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Hillary, Hillary of US, tell me please, Who is the….?

20 July 2011

Declaration: A *Real Transcript* of an “Imaginary meeting” between S M Krishna, India’s Minister of External Affairs & Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton for talks in New Delhi 19 July 2011.






S M Krishna (SMK): Hillary, Hillary of the US; tell me, tell me please, where is the World’s foulest heaven (for Terrorists).

Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC): Of course, Pakistan!!, my sweet Krishna. “We cannot tolerate safe havens for terrorists. Pakistan must act in its own interest first and foremost”.

SMK: Then my mighty Hillary, How will you stop Indians from going to unsafe hell? “Was US serious about getting Pakistan to bring perpetrators of the November 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai?

HRC:  I have brought Clapper with me just for this. So that India has another hand to clap with. “presence of US director of national intelligence James Clapper in her delegation was testimony to this. Clapper had discussions with a number of Indian officials. “A lot of the terrorist networks that threaten you also threaten us,” Clinton said, underscoring the shared interests in counterterrorism”. It is our policy too. “And it is US policy, we believe the perpetrators need to be brought to justice and have urged Pakistan to do so”. Don’t worry, she added, “her country has forcefully made it clear to Pakistan in the aftermath of the terror attacks that it was an international responsibility to bring the perpetrators to justice”.

SMK: Hillary, I may understand you, but ‘Chatterati & Hawks in India’, who are forged a bit like you, Obama, & Bush, won’t. These blighters are an impatient lot, and they want some “real action”.

HRC: Krishna, but you have to be patient. Tell them, Pakistanis too are common sufferers in this safe heaven. Remind them “that more people have been killed by terrorists “bombing mosques and marketplaces” in Pakistan than in the US (sic, “terrorists *bombing mosques and market places* killed ‘less’ people in US than in Pakistan?)”. In fact, I am quite relieved and “US was encouraged by the dialogue between India and Pakistan and believed that it was the “most promising approach” to build trust between both sides and help in implementing steps that will most effectively deal with the underlying problem of terrorism”.

SMK: Hillary, your words are so soothing to my heart, but, still, these guys & Media, I fear, won’t stop attacking me, Man Mohan, or Chidambaram for pussyfooting.

HRC: (in a sterner tone) Look Krishna, you have to get this right, “United States saw Pakistan as a key ally in its fight against terror”, and “Obviously, there is a limit to what both the US and India can do but we intend to continue to press as hard as possible”.

* * *

This was not a dialogue of some imaginary meeting, lest anybody believed the declaration at the start. It actually happened just yesterday (see here for ‘original’). Only difference is that it was not reported in so straightforward and honest fashion. It made in substance the same points but in couched language (Doublespeak of 1984) that is always released for public consumption. What happens when Obama and Clinton *really continue to press hard*? A look at some recent developments should answer that question.

On July 16, there was meeting between heads of two intelligence outfits, who work very closely indeed; and what these two do together has a massive impact on events not just in India but entire South Asia & later world. “According to a report in The Nation daily, General Pasha told CIA Acting Director Michael Morrel that Pakistan will not allow resending a number of US military trainers sent back in the wake of the May 2 Abbottabad raid. Pasha had a one-on-one meeting with Morrell during which a range of intelligence issues were discussed and both sides focused more on the way forward”. “Pakistan does not need US military trainers for its counter-terrorism operations, ISI chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha conveyed to his CIA counterpart during his recent fence-mending visit to the US following escalation of tensions between the two sides”. But, why did the fence need mending? “The US recently suspended USD 800 million of its military assistance to Pakistan after the latter expelled American military trainers from the country in the aftermath of Osama bin Laden’s killing by US personnel in Abbottabad”. Now we know what fence mending means. Though USD 800 millions is a huge amount, it makes only one third of total military assistance; it is not the only military aid given. The balance two third is still intact.  The message from ISI was loud and clear to CIA, isn’t it? – Pakistan will not allow a number of (how many?) military trainers expelled earlier back. Curtains down. (Source: Don’t Need US Military Trainers: Pasha tells CIA).

What happened next? Mind you, that was on 16 July 2011, and just 2 days later, there is a “public and abject capitulation” from both sides. “Ending months of estrangement, Pakistan military has allowed CIA to resume its normal operations in the country with Islamabad approving 87 visas for the agency sleuths”. So what did Shuja Pasha do during these two days? Did he vacation on the beaches of California or did he return to Pakistan after delivering his *tough* talk? Neither. He remained in *talks* with Michael Morrel. “The logjam was broken during the crucial visit of Pakistan’s military run ISI’s chief lt. gen Shuja Ahmed Pasha here with Islamabad and Washington framing out new rules of engagement, a media report said”. (Source: The US has agreed in return to restore aid: “Meanwhile, Pakistan (especially the ISI) has agreed to improve cooperation with the CIA in fighting Islamic terrorism. In return, the United States will restore $800 million in aid”. Then, this source adds a curious comment: “Details of the new agreements with Pakistan were not revealed, but the deal probably did not include of removing (much less prosecuting) all pro-terror ISI (the notoriously pro terrorist Pakistani CIA) members”. (Source: Is the report suggesting that CIA operatives located in Pakistan are pro-terror?

Central Intelligence Agency, United States.









Therefore, the *Public Spat* and the *Public Capitulation* by both sides took place in the same visit in matter of 48 hours. This most definitely smells of stage-managed show for the gallery. Why was this drama required? Pakistani Army had *ordered* CIA operatives out of Pakistan to show that it has spine & *knew nothing* in advance of US SEALS’ Abbottabad raid even at the risk of looking bumbling idiots. It is a huge loss of face in a country, where nothing of substance moves without military’s consent. USA played its part of the script gamely by announcing that it is withholding USD 800 Million (only one third) of its military aid to Pakistan. Both allowed the scene to cool down for over 2 months. Then, When Pasha left for USA, all those careful observers knew that the “*Soured* Honeymoon” is about to resume. This is what happens when Obama and Clinton *really continue to press hard* and when Pakistani Army and ISI *really continue to resist pressure hardily*.

Indian public is told by its government that ISI & Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) is behind the 26/11 terror attacks. CIA & FBI operative, David Coleman Headley, from inside US custody is *telling* that ISI & LeT are behind the 26/11 terror attack. US administration says it is assisting India with intelligence and in all other possible ways. Indian government tells public that US is rendering all possible assistance including sharing of intelligence inputs. US says that Pakistan is cooperating in its War on Terror, but it needs to do more. CIA & ISI have intimate ties. CIA had at least 87 operatives, may be many more than that, inside Pakistan. These operatives work with & train ISI operatives. Osama Bin Laden would have been the most guarded asset of ISI if he was staying in Pakistan with its connivance. Yet, CIA ferreted him out of his ISI sponsored concealment. Hold your breath here, CIA was aided by a Pakistani Pashtun Doctor Shakil Afridi, who ran for CIA a *Vaccination Campaign* in Abbottabad to collect OBL’s DNA sample. This man is in ISI custody, and it has refused to release him, unless US reaches some quid pro quo. (Source: This sounds like a “fixed match” among friends. It also shows how deeply enmeshed ISI & CIA are. If CIA could ferret out most guarded asset of ISI –OBL-, then is it too much to ask how CIA missed out on the 26/11 terror plot hatched jointly by ISI, its close ally, and LeT in which even its own operative, David Headley, actively participated?

George Bush, US President in 2000-2008, went to war with Iraq on two pretexts: Saddam had weapons of mass destructions and Saddam had terror links. Both were conjectures, both were devoid of evidence, and both were patently false. The fictional grounds on which Bush waged war on Iraq are very much present in Pakistan. Pakistan has exploded nuclear devices, it has openly declared it possesses weapons of mass destruction, and its links with terrorist outfits are well established. After all, Were not someone called Osama Bin Laden –accused of heading the most dreaded terrorists outfit Al Qaeda- killed by US SEALS at Abbottabad deep inside Pakistan? He was the most wanted man since 9/11. Shouldn’t US be destroying Pakistan the way it did Iraq and Afghanistan? And, instead of having *hostile* Iran as neighbour of both countries US attacked earlier, it has *eager & cooperating* cabal of Man Mohan Singh as a neighbour should it attack Pakistan. Fox news created a *cacophony of deafening news* to cheerlead Bush’s war efforts for both Afghanistan & Iraq. Why is it silent on Pakistan? Why doesn’t US administration under Barak Hussein Obama attack Pakistan? Why doesn’t Fox news, an avowed baiter of Obama, attack him for not waging a war on Pakistan? Would Indian friends of USA, or nations belonging to NATO or ‘Coalition of the Willing’, or anyone else, care to answer these questions?

No sane person would entertain doubt that US administrations wage  *War on Terror*. They do not. That is pretty much clear. Now the time has come to move beyond that. US administrations wage Wars of Global Domination with the help of its useful ally Terrorism.