One More Conspiracy Theory, Now a NYT Fact.

“During Times of Universal Deceit, Telling Truth is a Revolutionary act.”
This quote is often attributed to George Orwell; rightly or wrongly is besides the point. What’s pertinent here is to realise how pervasive the deceit has become in the world today. Truly, we are living in a make believe bubble comfortably ensconced in the propaganda, lies, half-truths, and spins fed to us as ‘news’. How to, then, shift the grain from the chaff. Here, one may take comfort from the fact that the truth has a ‘dirty habit’ of surfacing, though, often, unfortunately too late, well past its use by date. Even then, this ‘stale-truth’ about what really happened in cases of say Spanish American War: USS MaineGulf of TonkinSaddam’s WMDs or AAP Candidate Smuggled Liquor [the last episode mentioned is still unfolding, but if Delhi police indeed have ‘incontrovertible evidence’, then then should have arrested Balyan rather than ask him to join investigation] can hold a valuable lesson for present and future. Knowing who cheated last time, one must be eternally vigilant and wary of such sources however ‘respectable’, ‘majestic’, ‘concerned’ or ‘reformed’ they may appear. The invaluable defence against deception would be: 
  • Never trust the Governments, Mainstream Media [MSM], Corporates, Financial Institutions, Central Banks, and even ‘Five Star’ NGOs -often set up by the establishment; never forget their track record.

  • Believe just the opposite of what one has been asked to believe until one has evidence to the contrary. Often, what are initially trashed as the Conspiracy Theories [CT] and those who ‘float’ them as Conspiracy Nuts [CN], later are proved to hold if not the whole truth, then at least valuable aspects of truth.
The crisis created in Ukraine by USA and NATO to smash Russia, is an existential threat to Europe, and has finally made –Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, the editor of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, one of Germany’s largest newspapers,- to finally stand out and state how he planted stories for CIA and German intelligence. In the following interview Dr. Ulfkotte exposes how MSM journalists prostitute themselves. He is also the author of a book, Bought Journalists, which despite apparently grabbing best seller honour would not be reviewed in any MSM outlet. 
This should nail all lies about ‘Freedom of Expression’, ‘The Fourth Pillar of Democracy’, or ‘Independence of the MSM’. Not just that, but the ‘CT‘ about why USA, NATO and GCC countries -Qatar and Saudi in the main- are out to get Assad in Syria has now gone main stream; it is no more a CT.
Russia supplies bulk of the natural gas needed by Europe through its network of pipelines running through Ukraine. That makes EU and Russia economic-co-joined twins, whose separation would be painful to either in the absence of a viable alternative for the other. This is seen as a major impediment in the plans of USA to smash Russia to turn it into a client state.  Russia is a valuable ally of Assad in Syria -the country with which it has had close ties for long. Qatar sits on huge natural gas reserves, which would easily wean away EU from Russian Gas without pain. Qatari gas, however, cannot flow freely and cheaply [through pipelines; unlike sea transport through cryogenic vessels, which is far more expensive] to Europe unless Syria is ‘pacified’. That’s why just after finishing with Qaddafi in Libya, USA, France, NATO, Qatar, UAE, and Saudi went after Assad, who has proved until now to be no push over with ample Russian material support. Not happy with ‘progress’ in Syria, USA started another tack of denying Russian-Gas access to EU-Market by fomenting a coup in Ukraine to have its democratically elected president overthrown and have its puppet, Petro Poroshenko, installed in his stead. See this prescient speech made by Deputy Oleg Tsarov in Ukrainian Rada on 20 November 2013 warning of events that CIA was to unfold in just a few months.
On 9/11 -note the date- last year, John Kerry, US Secretary of State, came calling on Saudi King to have him push oil prices down so hard that it starts to hurt mortally ‘hated regime’ like Russia; Iran and Venezuela were added bonuses. This was like opening a ‘third front’ against the much hated Putin, after launching destabilise Syria and Ukraine great-game-plans. Then started the unseen downward spiral of oil, which saw the prices halving in just a few months. This has hurt the fracked-gas industry in USA real bad with many businesses turning turtle; but that was an ‘acceptable risk’ because Putin was expected to buckle before the “Russian mass protests [imagined by US strategists]” much earlier than fracked-gas industry starts to bleed in Oklahoma, Texas or California. This narrative was put down as yet another CT from those delusional CNs. However, that CT has now got mainstream endorsement of New York Times, and of course, therefore, of US administration.
WASHINGTON — Saudi Arabia has been trying to pressure President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to abandon his support for President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, using its dominance of the global oil markets at a time when the Russian government is reeling from the effects of plummeting oil prices.
Saudi Arabia and Russia have had numerous discussions over the past several months that have yet to produce a significant breakthrough, according to American and Saudi officials… If oil can serve to bring peace in Syria, I don’t see how Saudi Arabia would back away from trying to reach a deal,” a Saudi diplomat said.
There we have, a conspiracy theory now proudly masquerading as the fact. No matter how much lipstick NYT tries to put to the hideous beast, it can’t conceal its true nature. The Sociopaths who strut around as world leaders care little for common people, even their own.
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