Muzaffarnagar: Rapes, The Trigger? Farbicating Canard!

Muzaffarnagar clashes between Jats and Muslims, where the latter are facing searing heat of violence, are in the national headlines. Local police have blamed the social media, faked news/video, and Whatsapp instant sharing application for fanning the flames of hatred. Administration and police have earned deserved criticism for failure to anticipate events after clear signs, and prevent large gatherings of communities and Panchayats (Community-Assemblies) from taking place, where provocative speeches talking of revenge and of teaching of deterrent lessons were made. Political parties have begun vigorous blame game, more intense it is between Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Samajwadi Party (SP), latter currently rules in Uttar Pradesh (UP), and who have blamed each other; and likes of Congress and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) have blamed the first two for deliberately provoking clashes to polarise situation along communal lines for electoral gains ahead of the general elections due in less than 8 months. The same blame game is mirrored in many internet forums, where supporters of one dispensation attack the other and vice versa. In response to a posting from Times of India titled, *Plan was to break Jat-Muslim unity*, another asked a provocative question, * Was this Jat Muslim unity? Kidnapping and raping Jat girls and murdering those resisting Love Jihad?* What followed was may be a careless forward, but the forward itself looked craftily assembled. It began with a news story put forward by Sreenivasan Jain, a known journalist of NTDV that revealed how even Congress and BSP were involved in stoking communal passions.
Almost all parties in India, whether avowedly Secular, Communal, Casteist, Regional, Ideologist, or of any other persuasion, unabashedly play up the fault lines in the society whenever doing so serves their narrow self-interests. The main story did not surprise, but what did was seamlessly fused continuation that purported to be part of it..
In the plate above, the blue font shows the last paragraph where NDTV report by Jain and team ended. Then one Dinesh1234 “fused what followed” by posting from USA- based on mention of “Eastern Daylight Time”. The font in redis an introduction to “long list of atrocities waged by the minorities” under umbrella of political protection. Then the list of atrocities followed, some nine entries in all. What aroused my suspicions was that each and every accused mentioned had a Muslim name. I checked each one and found that the entries were genuine. This “fused addition” created an unmistakable impression that (i) Only Muslims are the perpetrators, and (ii) by implication, women who suffered at the hands of Muslim were Hindus. In India, law prohibits revealing the identity of person who suffered sexual violence in any form. Therefore, none of the news reports carried any reference whatsoever to any victim that could lead to her identification, including the community to which she belongs. This circumstance was blatantly abused to cleverly create the second impression above.
The list of 9 posted on the forum was culled from a larger list from a website, India Wires, which seems to cater to Indian diaspora in USA, and whose avowed aim is to, *IndiaWires does not believe in randomly covering every news item wrapped by mainstream media or in sensationalizing issues. Our unbiased approachand focus on common man’s perspective of any issue is what sets us apart*. Its asseverations notwithstanding, it precisely doessensationalize issues” and doesn’t seem to followunbiased approach” in its report titled, “Series of Rapes Behind Muzaffarnagar Riots?”. The ‘?’ at the end of the headline hardly absolves India Wire or help it escape its culpability. Sure, it has not “cooked up news”, but what it has done is to selectively filter news to give it a communal colour and bias that it desired. If one looks at same Muzaffarnagar district and its adjoining areas, and focuses on the same timeframe, that is roughly past one year, then one gets many more such incidences of sexual violence. What story do they tell?
·        NDTV: Man arrested for allegedly attempting to rape eight-year-old girl. Accused, Ashok Kumar.
·        Indian Express: Minor gangraped by 7 in Muzaffarnagar. Accused, Sonu Pal, Praveen, Ravi, Nitin, Aashu, Subhash and Sunil.
·        NDTV: 16-year-old girl allegedly burnt alive by neighbour for resisting rape attempt. Accused, Surender Kashyap.
·        NDTV: Widow charged with killing father-in-law who allegedly tried to rape her. Accused, Vikram Singh.
·        NDTV: Minor girl raped in Uttar Pradesh. Accused, Pappu.
·        IBNLive: Muzaffarnagar: Doctor, accomplice rape 21-yr-old girl. Accused, doctor Praveen Saini and his associate Pradeep.
·        Outlook: 15-Year-Old Girl Raped, Murdered in Muzaffarnagar. Accused, Samunder Singh (55).
·        P7 News: Muzaffarnagar panchayat offers rape victim Rs 1.5 lakh to keep quiet. (Same news was given on Forum and India Wire. Not only the accused but even the concerned woman is a Muslim- A fact suppressed by both).
·        Zee News: Army jawan arrested on abduction, rape charges in Muzaffarnagar. Accused, Hari Om.
·        अमरउजाला: जंगल में वहशीपन: मां-बहन को बंधक बनाया, युवती से रेप. Accused Sonu.
·        One India: यूपी मुजफ्फरनगर: भाई ने सगी बहन के साथ किया 3 दिनों तक बलात्‍कार.
This gory list took about half an hour to compile from the internet. It shows that Hindus are second to none when it comes to raping and abusing women in every which way in Muzaffarnagar. But this is not about competitive *Rapism* between different communities. It is about universal attitude among men about women irrespective of colour, creed, race, religion, age, education, class, blood or legal relationship, or marital status. I would hold that every man is a potential rapist, and he should be aware of his, this notorious and brutal, potential. What is galling is that Hindutva forces have stooped so low to further abuse misogyny in their desire to wage a communal agenda to win elections. They turned in the process a universal phenomenon, that is sexual violence against women by men, into a blatant falsehood of sectarian one, where in their warped imagination only Muslim men abuse women, only Hindu women at that. What a shame!This story on the forum and in India Wire has been picked up by many other sites like, Bharat-Kalyan, InaGist, Samvada, and so on. One particularly obnoxious example is to be found in the plate below. Here, the author has gone beyond the “brief” of India Wires story to egregiously proclaim “Rape of Hindu Girls…”. The travesty of truth is complete; I have tried to recover truth somewhat by putting a black X across it. I had to remodel the “formatting” of the original site, but not its content.
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2 Responses to “Muzaffarnagar: Rapes, The Trigger? Farbicating Canard!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I totally agree with your observations, I also like to pose a questions to India wires,It is clear that the recent riots started after an eve teasing incident and subsequent killing. Suppose if we follow your claim that hindu girls were raped by muslims, then why the riots did not happen at the time of the rape…, why it had to wait till an eve teasing incident. So my whole point is that the argument of mislims raping hindu girl or vice versa is totally baseless…Also don't you remember that the all the offendors in Dec 16 rape in Delhi was all hindus, and last but not the least, the divine sage.. Asaram Bapu….Also find below some excerpts from NCRB 2012 report" Offenders were known to the victims in as many as in 24,470(98.2%) cases. Parents / close familymembers were involved in 1.6% (393out of 24,470 cases) of these cases,neighbours were involved in 34.7% cases (8,484 out of 24,470 cases) and relatives were involved in 6.5% (1,585 out of 24,470 cases) cases "Summary :The offender is either neighbor, or relative or even family members. So there is higher chances that rape occur within same community/ religion.

  2. Meeta Sanghvi Says:

    Reading Mr.Sadanand Patwardhan's blog about Pratap Bhanu Mehta's writings and Mr.Sadanand's writing on Hindu Muslim relations in U P, I am reminded of H M riots in Gujarat in 196o onwards at least twice during 60ies and 70ies and in 2000 onwards, when of course, a reason that is considered glaringly seen an MP Raoulf Valiullah (he was shot dead in public while coming down on steps of a govtment bldg) and his wife Dr.Vijaya ( alive ) a hindu, & a vaguely rumoured talk pointed that he was a member & a committee member of a bldg housing society(not the 1 where he was shot, but a housing society where he lived) where a famous in a different way- a muslim member was not given membership, was the reason believed behind this shooting.The ongoing enmity between these two groups ( Hindu & Muslim ) was bootlaging war between these 2 communities reached its culmination sparking into communal war, & it followed so on. Of course, later it assumed different shape altogethr. In 1989-90, On the day of voting in VPSingh;s constituency in UP where congress candidate was Hari bhaiya, our late Primi Ministr Lal Bahadur Shastri's son in UP, purposeful attack on Bajarang Dal worker on cycle, started worst muslim killings, totally enginered cirsumstances, resulted in less turnout for voting, & later on orchestred disappearing (from active political scene)of God Man Chandra Swamy was another incedence showing who & why this two communities' enmity assumed bigger dimensions, & politically interested parties played on this after Akbar.These r just a few pointers of what Britishers exploited in our Country & what after Britishers left we allowed our political parties to go on with. Why there is no public outrage so far is stifling.Meeta Sanghvi

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