Modi Win and India’s Second Independence!

A friend shared an email, presumably he received it in turn. It contained the following picture.
The lines in the heading he provided above the picture not only explained the finer reasons for comparing Almanac of 1947 with that of 2014, but also made a dramatic forecast.
What A Coincidence
The Calendar of 1947 and 2014 are the same. Even the phases of the moon are the same.
Are we looking at another independence? From the misrule of the Political Parties ?
One thing was quite obvious that there would be several years in between 1947 and 2014 that too began with Wednesday. Thanks to Google and the site TimeAndDate.Com/Calendar, I discovered that there were 6 more such years in between including the year 1975, when for the first and only time till now Indian Democracy was subverted by Congress’s Indira Gandhi by declaring the infamous emergency. Incidentally, Modi’s 2014 personalized election campaign had the compelling imprint of Mrs Gandhi’s self-centered style. He had Indira Gandhi as his role model rather than Sardar patel.  See the other years below (source: See Here).
But, there is a catch. These 6 years satisfy only one (start on Wednesday) criteria, but what about the other criteria that phases of Moon too have to be in Sync. In the year 1947, Tuesday, 7th of January was a full moon day and the first image shows that same is true for year 2014. I had a look at moon phases for the intervening 6 years, but was “regrettably” disappointed to see that none of these probable candidates could stand up. “May be this fortuitous coincidence after all did herald something stupendous”. I was about give up thoroughly defeated, but something caught my eye. 2014 calendar (see first image) showed February Fifth to be the full moon day, which I knew not to be true. Why? Because on 14th February my granddaughter was born and that happened to be a full moon day. Incidentally, tomorrow, June 12th, is a full moon day, but above phony calendar shows that the full moon day of June is already over on 4th. How does the real 2014 calendar with moon phases look like? (Source: see here)
However, the moon phases of immediately preceding calendar seem to occur a day later than what Indian almanacs show.Interested readers are urged to verify for themselves. If this day’s error is common to all the years on this site, then year 2031 truly matches the year 1947. (Source: see here)
The year 2031 has 8th of January as the full moon day, which according to Indian Almanacs should be 7th of January (a day later error in above calendar) the same as the year 1947. So the diviners of what future holds would have to wait until 2031 -at least 17 years more- to have their second independence for India.
I have a habit of sometimes ignoring the obvious and pursuing the frivolous. This habit reared its ugly head when I triumphantly mentioned my above analysis to my son. He scratched his head thoughtfully and then loudly asked with palpable incredulity: Do these guys seriously want the repeat of 1947 independence? In a flash the obvious hit me with vicious force.
1947 Independence heralded the exist of British Imperial rule alright, but was accompanied with communal clashes of horrific proportions and dismemberment of what was meant to be wholesome India. Does anyone seriously want a repeat?
Modi would have to be more wary of his overenthusiastic supporters to find his way ahead rather than his demoralized opponents. 
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