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Putin Deserves Nobel Peace Prize, Unlike Obama.

25 October 2014
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and US President, Barak Obama, while speaking before UN general assembly last month, enlisted 3 threats facing the “world”. Between Ebola and the Islamic State [IS/ISIS/ISIL], who did he place? No, it was not old punching-boys Iran or North Korea, once a part of axis of evil as pronounced by old high priest of terror – George W. Bush, but Russia. The demonisation of Russia, and particularly Putin, has been the staple diet of Main Stream Media [MSM] of the West and its leaders, who almost see it as an existentialist threat, ever since Obama’s plan of having NATO forces in Ukraine after turning it into a client-state has been lurching madly sideways. NATO is a relic of cold war, when USA assured Europe “freedom” from Soviet bear’s hug by parking its armies and weapons of mass destruction on European soil. Soviet Union too had its counterbalancing Warsaw pact, which had east European countries as its members. The collapse of the Soviet Union brought on the collapse of Warsaw pact and knocked out the rationale for NATO’s existence too. But, far from ceasing to exist or reducing, NATO in fact began to bloat into former Warsaw-pact members as well. Meddling in Ukraine, which has an umbilical connection with Russia, was the last straw that finally forced reticent Russia to act decisively in Crimea, and provide all the covert support to Russian speaking populations in the South East of Ukraine that were scared of the rise of Neo-Nazis after the Maidan-Putsch in Kiev. Russia is not an existentialist threat, at least not seen as such by those who are not comfortable with US hegemony, but could very well become if West were to push Russia into a corner economically, politically, and militarily. The only reason why such a scenario has not yet come to pass notwithstanding ‘valiant’ attempts of US and NATO, is the calm and poised, but strategically sound response from Russia’s Putin. Compared to Obama’s hostile and propagandist demagoguery, Putin’s speech and the following question and answer session come out not just as welcome contrast, but reassure for its maturity and nuanced reasoning. Yet, he minces no words when speaking the truth, such as calling ISIS a US creation. Before you go to Putin’s speech at the Voldai Discussion Club – almost three hours long – I would recommend an excellent blog – – for its virtuoso commentary and reliable latest news on the current situation in Ukraine. It is impossible to get genuine news in MSM, which has in effect turned into a well oiled, insidiously  powerful, and surreptitious medium of mind control and mass hypnosis. It creates and maintains support for covert and overt wars against manufactured-Evils by creating fear psychosis within. The blog such as one cited earlier helps to separate chaff from grain and to regain one’s sanity.
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