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Inescapable Odious Comparison: Yemen And Ukraine!

3 April 2015
Yemen crisis it seems was “godsend” [disclaimer: I am not a believer] to reveal the cussedness, the double-faced-ness of US/NATO empire and its utter value and ethics less foundation. In both the countries “legitimate”, ruling governments were overthrown. Wait a minute, what bestows Legitimacy? Viktor Yanukovych, was democratically elected President of Ukraine -a process US-EU swear by and whose sanctity in Ukraine election they had accepted. So much so that Ukraine led by him was to become part of EU and NATO until he developed cold feet. After that it was all downhill for him with USA/NATO masterminding and leading a coup -Maidan- in Ukraine that made Yanukovych flee for dear life to Russia. On the other hand, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi was installed in early 2012 as the president of Yemen in transitional arrangement under the avowed auspices of UN, but of course instigated by US-NATO. Right since his installation he has been facing instability to his regime and finally had to flee Yemen recently to Saudi Arabia as Houthi rebellion first drove him from capital Sanaa and later even from port-city Aden. It was the Saudi led and US sponsored GCC initiative that had brought Hadi to power in the first place through backdoor and not through any fair elections. In Ukraine, Crimean peninsula fearing violence from neo-Nazis in power in Kiev voted overwhelmingly in a referendum to join Russian federation -a democratic wish Putin fulfilled without delay. Crimea was part of Russian Federation within USSR until it was transferred in a surprising administrative decision by CPSU general secretary Nikita Khrushchev in 1954. This act of reuniting Crimea with Russia of Putin incensed the US-NATO empire so much that it put slew of debilitating “sanctions” against Russia and Russian entities to cripple its economy and to instigate domestic unrest against Putin. Putin was treated a Pariah and depicted as Hitler by mainstream western media for not respecting Ukraine’s Sovereignty. But Saudi Arabia, and the coalition of the “willing GCC scoundrels” that is bombing from the air Yemen violating it’s sovereignty is feted as region’s “courageous” stabilisers. Can the US propaganda get any more blatant and bizarre? One wouldn’t get even a whip of this obvious but odious comparison in the western media. Fortunately Russia Television [RT.Com] had a brilliant discussion precisely on this topic -a must watch.
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