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Atheist TV: Creationists – Evolutionist.

11 August 2014
Fear of and curiosity about the bewildering ‘creation’ in which the humans found themselves set them on a quest to find answers. In ancient times when knowledge of nature and her ways was limited, our ancestors made hasty but wrong connections between phenomena or effects and their causes. Disappearance and reappearance of the Moon soon enough taught them to create an almanac-a useful device, but much before that made them conclude that some monsters, like Rahu (राहू) Ketu (केतू) of Indian mythology swallowed the Moon and confined it to some dungeon until released by some other ‘divine’ power. This mode of reasoning is anticipated by the realization that every effect must have a cause. Absence of proper knowledge base led to hasty conclusions about the existence of supernatural powers like demons or ghosts (cause of unpleasant phenomena), demigods (cause of pleasant phenomena), and of the supreme creator, who controls everything. Over a period, when the human knowledge base grew through collective experience of fashioning of tools, observations, experiments, and further observations; then slowly but surely the discipline of science emerged. However, even as body of science grew enormously, especially in last few centuries, science cannot and does not claim to have or can offer answers to every question about the wonder that is creation. May be this incompleteness of science, which is not going to go away as I suspect science will always remain Work In Progress,  creates a tension that still forces most humans to seek the “safe sanctuary” of God and religion, which offers the faithful simple succour of “Trust in God”, “[He] knows best”, and therefore, “leave everything to [him] to solve”. In modern parlance, religions were and are off-shoring or outsourcing of Human-Existential burden to God. It works for many, because they sincerely believe it works. Unfortunately, this God-Dependence is not without its dangerous payload, and that comes in the form of religions’ high priests, who control and manipulate the faithful usually in collaboration with the ruling power. That is why the harm caused by religions far outweighs the benefits of “innocuous” personal faith in the Supreme Being (mark it, he is still a being). 
The natural world is orderly, but life is “imperfect” in many ways. Why did a “super intelligent” designer like God create an “imperfect world”? This is the crux of the debate at the heart of what Evolutionist ask of Creationist. The Intelligent Design Video has a satirical-take on it.
On the evolutionary tree, Human beings and Chimpanzees parted ways some 6 million years ago. That is to say, the common ancestor of both, now extinct, existed about until then. Such a huge gulf exists between the two  -that is in their Phenotypes- that one would conclude their genome would be vastly different too. It has to be, isn’t it? Shockingly to most, when the Genome of two is compared letter by genetic letter (Only Four Alphabets: A-Adenine, C-Cytosine, G-Guanine, T-Thymine), it differs in too few places as Dawkins shows here. Minor variations in Genotype cause Vast changes in Phenotype just as in Theory of Chaos one is amazed to know how critically a system’s behaviour is dependent upon Initial Conditions and even Minute Perturbations.
The next video takes a look at the crux of how random genetic mutations-the material of evolution and natural selection-the tool of evolution (working through survival and reproductive success) have profoundly affected the design of life so as to ground the creationist argument smack into the dust.
Finally, I come to the reason that prompted this post, my discovery of a Streaming TV channel that makes available to all the Atheist -position on life: Atheist TV: Atheism Everywhere. Atheist may no longer despair at the cacophony of religious channels; there are many other atheists like them out there. 
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