Syria: Chemical Weapons, Yes! But who used them?

On 21st August 2013 a horrific attack took place in the early hours at East Ghouta near Damascus, Syrian Capital. This area is held by forces (Rebels) opposed to the current regime in power in Syria led by Bashar al-Assad. Numerous videos showing the victims of the attack were uploaded by the Local Coordination Committees of the various Rebel factions. From the first thirty-five (35) videos, it seems, some thirteen (13) videos were screened, analyzed, and authenticated, by US intelligence community; and nominated as incontrovertible proof of use of “Chemical Weapons” by the forces of ruling regime of Assad. There are two separate issues at stake here.
·        Were chemical weapons used?
·        Who used the chemical weapons?
None of the parties to the conflict, their allies including state and non-state actors, or independent observers disagreed on the fact that chemical weapons were indeed used. United Nations’ sought access, Syrian regime granted it, and UN inspection team went to collect samples and data from the ground to confirm whether chemical weapons were used. But even before UN team reached Syria, Obama administration had passed its verdict, closely echoed by British and French governments, by conflating the two questions and answering them as one: Syrian regime attacked East Ghouta with chemical weapons. Obama had made the use of chemical weapons by Syrian regime as the touchstone of direct US military involvement in the conflict, which in any case is going on behind the scenes through the State agencies of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and even non-state actors in Libya.
The UN inspection team by now has confirmed the use of chemical weapons in East Ghouta. However, it has not unequivocally said who used them as it was beyond their brief, and may be also area of expertise. What it did say was that the atmospheric conditions that night, air flowing down and staying close to the ground because of the cold, made the attack especially gruesome. Syrian regime and Russian government have reiterated many times that they have proof of Rebel-hand behind the chemical weapons attack so as to draw direct US military intervention in the long festering conflict in which the tide of late seems to be turning in favour of the ruling regime. The 13 videos nominated by the intelligence community were screened for the consumption of US Senate intelligence committee (USSIC) on 5thof September 2013. These videos were accepted as convincing evidence by USSIC towards proof of use of chemical weapons as well as, dubiously, for holding Syrian regime responsible for it.
Today I came across report on Global Research website that has been put together by someone identified as Mother Agnes Mariam of the Cross President of the ISTEAMS. It is titled: THE CHEMICALS ATTACKS ON EAST GHOUTA. It takes some patience to read through the report because English used reads poorly.
However, the analysis of these evidentiary videos, particularly the three (3) chosen for more detailed scrutiny by Mother Agnes Mariam’s team supports unmistakably the charges made in the above plate. Especially, see Pages 27, 28 and 41 for the most damning evidence of manipulation and forgery.  
Over to the Forensic Analysis Report that takes apart US intelligence community’s *Conclusive Evidence*.
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One Response to “Syria: Chemical Weapons, Yes! But who used them?”

  1. Kenath Ram Says:

    Take a look at this report, sadanand.*Therefore the presumed location of the launch pad is insignificant, as any deserted suburb of Damascus that lies within range could have been used.**If the date of a missile’s production does not match the production date for its chemical agent, it stands to reason that the warhead was filled in an underground laboratory or was even homemade.**“to launch a chemical weapons attack in Damascus on the very day that a United Nations chemical-weapons inspection team arrives in Damascus using an out-of-date missile in an ancient launcher must be a new definition of madness.”*

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