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Miseries of Orphans are now Weapons of War

17 December 2009
No great country was ever saved by good men…good men will not go to the ‘lengths necessary’ to save it…”.
       Horace Walpole.
The ‘Good Men’ of CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) seem to have taken this last refuge of the “Men at War” to heart. Fifty orphans from the Chhattisgarh state run Astha Gurukul School are sponsored by CRPF to visit national capital & Mrs. Pratibha Patil, President of India. If things had stopped here, it would have passed off as an innocuous event based on humanitarian consideration. But they haven’t. A girl child is reported to have said that she will request the president “to eliminate the Maoists”. Even miseries of these children have become the new weapon unleashed by Mr. Chidambaram’s Home Ministry to win the war of propaganda & public approval for the no holds barred armed offensive ostensibly against the Maoists. Granted that each & every child in this group may have lost a parent or both to Maoists violence. They may have even had the grave misfortune of witnessing the gruesome deed perpetrated before their own eyes. One may not even begin to empathize with their pain and anguish. Violence often founds the ways of punishing the innocents.
Even handed Home Ministry would have found ways to take to the president the orphans of :
       Sikh carnage of 1984 in Delhi that were instigated, encouraged & abetted by Congress leaders,
       Muslim carnage of 2002 in Gujarat that were instigated, encouraged & abetted by BJP leaders,
       Mumbai terror attacks at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Trident and Taj,
       State & Insurgent violence in North Eastern States,
       Last but not the least, orphans of untrammeled violence of Salwa Judum actively aided & abetted by security forces.
All these children would then have demanded of the President “to eliminate respective perpetrators who deprived them of their parents & childhood”. One would then applaud the great lengths to which these good men are willing to go to make this country great.
Like the good men of CRPF, there are good men (and women) of media too. They too are eager to go to any lengths by filing ‘news reports’ that in their sheer audacity start sounding like pamphleteering. Take a look at following story in Telegraph – red marked text is highlighted for its spin or pretext.



The children from Dantewada at Raipur railway station before leaving for Delhi on Tuesday evening. Picture by Rupesh Yadav
Raipur, Dec. 16: Orphaned in Maoist violence, children from red zone of Chhattisgarh are out to see the world that is not dotted with landmines or ruled by bullets.
Fifty children who lost their parents during rebel massacres over the years are on a trip to Delhi from the dense forests of insurgency-hit Dantewada district. They will visit the national capital to see historical monuments besides meeting President Pratibha Patil. Kumari Rukmani of Kisteram and studying in Class VI is keen to meet the President. “I will request the President to eliminate the Maoists, who killed my father in 2006,” she said.
Interestingly, it’s not any civil rights or non-government organisation arranging the trip, but the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), which is combating the rebels in their den, which has organised the trip under its civic action programme.
“The students will stay in New Delhi for a week and will see the monuments to know the country’s history, besides meeting prominent persons, including the President,” CRPF deputy inspector-general S.C. Parashar said.
The students left for the national capital by train last evening.
The students stay at the state-run residential Astha Gurukul School in the worst Maoist-hit district of Dantewada in restive south Bastar. The total number of students in the school is 150.
The CRPF plans to arrange the trip in batches. Of the students, 20 are girls. Three teachers and an escort of CRPF are accompanying them to Delhi.
“The students are orphans, underprivileged and have not seen the world outside,” Parashar said.
Having witnessed ugly violence unleashed by the Maoists and living under death threats, the children were awe-struck seeing the chaos in the city roads for the first time yesterday.
Even the children — fear and pain of losing parents still etched on the faces — saw a train for the first time.
Now, they want no more children to be deprived of parenthood by the Maoists. “We want the end of Maoist menace,” said Karam Ram, who is studying in Class V.
Hailing from Konta area, Ram — whose sister is in Class III in the same school — recalls how the rebels organised a meeting in the village in February 2006 and killed his father.