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Refugee Army Invades Europe! Who Is Responsible?

13 September 2015
This heartrending image impelled the conscience of humanity -“Humanity Washed Ashore [Dead]” just as did the photo of little Vietnamese Girls Napalmed by US Armed Forces some 43 years ago.
It did help then galvanise US public opinion against the unjust war on Vietnam. Would this image do the same for MiddleEast and North Africa where USA’s supposed “war on Terror” has ravaged Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen? One country after another has been destabilised, hundreds of thousands killed, millions made homeless and refugees, economies have been wrecked; and most virulent terrorists groups have been armed and let lose on hapless populations. Unlikely it seems, if this commentary on Fox News -the foremost Western MSM drumbeat of Establishment- still carries credulity with US citizenry: “Russia and China Plotted Migrant Invasion of Europe“.
Then There is a German commoner who couldn’t take the plethora of lies fed on the airwaves by the MSM.
Finally, it’s our duty to know the truth and to be not misled by propaganda.
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