Studied in a rural school, which had some of the finest teachers.For them teaching was passion and good of students the primary motivation. Corporal punishment was not far away, but barring few exceptions no one felt unfairly treated. Especially one teacher who comes to mind is Aralekar sir, who exemplified the philosophy of Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, when it was not even known let alone become a “fashion”. He was therefore regarded somewhat whimsical and tight fisted. Went to college in Pune and Delhi. Had brush with student politics and Marxist thinkers, but then stayed the course on “mainstream” path to make a “career”. Currently possessed by the three arrows of Environment [limits to resource exploitation and climate change], Economy [fundamental crisis in “perpetual” capitalist accumulation], and Energy [end of versatile cheap fossil energy]. The answers seem to be embedded in “small is beautiful”. That is to have self sustaining, cooperating, easy reach eco-communities that take advantage of old and new technologies, which encourage and sustain decentralisation. Make Nature an Ally, not a Foe.


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