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The Ultimate Terror State.

10 April 2013
War never had a humane face. It always debased what is humane, what is compassionate. Even though it never had a humane face, wars always involved humans, particularly men. Victors and vanquished, both measured toll of war with death, maimed, and wounded. Victors had an opportunity to reassess the “benefits” of wars weighed down by the destruction they visited. Technology has changed that. US drones now can kill unchallenged anywhere in the world with no one in USA, sorry!, barring a few,  any wiser. Where the buttons are pressed, it is now only a game, and the images on the screen are the only “reality” to feed the senses  of “players” with no moderating thoughts to intercede on behalf of those who are about to die a brutal and gory death thousands of miles away. US administration now conducts war beyond the pale of national and international laws, and unencumbered by the conscience of US citizens or international community. Until 10 March 2013, drone strikes murdered 3105 people in areas of Pakistan on the border with Afghanistan. Their break up, 175 Children [5.6%], 535 Civilians [17.2%], Others [75.6%], and only 47 high profile targets. Welcome to President Obama of USA’s Invisible war.
While rightfully condemning unlawful, murderous acts of US administration, one should never lose sight of brave and concerned US citizens, who aim to hold their government accountable for its criminal behaviour. Click the link to visit the Interactive Graphic.
h/t Pitch Interactive, Inc. 2140 Shattuck Ave Ste 806 Berkeley, CA 94704.
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