की आई बी को किसी भी तरह की आतंकी घटना के बारे पूर्व सुचना सरकार को नहीं देनी चाहिए। क्योकि आज कांग्रेस सरकार पाकिस्तान और आतंकवादियों से ब्लैक मेल होकर सभी सुरक्छा अगेंसियो को आपस में लड़ा कर कमजोर कर रही है।”.
He openly eggs IB here to revolt against the government of the day, and this would have invited charge of “Sedition” under less “salubrious circumstances” as routinely happens with so called “Maoist sympathizers”.
“2) उन्होंने बताया की बोधगया में हुए आतंकी हमलो पर उन्हें कोई आश्चर्य नहीं हुआ है। उन्होंने पूछा की नितीश कुमार पाकिस्तान क्यों गय थे? क्या वो वहा पर वोट बैंक के कारन गए थे? अभी २६/११ के खून के छीटे भी नहीं धुले है और यह नितीश पाकिस्तान का दौरा कर रहे है?”.
This is an “excellent” point, but Singh forgets that it would backfire on his darling political party as well. In 2008 BJP was very much part of the Bihar Government as partner of Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal (United). If Kumar went to Pakistan as the Chief Minister of Bihar, then he was obviously representing coalition government of BJP and JD(U). Does it mean BJP was Kumar’s “partner in crime”?
“3) उन्होंने बताया की पूरा उत्तर बिहार इंडियन मुजाहिद्दीन और लस्कर ए तोएबा का गढ़ बन गया है और जब से नितीश कुमार पाकिस्तान गए है तबसे यह और भी ज्यादा बढ़ गया है।
JD(U) split away from BJP led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) on 16 June 2013. From 26 November 2008 to 16 June 2013 these two parties were jointly ruling Bihar for close to 5 years. Is BJP too culpable for the growth of IM and LeT in North Bihar?
“4) भारत का दुश्मन नं: 1 हाफिज सैईद काग्रेस को ब्लैकमेल कर रहा है। क्योकि काग्रेसियोँ द्वारा गरीब जनता के लुटे गए पैसे को हवाला के जरिए विदेशोँ मे पहुचाने मे हाफिज सैईद इनकी मदद करता है। जिसकी ऐवज मे वो भारत मे अपना आँतकी नेटवर्क बे रैकट चला रहा है। आज के बोद्धगया धमाके इसका ताजा सबुत हैँ जिसमे आई बी के अलर्ट के     बावजूद भी नितीश सरकार द्वारा कोई कार्यवाही नहीँ हुई । इस बात की पुष्टि हाफिज सैईद से जुडे किसी भी मामले मे कांग्रेस सरकार का रुख को देख कर हो जाता है ।”.
Hafeez Saeed, the Amir of Ja’mat Ud Da’wa,is certainly encouraging if not plotting himself terrorist activities against India. But only “knowledgeable” gentlemen of RAW like Singh or IB are capable of quantifying the standing of a person –no.1/ no. 2- on the terror ladder. That apart, Singh has accused Congress of looting the poor people of India and of sending the loot abroad through the “havala” conduit Hafeez Saeed. This is a very serious triple charge: Congress has “looted”, the loot has been transferred abroad through “havala”, and third Hafeez Saeed –enemy no. 1 of India- was the agent who accomplished this transfer of loot. Since he is an able intelligence sleuth, he must have prosecutable evidence for these serious charges. It is Singh’s duty as a patriot to submit this evidence before a magistrate’s court of his choice, may be in Gujarat or Madhya Pradesh, and set the ball rolling for framing of charges and prosecution of criminal and anti-national Congress.
“5) उन्होंने बताया की CPI(M) और मावोवादियो में कोई फर्क नहीं है। मैंने इन लोगो को दिन में झंडा और रात में बन्दुक उठाते हुए देखा है। CPIM संसदीय रास्ता है, CPIML उप संसदीय रास्ता है और जो माओवादी है वो गन रहा रास्ता है। बिहार में ही जिहादी और लाल आतंकवाद का मिलाप हुआ है।”.
If Sigh has seen and can prove that CPI(M) and CPI(ML) cadres lifted guns at night to “fight” like the Maoists, then another case against these two parties for anti-national activities he must lodge. At the least, he can have CPI(M) derecognized as a national political party. He will be failing in his duty as a patriot, which I am sure he considers himself to be foremost, if he doesn’t act against Congress and CPI(M).
The surety with which R S N Singh talks gives the impression that he has solid evidence to back up his charges. His supporters should take him very seriously and have him take steps on the lines suggested above in national interests. If Singh acts fast and true to his word, then Modi can sit back and relax without having to exercise over 2014 general elections. Else Singh will prove to be no different than the other loose cannon from Congress, who the BJP loves to hate.
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