Denmark?, March of US Empire’s False Flag Operations!!

The crisis in Ukraine that was orchestrated 15 months back by US led NATO to throw out the democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych was a carefully put up yet another false flag operation. Conclusive evidence from unimpeachable sources  exists, but one would not get a whip of it in mainstream media [MSM]. What MSM ignores, never happened. Right? Wrong!!! Though, of course, not for those addicted to MSM for their daily dose of political-dope. Here is a leaked telephonic conversation [it is dated, yet relevant, as US is conducting extremely dangerous manoeuvres over Ukraine to bring down Russia] between High Representative of European Union on Foreign Policy and Security, Catherine Ashton, and Foreign Minister of Estonia, Urmas Paet. In the portion of the conversation from 8th to 9th minute, Paet is heard unequivocally stating that the bullets that killed the police as well as the protesters came from strategically placed well trained snipers, who worked according to the diktats of the leaders of the Kiev Coup. Make no mistake, this was clearly a US plot at whose behest the neo-Nazis in power today had been acting then as now to malign Yanukovych and Russia for the blood on the streets. Unfortunately, the US empire succeeded in convincing ‘the masses of the free-world’ in accepting this delusion as unadulterated truth.

Kiev snipers hired by new coalition, not Yanukovych – Estonian FM to Ashton

This came on the back of infamous “Fuck The EU” uttered  by US assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland in the course of conversation with the US envoy to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, while discussing who should be in Ukraine’s next government.
Denmark Twin Shootings of yesterday need to be rightly suspected as yet another false flag operation, unless proved to the contrary. Prima-facie, it carries all the hallmarks of a false flag. First, the targets were a well publicised event to defend ‘the free speech in the free world‘ -the lousiest delusion of them all, and a Jewish synagog. That should make it ‘clear’ to anyone that bloody Islamist terrorists were behind it -the current leitmotif of US empire whenever Russia is not in the crosshairs. Second, within hours the picture of ‘suspect’ was released by Danish police.
Third, the creation of fear psychosis, “Police advise people to stay indoors, Copenhagen ‘not safe’ as manhunt continues“. Last, Police shoot and kill a suspect supposedly linked to ‘twin terror attacks’. QED, case closed -> ‘Incident’ created: Terrorist Attacks; ‘Narrative’ enforced: Deed of bloody Islamists; and Law enforcement keeps you safe: Suspect killed. Lesson for the populace? Stand united unthinkingly and slavishly behind your governments against this ‘war on terror’ for your own safety and security; leave everything else to the Big Brother to protect you- except when he is not the one killing you.
This post was triggered by a compilation of ‘False Flag operations that I came across today. The list of this nature can never be complete or comprehensive, but only illustrative. Foremost reason is that one may report only on false flag operations that came to light. The other constraint is what information is available to the compiler of the list.  Lastly, the choice any compiler faces to choose from available candidates. However, the list is quite illustrative for anyone how wants to cure himself of the pathological deception practised by authorities of every ideology, led of course notably by the ‘champion of freedom’ and current world empire the US Administration. One should harbour no illusions that we are not ruled by sociopaths.

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