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Fear Is The Key: Terror Meme, Bio Terror.

16 March 2013
Back in 2004, in Amsterdam, Theo Van Gogh, who took pot-shots at multiculturalism and Islam, met violent death at the hands of an Islamist Dutchman of Moroccan origin. There have not been any major terror incidences in Netherlands since then. Yet the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism [NCTV] raised the threat level for terrorist attack on 12 March to *Substantial*: ^^The chance of an attack in the Netherlands or against Dutch interests abroad has risen. Close to a hundred individuals have recently left the Netherlands for various countries in Africa and the Middle East, especially Syria. Individuals fighting for radical Islam abroad could return and “inspire others in the Netherlands to follow in their footsteps^^. These developments fall into a larger pattern. Since September 2001 successive US administrations are in hot pursuit of terrorist organizations, particularly, Al Qaeda, or so we are told. Osama Bin Laden was a trusted CIA operative to incite Jihad in Afghanistan as a part of USA-Pak proxy war against the *infidel* Red Army of the Soviet Union during 1981-88. Since then most virulent form of bigoted Islam has become a scourge of Afghan society. Iraq was ruled by the iron fist of Saddam Hussain, but there was no Al Qaeda, no radical Islam, no Shia-Sunni internecine war, no suicide bombers, nor ill treatment of women. USA invaded Iraq, and Al Qaeda and  Islamists followed in hot pursuit. Iraq has now Shia-Sunni violent fratricidal strife, regular suicide bombings,  and ill treatment of women. Libya was ruled by Muammar Gadhafi on tight leash. USA encouraged Anglo-French led NATO invasion of Libya with stout material support, both lethal and non-lethal; and Al Qaeda and radical Islam followed in hot pursuit. Libya has begun to face same ill fated forces as in Iraq.

Currently it is the turn of Syria, where another sordid drama on now familiar lines is unfolding. Instead of USA going in hot-pursuit of Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations; we have the spectacle of terrorist organizations and most virulent form of bigoted Islam following it in hot pursuit wherever and whenever USA seeks to destabilise any country/ regime. The think tanks in USA with imperial bend have a term for what we see happening on the geo-political scene: *Controlled Chaos*. This is an euphemism for violent instability, which confuses, frightens, and disorients general populations; and thereby creates opportune circumstances to put in place strategic structures for control of global resources.

From Afghanistan [abutting central Asia] to Libya to Nigeria [Boko Haram] is a large swathe of geography, which is happens to be very rich in fossil fuels. Whoever dominates this area, dictates the world by turning the energy tap on or off at will. Only trouble is that virulent ideas or ideologies mimic virulent organisms. Once unleashed, there is no way of predicting or controlling where they strike. They are double edged or rather multi-edged weapons just like in biological warfare, and have ability to mutate and reinvent themselves. The word *Meme* captures this mutability of behaviours or cultures just like Genes do for organisms. Dutch concerns over radicalization of a section of their youth stems from the ability of a Meme to infect minds: In the same report, there is this curious statement attributed to NCTV ^^Political changes in the Middle East and North Africa have made space for an expansion of radical Islamic groups that are no longer under the control of security forces^^. This clearly implies that Radical Islamic groups were under the control of security forces earlier, or were in fact probably nurtured by them. But through mutation in their Meme, they have now gone out of control. The creators of *controlled chaos* doctrine clearly failed to anticipate mutability of Meme.

Did we say Biological Warfare? Smallpox has been the most dreaded disease alongside Plague. By some accounts, smallpox killed some 500 million people in the twentieth century, its last, to triumph over wars, which claimed probably 150 million. Smallpox virus has probably seized to exist in natural state, or at least has stopped propagating through human populations, thanks to vaccination. However, the virus still exists on the surface of the earth in medical [eg. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia] and bio-warfare laboratories, at least at any rate in US and Russian establishments. Obviously, such stocks must be most assiduously protected in fail proof containment facilities, especially if they have been further bio-weaponised to create more virulent strains. If anybody needs to fear smallpox virus, then it is obviously countries other than USA or Russia. But, what is obvious is not obviously what is common: ^^The United States government is buying enough of a new smallpox medicine to treat two million people in the event of a bio-terrorism attack, and took delivery of the first shipment of it last week… A small company, Siga Technologies, developed the drug in recent years. Whether the $463 million order is a boondoggle or a bargain depends on which expert is talking^^.

There are really speaking only two explanations that appeal to common sense. It could be a “harmless” case of lining up private pockets with public money by silencing critics through the bogey of bio-terrorism. The more diabolical case is that the fear of bio-terror attack is real; but then the ones who are stockpiling the anti-dote are the very ones who have the means to let loose the bio-weaponised virus out of the bottle.

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