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United States of Europe: The Shock Doctrine in Greece.

22 July 2015

Hollande dans le JDD :”Pour un gouvernement de la zone euro avec un budget et un Parlement”

#GreeceCrisis: Take help of Google for literal [but somewhat defective] translation, but what French President, Francois Hollande, in effect is saying in the opinion piece he wrote is that For EuroZone’s Problems, not Less but More of Eurozone is Required. That is to have not just Monetary Union EuroZone has had till now, but to move over to Fiscal Union with One Budget, One Parliament and One Government -A United States of Europe [USE]. Now that Greece has been turned into a vassal state ruled over by Brussels’s  ECB/EC unelected Bureaucracy riding roughshod over Greek referendum’s OXI, the path to USE-Eurofication has been laid out like an expressway. What Hitler couldn’t achieve with his skies dominating Luftwaffe and swift moving Panzer Divisions rolling across Europe three quarters of centuries ago, the Franco-German [Sounds “great” this way, but in terms of power equation should be German-Franco] project has begun to realise without firing a shot so far, though the seeds for which were sown some 23 years back in 1992 at the treaty of Maastricht. Innocuously the project unfolded as a “benign” common trading block with customs union, European Exchange Rate Mechanism and commitment to tighter fiscal discipline. This happened right on the back of the unification of FRG and GDR into Germany and collapse of the Soviet Union. NATO should have been disbanded at this stage after realising it’s objective, but US empire was salivating at the prospects of NATO’s expansion into former Warsaw pact countries of Eastern Europe. For that to happen, the carrot of prospective membership of the European Union was must, and that’s how empire blessed the Franco-German project. This was followed by the deliberate balkanisation of a vibrant multi ethnic, multi cultural, and multi religious country like Yugoslavia and establishment of military bases there. Russia under Boris Yeltsin, who had turned into a US puppet, had practically emasculated the country to an extent where it could only meekly make few noises against the shenanigans unleashed right on its borders. Very soon NATO bases started spawning in other  Warsaw pact countries like Poland, Romania, Czech republic, etc. and also into the baltic states of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Encirclement of Russian bear was complete. Simultaneously in 1998, a monetary union with Euro as the common currency was unleashed on the eager but unsuspecting group of countries, though many had warned that a monetary union without a fiscal union was doomed. And the idea of losing sovereignty to USE was not politically expedient then. It’s time, as the German Chancellor and  French President now openly talk, has arrived. The duo has the index case made out of Greece [Disaster Capitalism] to put fear into the hearts of any recalcitrant EuroZone states. This process Naomi Klein has eloquently called “The Shock Doctrine“. USE may no longer remain a ephemeral apparition hovering in the background, but can claim centerstage with the success of traducing Greece.
Back then though, the concept of USE or rather even it’s precursors, the European Union or later EuroZone were considered too fragile as to need protection from Free Speech and Informed Debate. This may sound unwarranted allegation against a place that talks of European values and European ethos, which it pretends should be a beacon of hope and the ideal template to follow for the rest of rotten humanity. Renaissance period in Europe fostered the myth that Greece was the cradle of human “civilisation” and “democracy”; and these two were then transferred unalloyed through intervening two millennia miraculously and inexplicably to strike roots in the Western European Soil. Now that EuroZone has given indecent burial to that civilisation and democracy in Greece, their pretence stands exposed. But even before that, this is a little known fact, in France  [the “birth place” of Libertéégalitéfraternité] one would be jailed just for questioning the concept or historicity of Holocaust [This is not about the verity of Hitler ordered butchering of Jews”, but about the terms, Holocaust or Genocide, invented to describe it -See Russian Vetoes and the Terrible Cliché of “Genocide”].  Holocaust or Genocide were not the only terms that abrogated the Free Speech, but in 2001 even the criticism of European Union’s institutions and leading figures was outlawed.

Euro-court outlaws criticism of EU 
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in Brussels
Daily Telegraph 2001-03-07

THE European Court of Justice ruled yesterday that the European Union can lawfully suppress political criticism of its institutions and of leading figures, sweeping aside English Common Law and 50 years of European precedents on civil liberties. 
The EU’s top court found that the European Commission was entitled to sack Bernard Connolly, a British economist dismissed in 1995 for writing a critique of European monetary integration entitled The Rotten Heart of Europe.

The book argued that the single currency project would be used to generate an irresistible momentum for fullscale political union in Europe, dominated by an implicit power-sharing agreement between the German and French political elites. This was a political project which had to be pursued by stealth because neither the peoples nor the parliaments of major European nations had ever been willing to support it when it was presented openly as an explicit aim… Reading the speeches and position papers put out by successive German and French Governments and by community institutions, it is clear that the single currency project is designed to constitute a big and irrevocable step towards the ultimate goal of political union in Europe… The steady accretion of power by European institutions has been guided by the “functionalist” theory of Jean Monnet, the founding father of the “modern Europe”. This concept, lucidly described in Bernard Connolly’s book, maintains that the unification of the previously hostile nations of Europe will never be achieved by the normal methods of political democracy; but political unification can be brought about almost imperceptibly by transferring more and more governmental functions from national to European administrations.

Bernard Connolly later worked with AIG-Europe [Yes, the same AIG that was among others –Too Big Too Fail Or Jail- at the heart of 2008 Financial Crisis], where in 2008 he produced a paper: Europe – Driver or Driven? EMU and the Lust for Crisis. He gives too much credence therein to EuroZone’s ability [in deference may be to his the then employer?] to destroy the Anglo-Saxon [Read UK/USA] economies, but rest of his dire prognosis is borne out by events that have unfolded in the course of past 7 years. Some Excerpts:
So what Connolly had predicted back then is where Merkel, Hollande, and ECB have arrived now as far as demise of Greece is concerned. The candidates in waiting according to him are PIIGS [Portugal, Ireland, Italy, G—–, Spain], who are yet to face the guillotine save one. To read full paper of Connolly click here.
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