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Peek Into The Subconscious Caste Consciousness.

1 December 2015
Even people who consider themselves cured of Caste Divisions ailing our society [mind you, it is not just a Hindu phenomenon; Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists are struck by it too] display in unguarded moments, in privacy of home or when among the trusted, the unmistakable Caste Awareness that incipiently pervades their being. Everyone is a product of their respective climes and times; and therefore, anyone who is brought up in India since childhood is exposed to all the undercurrents in the society formally as well as, more influentially, informally.
Therefore, when a set of documentaries were shared on a group that in a sensitive and understated manner expose the cancerous grip of caste in our society, but without rhetoric and demagoguery, I thought it well worth sharing. Those who are aroused to violent caste-hatred may be a minority [I do believe that they are a minority], but it is the sympathy of vast majority towards the foundational values of caste system that turns them into passive and acquiescing spectators of the despicable atrocities visited on Dalits and Adivasis by the belligerent minority. That subconscious subscription to Caste Values is what needs to change if the violence in the name of caste is to be resisted and stopped.

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