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Lantern, Inequality, Tax Evasion, Surveillance and Bitter Truths of the Past.

17 November 2014
What is, is not; What is not, is. That is what precisely this new revolutionary product, “Lantern: One Device, Free Data From Space Forever” could be. “Free data from space forever” sounds like the proverbial manna from the heaven. But like that deity of Chicago school, Milton Friedman, took pleasure in “busting” the myth that government can provide goods and services at no cost to anyone relying on the old maxim, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch“; one may safely surmise there can’t be free data however appealing it may look superficially. Friedman, of course, did believe in the myth of “Free Markets” with utmost reverence just as the US administration wants everyone to believe that it is promoting Democracy, Freedom and Peace around the globe when democracy turns out to be USofA’s most dangerous export. While on the topic of freedom, how can one forget the billionaire FOREX predator, George Soros, and his pet artifice of a project: Open Society. This project provides the necessary soft power to “open up” societies that do not toe the line of Big Business Interests and US hegemony, and wishes eventually to create “conditions” for US to militarily intervene. Of course, its not alone in such efforts and there is an array of five star non governmental organizations [NGOs] from US and their satellites around the world working along side. Lantern talks of Library in every village/ Education and learning for all/ Embracing 4.3 billion people who lack internet access/ Responding to natural disasters/ Syrian Crisis/ Beating Government Censorship/ and the least goes on. Well, Why is someone providing it for free? Because those who fund the project know that they would get to control what content is put on the “Outernet”. If that doesn’t sound like a big deal, recall the iconic words of George Orwell:
Those who control the present, control the past. Those who control the past, control the future”.
Information, suitably doctored and fed, can control the mind. When the mind is controlled, the person is a Free, Willing, and Ready collaborator of the Content Controllers. The service is described as: “Lantern is an anonymous portable library that constantly receives free data from space.” That anonymity, one doesn’t even who the controller is -Big Brother, should chill anyone’s bones.
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The global wealth is rising. So is rising the financial inequality. Financial inequality has always been there ever since private property came to be recognised or rather was made to be recognised as legitimate; but the general standards of living rose markedly for significant populations in North Americas, Europe, Australia and New Zealand in the wave of globalization, imperial conquests, and colonization that began in the 16th century. The living standards rose fueled by the conquest of new territories, access to what looked then to be unlimited natural resources, and the emergence of new technology to exploit them. This wealth creation machine was expected to run unabated, almost like a perpetual machine, forever. That confidence is shaken since the last decade or so. The realization is growing that natural resources are not only finite; but all the easy low lying fruits have been taken and efficiency of exploiting them further is going to plummet exponentially going forward. Environmental destruction and climate change are no longer esoteric issues confined to academia and scientists, but have begun to affect peoples’ lives here and now. The game of wealth creation is very slowly, but relentlessly turning into a zero-sum game, where there is more wealth transfer than wealth creation; and more of that new wealth is flowing to super rich. That is why GEI has to talk of “0.7% Of The World’s Population Control 41% Of Its Wealth“. See the info-graphics for the results of this tectonic shift.
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International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has been doing sterling job since its inception. Its investigations, tracking illicit money, scrutinising dodgy tax heavens, and exposing laws, decrees, and agreements drafted by Corporate lawyers to suit the super rich to pay minimal taxes or almost completely evade them, are legendary. Recently, how a small Duchy of Luxembourg, located in the heart of Europe, helped big Corporates, whose products are trusted, familiar names and used by millions, to evade taxes became the focus of ICIJ investigations.
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US administration has a secret mass cellphones surveillance program based on Boeing Planes and technology that is operated out of five airports and has practically the entire US population covered. The technology mimics the normal cellphone towers and tricks the phones in the area to connect to the phoney signal. This then allows to sweep all the conversations in that area. Feds claim that it is targeted only at criminals and suspects. But, when the State is fooling its citizenry over its real foreign policy and economic agendas, and committing it to perpetual state of war, then, well, every citizen who is likely to stumble upon the truth is a potential criminal and therefore a suspect.
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Here are gems from the middle of the year 2000, in India.
“For one, during that 1975-77 period, most of the leaders of the BJP/RSS had betrayed the struggle against the Emergency. It is on the record in the Maharashtra Assembly proceedings that the then RSS chief, Balasaheb Deoras, wrote several apology letters to Indira Gandhi from inside the Yerawada jail in Pune disassociating the RSS from the JP-led movement and offering to work for the infamous 20-point programme. She did not reply to any of his letters. Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee also wrote apology letters to Indira Gandhi, and she had obliged him. In fact for most of the 20-month Emergency, Mr. Vajpayee was out on parole after having given a written assurance that he would not participate in any programmes against the Government”.

“It was the plurality and heterogeneity of Indian society that made people revolt against the authoritarian order. This is the crux of the Indian democratic paradigm. India is a democratic society in form because of the mutual gravitational pull of disparate sections that make the whole. Therefore, the lesson to be learnt from the Emergency is that as long as the composite nature of Indian society survives, Indian democracy will survive.Hence, when attempts at seeking homogeneity of Indian society are carried beyond a point, it is dangerous for democracy, at least till we have reached a level of education when good men and women will dare to struggle for fundamental rights”.
It is my confident wager that few would be able to flag the person correctly who made these statements in an article in The Hindu. It should shock those Hindutva-Dotards today as much as it did them with the grovelling of Deoras and Vajpayee in 75-77. Thanks to a group moderator, who alerted to this link to the past that its author must be in a hurry to forget he ever said. Does he know what Narendra Modi was doing in 75-77? I have archived The Hindu article, Unlearnt Lessons of Emergency, so that if it were to be taken down on The Hindu, we still have a copy.
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