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Bribe: BJP PM Election Cell Vs BJP MP Culture Cell.

31 March 2014
Times of India reported on 29th March that Ganesh Malviya and his wife Poonam Rai, Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax -posted at Bhopal, were nabbed by CBI’s Bhopal unit for demanding a bribe of Rs. 25 Lakhs and accepting the first instalment of Rs. 10 Lakhs from a city based builder Rajesh Bhadoria for overlooking the discrepancies in the tax returns of latter’s firm, Ramayan Builders and Developers. This *Bribe/Corruption Ramayana* would have been taken by the Media and Citizens of India in their strides without batting an eyelid as *Common Routine Matter*. But this was no *ordinary Ramayana*. It had explosive connections with leading BJP men, who fashion themselves as the *defenders, sole interpreters and true inheritors of Ramayana culture*.
The complainant, Bhadoria, is the convener of Madhya Pradesh BJP’s Cultural Unit -a state led by powerful BJP chief minister, Shivraj Singh Chauhan. The accused Malviya is the co-convener of election cell of the current and “only” national leader of BJP, chief minister of neighbouring Gujarat, and the wannabe Prime Minister of India come June, Narendra Modi. There lies the sting in the tale. Frankly, Modi has so saturated the Visual and Print media that he hardly needs any introduction. The news is *sensational* because of the connections of the accused and the complainant, and has received attention of national media; but Times of India has already done three stories.
It also appears that Times of India and/or BJP have already begun damage control exercise. On 29th of March 2014, Ganesh Malviya was described as Co-Convenerof PM aspirant and BJP candidate, Narendra Modi’s Election Cell. But by 31st March 2014 he is already demoted to *Member of election cell* and that too *Former*. That is kind of double demotion.
The Pioneer, which supports Modi and BJP, gave out the news simply as *allegations* levelled by the leader of the opposition (Congress) in state assembly, Satyadev Katare. That was a clever (by half) deception to make the blow easy may be for its *committed* readership.
Malviya collecting funds through bribe: Katare: Leader of the Opposition in the State Assembly Satyadev Katare has on Saturday alleged that BJP leader Ganesh Malviya was collecting funds for Lok Sabha elections through bribe with the help of his wife.  Since, Malviya is co-convenor of the election cell, Katare told media persons that he was collecting funds for BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.
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