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Why Doesn’t It Feel Like A Terrorist Attack, Unless It is Paris?

18 November 2015
Why doesn’t it feel like a bloody, inhuman, heinous, Terrorist Attack, unless,
  • It happens in USA, Canada, Western Europe or Australia-New Zealand.
  • It’s victims are white and Christian and relatively well off.
  • It’s perpetrators are held to be Islamists.
Unless above criteria is fulfilled, victims of terrorist attack cannot claim to be innocent nor their tragedy qualify to be gut wrenching. Just a day before the Paris Attack that claimed 129 victims, there was an attack in a city, which was once held to be Paris of the East.

Beirut, Lebanon – A national day of mourning was held Friday after two suicide bombers on motorcycles killed at least 43 people and wounded more than 200 others in a predominantly Shia area of southern Beirut. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) claimed responsibility for one of the worst attacks in years in Lebanon.

Mind you above report comes from Al Jazeera, a news channel owned by Qatari government that is actively promoting Islamic State along with Saudi Arabia, Turkey and UAE. The victims in this case were mostly Shia Muslims and therefore, their deaths, didn’t merit “the outpouring of grief” and “condemnation” seen after Paris attacks.

Ankara, Turkey. 11 October 2015: Weekend suicide bombings that killed at least 97 people in the Turkish capital and wounded over 180.

No doubt, Turkish State is brutally crushing Kurdish insurgency in it’s South East, while actively aiding IS to bring down Assad government in Syria. But does it make the attack on a peace rally any less brutal or wanton? Don’t the Turkish victims deserve the same sympathy and solidarity as their Parisian counterparts, notwithstanding the role played by French Government in fomenting anarchy in Libya by overthrowing Qaddafi or in wanting to do an encore in Syria?
In the same month of October, there were twin terror attacks in Nigeria on 23rd and 24th.
The October 23 and 24 bombings occurred at the newly built Jambutu Mosque in Yola, the capital of Adamawa state, and a neighborhood mosque in Maiduguri in Borno state, as well as other locations in that city. The attacks left 61 people dead.

Nigeria is once again hit yesterday, 17 November: A night-time explosion blamed on Boko Haram extremists killed 32 people and wounded 80 on Tuesday at a truck stop in northeastern Nigeria, an emergency official said.

The month of October ended when a plane belonging to Russian Aviation company was brought down over Sinai peninsula killing all 224 onboard. Only after weeks of painstaking search and piecing together of evidence did the Russian investigators confirm that it was a terrorist act and have announced a prize of US$ 50 million for information on perpetrators of the act. Instead of seeing empathy and solidarity with the Russians in the wake of this tragedy, one sensed a smug gloating among US and West European capitals over what they saw as Russians being served their just deserts.
The Federal Security Service director also announced a reward of $50 million for information on those behind the terror attack on the A321The Russian president asked the Foreign Ministry to “call on all our [foreign] partners” to assist in the search for the terrorists behind the attack. “We look forward in the course of this work to [help from] all our friends, including in finding and punishing the criminals,” he added.
When Terrorism strikes poor in poor countries or even a natural calamity strikes them abetted by manmade acts of omission or commission,  then it looks like a ROUTINE AFFAIR or FATE. But, when at the receiving end are rich in rich countries, then it is a colossal tragedy or massive disaster. The character of the event is decided by the character of victims.
Till now we have only considered Terrorist Acts of Non-State Actors, unless Islamic State is to be considered a State Actor. War on Terror that US began under George W Bush along with NATO allies is a far bigger dimension of Terrorism that has disrupted the stability of entire Middle East [and world?], probably for ever. This reality was best summed up by Donald Trump in a statement made with simplicity and rare candour, though he wanted to lay blame only at the door of Obama and Hillary Clinton avoiding any mention of George W Bush, who took down Saddam Hussein. 

Top Republican US presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, has once again embroiled himself in controversy by saying that the world would be a much better place if dictators such as Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were still in power. “I mean, look what happened. Libya is a catastrophe. Iraq is a disaster. Syria is a disaster. The whole Middle East just blew up around Hillary Clinton and Obama…

Of course, this was mere election rhetoric, Trump in power wouldn’t let anyone miss Obama or Bush. The victims of State-Terrorism are no victims, they have another sanitised name to describe their predicament: Collateral Damage- Unavoidable if somewhat regrettable. A case in point is the US Forces attack on the Medecins Sans Frontieres’ [MSF] Kunduz Hospital on 3rd October

The total number of dead is known to be at least 30, including: 10 known patients, 13 known staff, and 7 unrecognisable bodies that were in the wreck of the hospital and that have not been identified so far. These unfortunately may not be final numbers.

MSF had provided coordinates [36º 43′ 4.91″ N 68º 51′ 43.96″ E] of it’s facility to US and Allied forces in Afghanistan long ago. Yet, this facility was targeted intentionally in utter disregard of Geneva Convention Rules of War.  The public release of initial MSF internal review can be accessed here to learn about the brutality and callousness of the furious attack. 
Now it is time to see ParisAttacks from another angle as presented by Dmitry Orlov.

A Most Convenient Massacre

What a difference a single massacre can make!

• Just a week ago the EU couldn’t possibly figure out anything to do to stop the influx of “refugees” from all those countries the US and NATO had bombed into oblivion. But now, because “Paris changed everything,” EU’s borders are being locked down and refugees are being turned back.

• Just a week ago it seemed that the EU was going to be swamped by resurgent nationalism, with incumbent political parties poised to get voted out of power. But now, thanks to the Paris massacre, they have obtained a new lease on life, because they can now safely embrace the same policies that a week ago they branded as “fascist.”

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