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GermanWings: Not Yet, Officially, Terrorism, Germany’s 9/11.

30 March 2015
The death of 148 passengers and a pilot, mostly  Germans and Spanish, on board Lufthansa’s budget carrier, German Wings, curiously has gone unreported in Main Stream media [MSM] for what it was: Deliberate, Horrific Murder by the co-pilot of the plane.

Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz hid illness from airline, search uncovers torn-up and current sick notes

Andreas Lubitz ‘received treatment for depression’

The co-pilot Andreas Lubitz voluntarily wanted to destroy the plane

Andreas Lubitz planned spectacular gesture that would go down in history, claims ex-girlfriend

Andreas Lubitz urged captain to leave cockpit so he could crash Germanwings jet, recording reveals

The last link has this “chilling Information”:
Evidence has emerged that Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot who last week brought down the Germanwings plane over the Alps, carefully planned his decision to lock the captain out of the cockpit and crash the aircraft.
Details from a transcript of the cockpit voice recorder from Flight 9525, leaked to a German newspaper, appear to show that Lubitz repeatedly badgered Captain Patrick Sonderheimer to leave him alone on the flight deck.
Chillingly, when Capt. Sonderheimer tried to brief Lubitz on plans for a routine landing in Dusseldorf, the First Officer replied: “Hopefully” and “We’ll see.”
The most troublesome feature of this reporting is that there is no mention that this was a case of spectacular mass murder that was masterminded by a Suicide-Co Pilot not unlike the suicide bombers routinely demonised in Western MSM. Did anyone hear “TERRORISM” mentioned even once? The reports only focused on the co-pilot -his state of mind, his girl friend, his illness- and not a wee bit on the victims. Would such kid glove treatment meted out if the pilot was a Muslim? When an incidence happens that MSM calls an act of TERROR, is there any attempt made to understand the circumstances which conditioned the “terrorist” to act heinously? Then it is always about victims and their families. Why is this case different? First, Andreas Lubitz is an ethnic German -White Caucasian Male. Second, he is obviously born into Christian faith. These two are powerful credentials to convert an act of terror into a casual, voluntary, but deliberate act of causing the plane to kiss the sides of Alps in a show of all consuming love. Any incidence to qualify as an Act of Terror must pass one cardinal test: The agent must profess Islam as his faith. Once the perpetrator is found to be a Muslim or  simply declared a Muslim in the absence of evidence, then his act effortlessly transforms into an act of terror: “Ohh, he was a Muslim, that explains it”. This is the biggest hypocrisy of our times. Just by changing suitably the language of the discourse, the perception of reality, nay reality per se stands changed. Thats why nations not obedient to USA become REGIMES even if popularly elected, whereas allies like Saudi monarchy have respectable “government”. The coups engineered by CIA/NATO become freedom movements like in Ukraine. The mass murders carried out by USA/NATO in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and now Yemen become acts of spreading of freedoms and democracy. The massive displacements and livelihood destruction resulting from such acts become collateral damage. Support to military dictators like in Egypt or highly reactionary monarchies like in Saudi Arabia become measures for stability and peace in the region. While the beheadings by IS are massively berated, the beheadings by the house of Saud are conveniently ignored. The wars started by US and allies unilaterally on sovereign nations without UN approval, become coalition of the willing. So much so that the bombings started by Saudi Arabia and its GCC allies in sovereign Yemen without UN approval have not raised even a protest of murmur from anybody. Mind you, Saudi is not a super power. But, then, it is the loyal ally of the only super power and has the latter’s approval. The “American Exceptionalism” has by some miracle of induction become “House of Saud’s Exceptionalism”. The perversion of the discourse is now complete. No longer are deemed necessary even pretensions to fairness, justice and equity.
While I have not seen any speculation in MSM about the “real religion” of Andreas Lubitz, the innuendoes have already started on the social media. I was made aware of one such exchange through message on one group. I reproduce my reply to it below.
As reported by BCT, and the links in his forwarded message,
***A German news website claims Andreas Lubitz was a Muslim convert.*

This link does say what BCT is gloating over. However, this obviously is not a German Website, since everything is in English. This website relies on “Michael Mannheimer, a writer for German PI-News”. If this name is clicked it takes to address **** This is a PERSONAL BLOG and not website of PI-News. The page displays:

Fehler 404. Die angeforderte Seite wurde nicht gefunden.

To anyone even without translation the meaning should be pretty clear.
**Apparently from the comments

> German PI – Andreas Lubitz was Muslim convert from his Facebook page.

This link is to PI-News website, which is indeed a German website. It refers to a report from MICHAEL, but he is not MANNHEIMER relied upon by but Stürzenberger.   In google translation his report reads:
Just run the press conference of the French prosecutors in Marseille plane crash of the German Wings machine. NTV, N24 and Phoenix broadcast live. Everything speaks of suicide currently the co-pilot. The captain Patrick special Heimer had left the cockpit for a short time, but could not get back into it, as the co-pilot had locked the car door from the inside. The voice recorder rendered “heavy breathing” from the inside. The co-pilot initiated without reason, a deliberate descent of 1000 feet per minute and did not respond to instructions and requests of the tower. The captain tried down the door, but this was no longer possible. The co-pilot was German, Andreas Lubitz is hot, come from Montabaur, may have been 28 years old in 2013 and set in German Wings. He had only been 600 hours of flight experience. Who was this man and why he killed with his conscious action obviously and so many other innocent people? Current answer from the press conference: You do not know what religion he belonged.
(By Michael Stürzenberger)
The last line of the above report is dangerously mischievous, it reveals the bias of the author and has elicited a “desired comment” on the post [ see 2nd comment]. It said:
These are either way probably at least “late victim” of Islamism! Only because of the “religion of peace” has finally made it inaccessible from outside the cockpit …
 So all the EVIDENCE BCT has forwarded is NON-EXISTENT. Just the creation of TWO SICK MINDS, which he has relied upon to say:
**No wonder, the Police say that in case of violent crime, look for a Muslim**.
Does this perverted view need a comment?
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