#ThisIsACoup: Back To The Future, Greece?

The European Financial Capital has forced a coup on Greece without firing a single bullet, whereby its “Elected” prime minister Alexis Tsipras, who overplayed his hand by bluffing to both the Troika and Greek People, has been forced into abject capitulation by agreeing to “conditions of bailout” that amount to fire-sale of Greece. This deal is worse than the Eurozone’s offer of 26th June that was put to referendum by Tsipras and was overwhelmingly rejected by common Greeks. Eurozone has offered a “deal”, where negotiations will start only after Tsipras has delivered on parliamentary passage of Germany-“demanded” legislations by Wednesday, 15th July. 

“Trust has to be rebuilt, the Greek authorities have to take on responsibility for what they agreed to,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said after the meeting ended just before 9 a.m. in Brussels Monday.

Unfortunately for Greeks, this can kicking exercise is going to result merely in more destitution and complete loss of freedom/ Independence than the pain what outright exiting the Euro would have caused. What is most surprising is that neither Greeks nor their self serving politicians have learnt anything from the events of past 5 years. A documentary, CATASTROIKA [Catastrophe + Troika] captures what exactly is happening to Greece now; astonishingly, it was made in 2012 based on what Troika did to Greece then. For EU, “history repeats….” adage may be a Comedy now; but would be unending Dystopia for a European country. Western folklore held Greek civilisation as the cradle of Democracy. Now the Banksters from the same “civilisation” are out bury it finally in Greece.
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