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Black Money: Now, 17/10/2014 and Then, 14/12/2011.

17 October 2014

UPA’s Pranab Mukherjee: “- Advani’s interpretation is not correct. If we disclose name respective country will not share more information with us as we are treaty bound. I am surprised as this demand has been made by former home minister of the country. I would have ignored this if it was not asked by former home minister and deputy prime minister of the country. Process is on with other countries and waiting for process to complete”

BJP’s L K Advani: “- Would appeal the Finance Minister to give details to us on the names given by the French government. It would be shameful if we come to know about these through some whistle blower, like Assange of Wikileaks did some time back. – Would appeal the Finance Minister not to hide any names of people who have black money in foreign banks, let all names be revealed even if it includes some of us. – No one should be exempted. Not in favour of taking tax from guilty and relieving them of charges, the guilty should be punished. – The Government should give a commitment to reveal the complete list of people who have black money is foreign banks.”

The Narendra Modi government, which promised to bring back black money stashed by Indians in foreign banks, on Friday toed the line of UPA regime by informing the Supreme Court that it cannot disclose such details given by countries with which India has double taxation avoidance agreement (DTAA).

Ram Jethmalani on whose plea SC had constituted the SIT for ‘unearthing’ black money said: “Matter should not be entertained even for a day. Such application should have been made by the culprits and not by the government, Centre is trying to protect the people who have stashed black money in foreign banks”.

The apex court had earlier rejected the same stand taken by UPA government, observing that such DTAA does not prevent the Centre from disclosing the names of the persons having bank accounts in foreign banks.
Everyone knows what role money, black money or what Advani called ‘dirty money’, plays come election season. The Yoga Guru and get ‘Black Money Stashed Abroad Back -Crusader‘, Baba Ramdev, said during this year’s general elections about ‘Black Money Stashed @ Home‘ was caught on camera.
Present Prime Minister, and then Gujarat’s CM, Narendra Modi, had this to say about Baba Ramdev, Black Money and Himself in 2013.
How the Opposition has a miraculous change of heart and stance when in power is one of the greatest mysteries of electoral democracy. Or is it?
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