कौशल्य वर्धन या मोदी वर्धन?

Yesterday’s Indian Express carried an advertisement of Gujarat government on the occasion of National Skill Development day that is celebrated today, 25th September.
The advertisement is remarkable for its stealth wording, which would impress unwary readers with its highfaluting claims, but in substance may not amount to much. Take the following claim for example made right at the beginning.
· On the auspicious occasion of Swami Vivekananda’s 150th birth anniversary, 1368 job fairs were held in Gujarat and 1.5 lakh youth were endowed with employment opportunities.
What do we learn from it? That a massive effort was made on the occasion of birth anniversary of holding 1368 job fairs at which on an average some 120 youth/job fair (presumably unemployed) were given employment. Wait a minute!! Read it again.
·        On the auspicious occasion of Swami Vivekananda’s 150th birth anniversary, 1368 job fairs were held in Gujarat and 1.5 lakh youth were endowed with employment opportunities.
ENDOW invokes images of a largesse left by a benevolent rich uncle, say uncle Modi in this case. Merriam-Webster defines *to endow* thus:
Endow thus has a *feel good factor* about it. It invokes images of struggling youth pulled out of the web of unemployment and consequent depression permanently. But these youth have not been*Endowed with Employment*. They have simply been *Endowed with employment Opportunities*. Now even if 1 job opportunity or 10,000 job opportunities are offered to say 10 million people, then one can always claim that 10 million youth were endowed with employment opportunities. It amounts to nothing, because a miniscule fraction of those endowed with opportunities may eventually get those few jobs on offer.
The second claim too that *Gujarat takes pride in maximum employment generation since 2002* makes no sense in the absence of context. We know that in 2002 Modi came to power. Maximum compared to whom or what? Is it in reference to Gujarat’s performance before 2002? Or is it in reference to other states in the country or the world at large.
Coming to the third claim that Gujarat has 1.2 million seats available for skill development, the advertisement provides a breakup of “institutional mechanism” through which seats have been made available. The false notes in it are apparent on careful reading. Industrial Training Centers (Government 263 + Aided 125 + Self Finance 350) established must been the product of cumulative work done by Gujarat government since state’s formation, and not just post 2002. This must be so because had it been otherwise the advertisement would not have lost the opportunity to tom-tom that claim. Now, the figure of *620 vocational training providers* is obviously talking about persons and not institutes; and persons cannot provide training without infrastructure/training centers. The 5433 apprentice units may be no more than workshops where practical experience is to be gained.
Lastly, the Gujarat government advertisement issued at public expense exhorts people to visit it at http://www.narendramodi.in By all counts this looks like Modi’s personal website that is promoted at public cost. Its only mission is to make *272* a reality. Now why is Modi talking about only 272 out of 365 days in a year? One would have imagined that superman like Modi would be in a *24×365 Mission Mode*. Why has he then settled for modest 272? That becomes clear when one realizes that it is the magic midway mark for lower house of parliament majority.
Able Administrator or not, but Team-Shri Narendra Modi is certainly an Able Advertiser.
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One Response to “कौशल्य वर्धन या मोदी वर्धन?”

  1. Sadanand Patwardhan Says:

    All state governments and central government issue advertisements that tom tom the achievements of the ruling party. Many sorts of half truths, partial truths, or lies go into the making of this promotional venture. Team-Modi excels in this Art Form. Though I have chosen Gujarat government advertisement for comment as its comes from the best practitioners of the art, this game of deception is common across the political spectrum.

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