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Different Strokes: 6 and 7 July 2013.

7 July 2013
  • Kashmir court orders reopening of Kunan Poshpora mass rape case: “The Chief Judicial Magistrate Kupwara, J. A. Geelani, while dismissing closure report of Jammu and Kashmir police in the case, asked police to “further investigate to unravel the identity of those who happen to be perpetrators.”  The court said the investigation would be conducted by an officer not below the rank of SSP and within a time bound period of three months“.
  • Habibullah breaks silence: Govt deleted key portions of my report on J&K mass rape case: “”The Deputy Commissioner, Kupwara had received reports from the villagers of Konan that a mass rape had been committed in the village on the night of 23/24 February during cordon-and-search operations conducted by elements of the 4 Raj Rifles. He (Deputy Commissioner) had visited the spot on 5th March and according to his preliminary investigations, it appeared to him prima facie that an offence of monstrous proportions had been committed,” Habibullah’s confidential report stated“.  “I found the allegations of mass rape exaggerated because the women of the entire village were saying they were raped. But I didn’t say nothing has happened. I thought perhaps the entire village had decided to say they were raped so that the victims do not have to live alone with this blot,” Habibullah told The Sunday Express. The paragraphs of my confidential report where I had recommended that the level of investigation be upgraded to that of a gazetted police officer so that this case is probed efficiently were taken out of my report. I had also asked that the Corps Commander should issue orders to ensure that the Army cooperates with the investigation because SP Kupwara had indicated that in other cases, he was not getting the required cooperation for investigation from the Army. That paragraph was also deleted… When the report came out in the public, I did protest. I called up the Governor (G C Saxena). But I was already posted out of Kashmir by then”“.
Wajahat Habibullah, chairman of the National Commission for Minorities, had earned lot of respect from RTI activists in his earlier avatar as Centre’s Chief Information Commissioner. He claims that he did protest privately deletion of important paragraphs from his report that was used by the government to give clean chit to security forces. This incident took place 22 long and for victims painful years ago when P. V. Narasimha Rao led Congress government was in power at centre. Congress government’s complicity in tampering with investigations is complete. Habibullah’s strange and inexcusable silence all these years is inexplicable. He needs to do some hard explaining why he held his silence for 22 years and also why he chose to break it now. Incidentally, he also claims he had recommended the same *upgradation of investigation* that magisterial court has now ordered. It is a case of too little too late for the victims of rape. Will the truth be found now after all these years and justice done?

Narendra Modi’s deputy Amit Shah heads to Ayodhya, ‘prays’ for Ram temple ‘soon’: “Shah, who visited the makeshift Ram temple at the disputed site, said: “I came to visit the Ram temple which is a centre of faith for crores of Hindus from around the world… I have prayed that good governance is established in the country and the nation gets rid of the Congress. I have also prayed that we together build a grand Ram temple here as soon as possible and restore Lord Ram to his rightful place”“. 

Shah expects Ram Lalla to restore BJP to power at Centre come general elections when the deity has failed to restore its grand temple to itself. That shows it is not the power of Ram in which BJP reposes its faith, but in its own ability to vulgarly exploit the reverence and faith of the people to its electoral advantage.

Parivar politics: BJP leader sought to nail Raghavji with sleaze CD: “BJP leader Shiv Shankar Pateria admitted on Saturday that he had orchestrated the sleaze CD which was handed over to the police as “evidence”. I want to cleanse the party of such dirty elements,”… “Whatever I did is in the party’s interest,”… “When I realised that audio CDs won’t be sufficient evidence, I asked the victim to accompany the minister on his train journeys and shoot the video in AC compartments,” said Pateria, added that the victim could not do so at the official bungalow since the “lights were switched off during the act”… There are many such leaders in the party,” said Pateria, insisting that his action would damage “only individuals, and not the party”“.

The person who touched the feet of his granddaughter in a great public show now stands accused of sodomy. Pateria claims that there are many such leaders in the party. If these fatricidal accusations are proved to be correct, then it would be a great blow to the party, the chief of whose mentor organization RSS not so long ago claimed that rape is alien to Hindu culture.

Ishrat Jahan case: IB can seek immunity if they want, says CBI: “The CBI got an opportunity in the coal allocation case and enhanced powers for it have been proposed by the government. The IB too should see an opportunity in the Ishrat Jahan case, They should approach the courts or the government for immunity as is granted by several other countries to intelligence outfits instead of criticising the investigating agency and questioning the quality of CBI’s evidence. This is an issue the government has to decide upon,… We have no political agenda and we should not be blamed for demolishing the security of the country. A bogey is being created that thanks to the Ishrat Jahan case the entire IB will stop functioning and national security will be in jeopardy“.

CBI Chief Ranjit Sinha is yet to prove his mettle as the head of country’s top notch criminal investigation agency, but he is already proving here to be an astute person well versed in the art of real politics. He seems to have learnt his bitter lessons well in the *goof up* created by showing the results of CBI’s Coalgate report in Supreme Court ordered enquiry to the political executive for vetting before submitting it to court.

India looks to World Bank, ADB to keep corruption in relief at bay: “Top government officials told The Indian Express that more than the funds, the worry for the government was graft that often stops relief from reaching the affected people. They said they were involving the World Bank and Asian Development Bank for “better monitoring” as well as to “weed out chances of corruption”. On Monday, representatives from the two institutions will visit Uttarakhand to assess the situation… We decided to seek ADB and World Bank’s help as they have an excellent system of monitoring funds. We want to ensure the money is utilised judiciously,” said Suneel Kumar Muttoo, Chief Resident Commissioner, Uttarakhand. Another official involved in the relief work said, “People have already started talking about making money under such circumstances. Corruption is bound to creep in but we have to ensure that the money reaches the victims. This is why we have decided to engage external agencies“.

Bravo India’s vaunted bureaucracy, which sounds so fearful of creeping corruption that it wants to get rid off it by having WB and ADB’s excellent system of monitoring funds. The multilateral institutions don’t procure relief materials, or organise logistics, or administer last leg relief. All that they do is monitor the spending and accounting of funds provided by them. India’s bureaucracy has several decades of experience in working on WB/ADB funded projects. If it has not learnt the art of keeping corruption at bay after such a long exposure, then it is either totally incompetent or fully complicit in corruption. Looks like it is a far sighted move to save its back when stories of sordid corruption emerge later even in providing relief to victims of a colossal tragedy. With WB/ADB involved, it can always pass the back: *but they were monitoring the spending in relief work*.
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