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USA And The Genesis of ISIS.

27 April 2015
Islamic State has gone through several re-christianings, all of them at the hands of US administration and its faithful lackey, the western media. The outfit is generally known, in the Arab speaking world, by its Arabic acronym Daesh. First in 2013 it was called by Western MSM Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ISIS],  then for a brief period, Islamic State of Iraq and Levant [ISIL], later, Islamic State of Iraq and Al Shams [ISIS], and still later, it became simply, Islamic State [IS]. Whatever the choice of name, the fact remains that US played direct and visible role in its creation. Daesh or IS has now spread from Syria and Iraq to North African shores of Libya, and Now to Yemen. Whatever country USA or NATO [don’t forget Turkey] or its Autocratic friends Saudi Arabia/Qatar/UAE/ chose to bomb and destroy has now a “vibrant” and menacing community of IS. IS has proved to be as destructive as its creator USA, but unlike its creator has perverse liking for “publicly displaying” its bloodlust for the gore through the sickening videos it releases from time to time. US armed-forces’ bloodlust becomes public only through whistleblower released documents/Videos.
How did US Administrations create IS?
  • Destroying or Destabilising Arab Regimes not doing its bidding or to its liking; and thus creating dangerous political, economic and social vacuum.
  • Aiding Financially, Materially [equipment and weapons], Logistically, and through Air Campaigns the chimera of “Good” Jihadists, who kill in the name of USA/NATO, as opposed to “Bad” Jihadists, who kill in the name of Allah.
The following documentary by investigative journalist, Ben Swann, lays bare the above truth in just Twelve Minutes: Truth in Media: Origin of ISIS.
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