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Mariupol Attacks: Whose Hand, Russia or NATO?

29 January 2015
Expelling Russia from SWIFT would be treated as an act of war, declared VTB Bank’s head, Andrei Kostin, at Davos-WEF last Friday: “If there is no banking relationship, it means the countries are on the verge of war, or definitely in the cold war.” This warning was echoed by Russia’s premier, Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday.
KHMELYOVO VILLAGE (Bryansk Region), January 27. /TASS/. Western countries’ threats to restrict Russia’s operations through the SWIFT international bank transaction system will prompt Russia’s counter-response without limits, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Tuesday.
“We’ll watch developments and if such decisions are made, I want to note that our economic reaction and generally any other reaction will be without limits,” he said.
In late August 2014, media reports said the UK had proposed banning Russia from the SWIFT network as part of an upcoming new round of sanctions against Moscow over its stance on developments in neighboring Ukraine. However, this proposal was not supported by the EU countries at the time. After recent shelling of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol some western countries again started calling to disconnect Russia from SWIFT.
SWIFT transaction system
The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) transmits 1.8 billion transactions a year, remitting payment orders worth $6 trillion a day. The system comprises over 10,000 financial organizations from 210 countries.
Under the SWIFT charter, groups of members and users are set up in each country covered by the system. In Russia, these groups are united in the RosSWIFT association.
Way back in August of last year, UK was already clamouring for such expulsion of Russia from SWIFT mechanism. This would mean Russian entities would lose ability to make or receive payments in cross-border transactions and that would cripple Russia’s international trade, economy and compromise her economic-independence. Ostensibly, US led sanctions were imposed on Russia for its ‘annexation’ of Crimea, support to ‘Rebels’ in South East oblasts of Ukraine, and for sending ‘Russian Boots’ in Ukraine. While Crimea voted to become part of Russia overwhelmingly and Russia stopped Ukraine’s US supported junta from militarily overturning the Crimean ballot; and while Russia did indeed support the Donetsk and Luhansk rebellion against the naked and devastating aggression in these regions by Kiev junta; US and NATO have so far failed to provide any verifiable evidence of Russian boots on Ukrainian soil except vile propaganda, crude concoctions and media lies. Every such turn of events is then used as pretext to call for more sanctions on Russia. Even the ‘unfortunate’ downing of Malaysian airlines flight MH17 was blamed presumptively without a shred of evidence on ‘Russia supplied BUK Missile’ fired by the Ukrainian Rebels. While no evidence has come from US and NATO to support the so far baseless accusation, Russia has put forward some tantalising evidence, so far unchallenged, that suggests Kiev junta’s airforce downing flight MH17 either mistakenly or deliberately to put blame on Russia or ‘Russia backed rebels’ to ratchet up tensions with NATO. In fact, after the initial frenzy of western Media to bash the Russians endlessly, the subject of MH17 has quietly dropped off the media table. Why?
However, Kiev routinely and incessantly accuses of Russian boots on Ukrainian soils including the latest shelling of Mariupol that killed and wounded scores of civilians. Again these accusations have gone unsubstantiated. On the other hand quite damning evidence has emerged that suggests opposite may be true; that is either serving armed forces personnel or at the very least retired armed forces personnel now working as mercenaries with private contractors belonging to and the behest of English speaking nations of NATO are on the ground at Mariupol.

The Vineyard Saker has posted the statement made on 20 November 2013  by Deputy Oleg Tsarov before the Ukrainian legislature where he warns of the plot hatched USA/NATO and led by US embassy in Kiev to overthrow the democratically elected government in a coup, which later in early 2014 came to be known as ‘The Maidan’.
See this evidence to decide who is itching to decimate Russia using Ukraine as the proverbial weeping ulcer. At what cost, with what objective and for whose benefit? Definitely not for the benefit of common working populace around the world including in USA.