What I’ve Learned About US Foreign Policy, Frank Dorrel..

It is not the case that the proof is lacking. It is the case that the mind to comprehend that proof is lacking. 

The story of USA’s Foreign Policy is of an unending wars, overt or covert, carried out in and on the developing world ever since the World War II ended. The wars that were purportedly waged alway to further “national security interests”. The wars that were ostensibly waged to spread “American Way of Life”,  that is Freedom, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. That is the story that most citizens of United States of America bought into over several decades and continue to do so even now. This is the grandiose success of the “mass hypnosis”, whose spell is cast through the Mainstream Media. The evidence out in the open of the Duplicity and Perversity of US foreign policy is like the proverbial Elephant in the Room that few in USA seem to notice.
Frank Dorrel has put together the evidence in the form of a documentary:

What I’ve Learned About US Foreign Policy: The War Against the Third World

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